Scotty Cranmer


Update 08/26/17- Scotty Rides Again!

Watch Scotty’s video and make sure to subscribe to his channel for updates and more videos!

Thank you so much to everyone that came out to the JAM and everyone who put the jam together. I had such a good time and so did the boys, thank you so much to road 2 recovery for everything you guys have done for me as well as all you guys for getting the #standwithscotty shirts it means the world to me!


Update 02/16/17

Update via Scotty’s instagram post. “The wrapping is off and the Doctors decided it was time to remove the tube that was draining from my head! I’ll tell you honestly this was not fun at all.. They pulled the drain out while I was awake and then gave me stitches to close the hole! But the new forehead is looking great and now it is time to focus on the healing of this Frankenstein scar I’ve got! Thank you all for the support you all have been amazing! #BMX #standwithscotty

UPDATE 01/13/17

Watch Scotty’s video of him walking!!! An update on Scotty and the crew was posted on his YouTube channel with the below description. To stay up to date on Scotty make sure you subscribe to his channel. Link is below…

It’s Scotty’s B DAY and we packed a little over 22 people into the rehab center and it was an awesome time. Towards the end Scotty shows us his awesome surprise. Every single day he is becoming a little less paralyzed. I don’t even see him as being paralyzed anymore because of how much progress he has made. Me being there since the day of the crash and Witnessing it, it makes me so happy to see how far he has come in such a short period of time. Remember to LIKE, COMMENT, and SUBSCRIBE!


UPDATE 01/10/17

Scotty continues to push the limits in physical therapy; proving to all of us that the powerhouse combination of a positive attitude, determination, and perseverance can help overcome.  Not only is he in a manual chair but he now uses a walker to get around! Scotty is also training on stairs to help strengthen his muscles and prepare him for his next goal. Small steps to big goals! The R2R team couldn’t be more proud and happy for Scotty and his family. Scotty, you are our hero!



VIDEO UPDATE #2 11/22/16



UPDATE 11/01/16
Earlier this morning we received good news. Scotty was transported safely, via “Air Ambulance” to his new Rehabilitation Hospital in New Jersey. Being closer to home with family and friends near by will help and speed the healing process. Because of your donations and support, Road 2 Recovery was able to facilitate this vital transport that was not covered by Scotty’s insurance. Thank you to all his Sponsors who donated, his loyal fans, friend and family, together you are assisting Scotty on his Road 2 Recovery. Click the link to watch Scotty land in NJ.

Scotty’s transport home

***T-shirts will be moved to the SC ACTION SPORTS web store. R2R will provide a link as soon as this is available. R2R will no longer have these shirts on our site starting 11/15/16. The new info should be available within a week. Thank you for your support!

UPDATE 10/26/16
Unfortunately Scotty had a hard day yesterday. Scotty was alert and talking with his wife and Dad when with no warning or apparent reason his breathing changed and he seemed to be shutting down. Thanks to the quick action of the staff at his hospital they did a scan to see if anything was going on and it was found that there was bleeding in the brain that was causing swelling. Scotty went into surgery right away for a procedure to remove a portion of his skull to relieve the pressure. This piece of his skull will be replaced after there is no longer a risk of bleeding or swelling. Unfortunately this procedure also required that he be put on a ventilator to assist him with breathing. R2R staff jumped on a flight to be by his side shortly after this notification.

Today has been a better day. After another scan came out positive everyone is working with Scotty to challenge him in his recovery. He received physical therapy, had his ventilator removed and passed a swallow test so he can start to get some liquid foods in his system. This seems to be his limit for today as he was complaining of some pain after sitting up in a special chair the hospital refers to as the Cadillac.

At this time it looks like he will be spending a few more days in Las Vegas to insure there will be no more issues. Regarding the shirts and stickers coming back into stock, we hear you and are working with companies to make more. Everything looks good for more inventory by the end of this week. We are stoked for your excitement and support to represent #standwithscotty

UPDATE 10/24/16

Scotty just got out of his last scheduled surgery in Las Vegas and everything went as planned. The group of neuro and plastic surgeons teamed up and completed a combined surgery that involved removing pieces from his skull fracture off his brain and repairing fractures to his skull and his nasal cavity to allow for better breathing. Thankfully the initially projected wire mesh procedure was not needed and the doctors were able to make all the repairs with plates and screws.

This pic was taken yesterday after his neck surgery but before his facial surgery.

We have been blown away by all the support for Scotty and it means so much to him and his family. We released hundreds of shirts and stickers this week which quickly sold out! After R2R and Vans had a meeting today more shirts are on the way and stickers will be back up by the end of today.

After leaving Las Vegas Scott’s insurance coverage will only help him while in NJ so we located the best hospital in the state for his rehab care and he should be transferring via air ambulance later this week. Keep the well wishes coming and make sure to keep an eye on our social media @road2recovery for when shirts will be available. By popular demand we are also going to make youth sizes and XXXL sizes in the next run. The next location of rehab will last 6 – 8 weeks and then Scotty will be attending outpatient rehab to gain motor skills and strength. We thank you for the continued support and look forward to seeing everyone wearing their shirts and showing their stickers #standwithscotty.

UPDATE 10/20/16
The last few days have been deep recovery for Scotty after going through the successful back surgery. As excited as we are to get him to the recovery stage it’s going to take a little time for sure. Thankfully we have three great rehab facilities competing to earn his care and they are all great options for many reasons. We have been waiting on Neuro and Plastic surgeons to determine a date for Scotty’s next surgery and it appears that all will be ready by this Monday. Scotty is excited for this to be completed as the skull fracture is actually hindering his ability to breath through his nose. Scotty won’t be cruising through any metal detectors soon as the surgery will include some hardware.

All in all things are moving exceptionally quick and we have been several steps ahead, every step of the way. Because of the knowledge that we bring to the table at R2R we see Scotty getting a lot of great attention when it comes to everyone involved, doctors in multiple departments, nurses, social workers, case workers, insurance, multiple rehab facilities and all their departments, air transport companies, you name it! They all know the name Scotty Cranmer and we have their support!

#standwithscotty shirts are coming from VANS shoes and should be available first thing next week! We might even have a sneak peak at them tomorrow! It will be a great way to show your support and donate to Scotty’s recovery. We are also making some awesome helmet stickers to be available soon. Thank you for your support, thank you for your positive thoughts. This is a long road and your support makes the journey that much better! Stay glued to this page for all the Scotty news and updates.


Earlier today as doctors did their rounds they informed us that the brain hemorrhage is healing well on it’s own and will not require surgery. R2R is in the hospital with Scotty’s family and we just got this update as Scotty was transferred from the operating room to recovery. The doctor came out and said everything went well regarding stabilizing his spine. The surgeon clarified the injury and said that he has a C4 INCOMPLETE spinal cord contusion. The surgeon also fused C4 and C5 to add stability to the area of injury. Incomplete meaning that he can work hard and fight to fix the damage, but he’s not just going to wake up okay. “It’s really good news. It’s going to be a battle but Scotty can do it! You guys know how much fight and determination he has. He’s got this.” Scotty’s wife, Lisa Cranmer.

With the help of R2R and the case workers of the hospital applications are going out in the morning to secure a top level rehab facility for his injuries. If all goes well Scotty may be transferred before the end of next week. The comments and support from his friends, family and YouTube Subscribers has been overwhelmingly positive. We have shared your comments with Scotty and his family and the support really does make a difference. R2R is also currently working with Scotty’s insurance company to better understand what they will and will not cover. We know already they will not cover his medical transport to rehabilitation and that can be anywhere from $15k to $45k.

R2R will continue to assist the family through this difficult time and prepare them with information and guidance to give Scotty the best possible opportunity available! Your support is greatly needed and appreciated.

Update Video from Scotty’s You Tube Page:


Professional BMX rider Scotty Cranmer was shooting a film session with his Monster Energy team mates in Las Vegas Nevada on the evening of October 12th and caught his front wheel in a hole that catapulted him into a face plant without time to get his hands in front of him.

Suffering several facial fractures, cerebral hemorrhage and damage to his C4 and C5 vertebrae Road 2 Recovery jumped into action less than an hour after his accident. Currently we have assisted his Dad and wife with travel to be by his side.

R2R is working with local doctors and other specialists to insure Scotty gets the best possible care at this time. Multiple surgeries are in his future and the past few hours has resulted in the doctors calling him stable and strong for surgery on his vertebrae. We are wishing Scotty and his family the best and have set up this page on our website to keep people informed.

“Road 2 Recovery has been incredibly helpful in this situation. They are several steps ahead on what we need to do to help Scotty. This would be an even more difficult time without them. Thankfully things are a world of difference since yesterday and we are pleased with his progress. If you wish to help Scotty we ask that you donate to Road 2 Recovery at this time” Scott Cranmer. (Scotty’s Dad)

Please use the website that has been set up to leave a positive message for Scotty, his wife and his family.

We want to thank TJ Lavin and his family for providing information, support and sharing their experience with doctors in the Las Vegas area. The flow of information is coming in strong and we are pleased to have come so far in such a short time. We also would like to thank Connor Fields and his family for helping with a place to stay in Vegas.

If you would like to make a large donation we suggest a wire transfer to avoid paying credit merchant fees. You can contact us directly at for information.

About Road 2 Recovery:
The Road 2 Recovery Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that was founded in 2000, and is dedicated to helping AMA licensed Professional Motocross/Supercross riders and Action Sports Athletes with financial assistance if they sustain career-ending injuries as well as providing motivational, emotional, and spiritual support to these individuals and their families. To make a donation click here. For more information on Road 2 Recovery and upcoming events visit or contact Anita Button at 760-436-1366.

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  2. Scotty! monster fan of your channel mate, sending love from Tasmania, Australia!! wearing my t-shirt with pride!!


  3. Hey Scotty I know you are probebly not going to see this but I have just recently bean whatching your videos and I love them so much I really hope you feel better and I really would like to now if you had a po box like a post office thIng were we can send stuff other wise #standeithscotty I love you man 👌👌

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      Hi! Thank you for your support. You can send stuff to Scotty at the below address.
      SC Action Sports
      ATTN: Scotty Cranmer
      2449 ROUTE 9 NORTH
      HOWELL, NJ 07731

  4. I love You Man, Keep Your Head Up <3 Hope u are well, Thanks for the motivation To ride <3 <3 You Are and always will be an inspiration to all BMX Riders Out there and everyone will remember your name!!

  5. U rock bro. Sorry to hear your injury. I know the pain first hand, crashed my BMWr1200S. As extreme sport enthusiast got crushed cut-off by car, knocked out x 3 weeks. Was told I’D never walk again, but I paid my way as sport PT, I was working on a transitional doctoratePT at the time, so I knew what to do. when I can get arm sling properly braced due to brachial-plexus injury gonna start training to jogging a marathon. Just to give the finger to the doctors who said I’d never walk again, they literally said I’d never walk again hen I asked to have PT push me harder but instead docs ordered PT electric w/c, wheel-chair. I was pissed! So took matters in my own hands errr hand 🙂 I knew I had to get weight through my legs to wake-up the nervomuscular connection in my legs. So i’d find places to stand and wt bear through legs w/ locked w/c behind me, number 1 rule in rehab don’t get re-injured. I walked out of that rehab. Now working on R arm brachial plexus injury, again doc suggested amputation. HA. That R arm is showing promise with proper muscle stimulation. My goal is to give a R handed finger to the docs who said I’d never walk again when I finish a marathon! Some of us just need to push our limits, stay strong.
    -Teddy Scoville, PT

  6. hey scotty, I always loved to see you guys on television or other channels. I really was shocked to here about your crash! Can’t wait to see you back on your bike again! You are so inspiring All the best to you an your family!
    best wishes from Germany!!!

  7. dear scotty i m a huge fan though i scooter i really enjoy watching your content. the wheel of misfortune brilliant and i hope you get better. i couldnt donate but i thoguht this would due get better soon scotty and im looking forward to wheel of misfortune 5

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  9. Scotty thank you for try hard to make you’re videos interesting and awesome you’ve changed my life from watching all you’re videos I’ve lost lots of weight from riding my bike because I’ve tried to do trick like you.Thank you Scotty don’t rush to get back to you’re bike and film videos take you’re time and let BIG boy do the videos but take you’re time healing.

  10. Scotty you have inspired me to ride bmx. I think I wacth like three of your videos a day and I love them. I hope this crash dosn’t impact you in bmx and keep produceing videos. I got my bmx bike on christmas and I ride it as much as possible. The only reason I am riding is because of you I can’t do any tricks yet but I am going to try my hardest to learn some. tell the crew I said hi and happy new years and merry late christmas. get well soon.

  11. Merry late Christmas.. Don’t know why I didn’t think to write this on Christmas. I just caught the video. Glad to see you are progressing and have a good attitude. All the best, man. Happy new year & I hope 2017 goes better than you can expect with the recovery and a lot of good things come your way.

  12. hey scotty you have been in my prayers since day 1 you have been a huge inspiration to me and got me off my lazy butt and back on my bike i hope you get better for christmas im asking for a t shirt and i am donating my life savings to you. get well soon man.

  13. Hey Scotty I’m thinking of you, bro. By the way, the way you are handling this is really an inspiring example for others to follow when faced with big challenges. I hope everything goes way better than you expect. All the best to you!

  14. My nieces and nephews and I have been watching your channel since Big Boy spinalled in California. Your channel has brought us a lot of joy and we thank you every day even though you’re not there right now, for all the heart you put into the channel and your crew for seeing it through.

  15. Hey scotty i am a big fan of yours and when i heard about your crash i started thinking about you a lot i hope you get better soon and i know you will be okay

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  17. Hi Scotty,
    Somehow bad things always happen to the good guys. But the way you are handling this is just fantastic. You’re such a positive person! I can’t wait to see you riding your bikes again. I really do. Ofcourse we’ve donated something too. It’s great to see many people helping out, this way we all make something great happen. Now you’re almost at 60% of your goal. Keep us updated about your progress. Beterschap!

  18. Scotty if you actually get this email it would make my day. I just want to say I follow the whole crew from big boy to cory. I have laptops at school and 1 at my house and I have subscribed to your channel on every single computer,ipad, and phone I come across.The fall you took was pretty gnarly and big boy is doing a great job with all the videos. I Hope you get to read this, from Max (11)

  19. Scotty Cranmer I Love how your so positive about your recovery! Your making really great progress! I use to ride bmx when i was younger but kinda in a way fell out of riding bmx, but i remember how fun it was and exciting it was to ride! The adrenaline rush you get from riding or landing something new is the best or a friend doing the same! Just wanted to let you know i started watching/subscribed to your channel about 4-5 months ago just by randomly coming across your channel! Please take no offense when i say this “lol”. But i had no idea who you were, since i am older now “31” and do not keep up with all the bmx stuff. But the reason i stayed with watching your videos & subscribed after watching a couple one night, was how happy and positive you were about not just bmx riding, but the comrade for your friends,Family,Brother,and people you dont even know and How nice you were, etc etc. I can go on on as to why, the list is long when it comes to saying good things about you scotty. Your just special in many ways to where when someone watches your videos even though they dont ride bmx! They cant stop watching your videos man! Everything that you give off in your videos scotty is contagious in the most right way, its kinda hard to explain really! I think people just can tell how genuine you are as a Human,Husband,Son,Bmx rider,friend,A brother! like i said your a special kind of person! Keep taking your recovery one day at a time! And just Kepp being the Same old Positive Scotty! I hope somehow you get to read this! But just wanted to share a view thoughts on what i see in you has YouTuber and a human, and send my regards about your recovery! I been watching every time a video is up! Keep on Being Scotty! Scotty! Btw those Teeth Look Great bro! PS Big Boy your doing a good job keeping the channel going for Scotty right now! Couldnt leave you out Big Boy! #Road2Recovery #ScottyCranmer #BigBoy #Scotty’sWife&Family #KeepBeingScotty

  20. Bmx is life my name is DAKOTA I’m on my mom’s phone so sorry for the picture get well Scotty shout out to but boy for filming and editing and, uploading for Scotty get well soon and I will send a gift but where do I send it to and of been waching your videos for 1 year and happy thanksgiving it made me feel sad when I herd you were in the hospital GET WELL SOON!!!!!???

  21. SCOTTY,
    On behalf of the County Line Auto Body crew and the Gardella family we cant wait to see you back home, and back on your feet again! Your recovery is truly an inspiration to all of us! Thank you for all the good you have done and all the good that we know you will continue to keep doing!

  22. Scotty, hope you are still reading these. You have so many people who love you and are praying for you and your family. One day at a time keep moving forward. Thank you for the YouTube update.

  23. I grew up at The Incline Club. I spent so many days skating there, going to summer camp. Scott was a teenager (already going HUGE) and Matty was a little kid on a scooter. It’s been so long since I’ve seen anyone from their family, but they were always such good people. When my dad couldn’t afford to send me to summer camp they let me come and hang with my friends anyway. Every now and then I’d see updates on Scotty’s career and the dude was always blowing my mind. This was one update that was really hard to see. I wish for nothing but the best for Scott and his family, they deserve the love coming their way!

  24. Hey scotty keep fighting been following your amazing recovery and what a inspiration you are to people around the world with your videos and how you keep pushing big boy to try new tricks and congratulate him on landing big trick just know we are and hoping for a great recovery
    Thanks brother.

  25. im not sure why you were given this test but i do know that you are one of the few who can pass it with flying colors. Wishing you to heal very quickly <3 you will be stronger than ever and i hope you catapult into utopia. get well bro

  26. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You WILL get back on your bike Scott. Remember: you are just down, not out

  27. Sup my dude. U r probably the best bmx rider ever u have fought this like a champ. Can’t wait to ride with you in Bloomfield .hope you do well . My name is Eric .and you’re my favorite YouTuber

  28. Scotty, It’s great to set you talking and starting to heal. Remember when it gets tuff that you have more than just the people you can see behind you! I’m from Wisconsin, and if the crew is ever my way, I will put you up and show you a good time. Your more than a great bmx rider. Your the peoples champ !

    p.s. From one Ginger to another, thank you Big Boy for keeping the channel strong!

  29. Hey Scotty, your videos inspired me to buy a BMX a month ago and start riding, we’re the same age. Just know on your journey back to the top there’s people just starting out who are with you all the way, who you inspired to pick up a BMX and go out everyday. Look forward to seeing you back in your videos again some day soon, in the mean time i’ll be riding for you. Thanks Scotty for your inspiration and lovely personality! How you said about Mirra, you wished more people from the community let him know exactly how amazing he was at riding and pin his personal life, I hope you can see how many people find you an amazing source for their drive in their lives.. Best

  30. Scotty I am so glad your getting better. I have learned so much about you in this last month. You are a very special person in the eyes of my 13 year old son. The morning after your crash about 6:30am. My son came to me with tears in his eyes and before he left for school we sat don’t and read information on what happen we watched the videos and everyday after that we sat together and watched big boy so we could see how you where doing. My son was so scared and then yesterday he sent me the newest video with you in it. We once again Sat together with our heads leaning on one another an listen to everything you had to say and in so glad I was right. You have the will to fight. I know you will be just fine and I couldn’t think of a better person for my son to look up to. Thank you for being a good kind hearted person who knows the value of life. And big boy he looks up to you as well for being a truly great friend. I thank you as well for showing my son what a real friend is like. I’m so sorry you had guys have had to live this nightmare but I’m glad it showed me what good people my son is watching on YouTube. I am so happy to see him care so much about you guys. Can’t wait to see you all back out there doing amazing biking. We will continue to watch together. Wishing you the best recovery scotty. Thank you again.

  31. Hey Scotty, I don’t know if you’ll ever read this, I hope you will. But I just want to let you know that you’re an incredible inspiration. Regardless of any accomplishments on the bike, you do so much for your friends and people that watch your videos. Whenever I feel like I cant accomplish something, I can just think of what you’re going through now, and the task at hand is no where near as testing. I love the channel, and everything you guys do, but above all I hope you are able to recover from this and get back to doing what you love. Get well soon Scotty, we all miss you and are pulling for you man.

  32. You’re the best, man. It just breaks my heart; this whole thing has been so horrible. I don’t even want to see the crash footage. I just want you to get better. You have a great heart and deserve health and happiness in full. You really are a really good dude. I hope you’ll be exceeding expectations and that this can be put behind you sooner than later and that you can come back 100%. All the best today as always and I will be watching along with everyone. Have a great night or day, dude, and.. PEACE! 😉

  33. Your an inspiration to me and lots of others take your time everything in life happens for a reason big shout out to big boy for keeping the channel going and in progress I’m sorry I can’t donate I’m (13) and already can do a flair BC watching big boy do it and Scotty has gave me the confidence to try it get well soon 700k challenge !!!!!!

  34. Really excited to see you’re making great progress and your attitude is where it needs to be. We’re all behind you. My daughter (10) and I watch every new video that comes out after she finishes her homework and you are definitely an inspiration to us both. I’ve just got back into riding after a 20+ year break and she’s just starting. We had nose bonk fakie challenge going on in our driveway the other night!

  35. I’ve been watching you for months now since around 100k
    I think and it’s terrible to think this happened hope you get well soon and good luck.

  36. Hey Scotty! Just wanted to tell you how much of an inspiration you are man. Like some of your viewers, I don’t even ride bmx (used to a little), but you are just a really cool guy and I love watching all of your videos of bmx and cars. I just wanted to send my love and well wishes. I’m looking forward to your recovery and seeing you back in some videos. Get well.


    Lou Filerman

  37. #STANDWITHSCOTTY Scotty you’re my inspiration and the guy who got me into BMX in the first place. Get well soon from me Jake and all other people that love you. #STANDWITHSCOTTYFOREVER

  38. From a 46 year old fan who got turned on to your channel by my brother about 6 months ago. I think I’ve seen all the vids now.
    Scottie You are an inspiration. Jeez look at Big Boy & I imagine about 500,000 other big boys who’d think “damn I could do that!” Keep up the good work & get well soon from this old codger who cant even bunny hop.!

  39. its good to hear that scotty is getting better hope he will be able to ride again his Chanel is one of my favorites. i hope he recovers quickly and that he doesn’t have to have any more surgeries. I wish i could donate but i am 14 and dont have any money.

  40. I cant buy t-shirts cause i dont have a creditcart and that sucks cause i really want a t-shirt and some stickers!! And i hope to you soon in some video’s Scotty!

  41. I always look forward to future videos coming out from you Scotty, you’re always happy and it brightens up my day. Get well soon man.

  42. Hey, Scotty! I never thought Bmx is cool until I saw you and your crew making those awesome videos on YouTube. So now Im saving up money to buy a bike and gear, and if I’ll learn at least couple flatland tricks on it — it’ll hopefully make me so much happier. Get well and back on that bike soon! Much love from Russia, Moscow (no homo though)!

  43. Scotty you are loved and we are praying for your recovery. Keep your head up and keep moving forward. Don’t ever give up you have an army of support from all your loyal fans! We miss your smiling face!!

  44. Hope you’re getting better and that my donations could help out. I’ve been a subscriber to your youtube almost from the start. The positivity you and the crew show is an inspiration to everyone. I don’t ride bmx but I am involved in another sport that has its own risks as well. Your attitude, drive and support shows that you can overcome your injuries. Don’t let it define you or discourage you, use it as fuel everyday when you wake up and let it push you to do better and to reach a new accomplishment day by day.
    My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family and friends each day. Thank you for being a positive inspiration to everyone. Get well soon man.

  45. Your the best man you inspire not me but everyone who loves bmx. I love your cars man the Subarau and gtr are my dream cars and you got it all. Your inner drive is like no other and I look up to you in not just bmx but life its self. Thanks for being an amazing person on this earth you didn’t deserve this to happen to you. Get well soon and I hope to see some videos with you on them again!

  46. Get well soon i really like you chanal i was one of your first subscribers and i believed in you from the start i really hope you get well soon your are my inspiration please reply back to my email

  47. I just made my very first donation for an individual. You’re a great athlete, rider, entertainer (i spend hours watching your Youtube channel) and friend.
    You have such amazing friends & family.
    I’m not even a real BMX rider and i send you all the love that i can from Paris, France.

  48. Scotty I don’t know why this happened to u u are my favorite YouTube and I hope u get well I’m am praying for the best

  49. Get well soon! so different without you on the channel, you inspired me to do bmxing and your the best bmxer i have watched on youtube

  50. Get well soon Scotty can’t wait to see you back on the channel big boy and the crew are doing a great job with the videos. Wishing you all the best from Newfoundland

  51. We are praying for a speedy recovery for you Scotty! My boys only get to watch 2 channels on You Tube and you are one- they miss you and say prayers every night for your recovery…although Big Boy and the crew are doing great, we still miss you. Lots of love from AZ…

  52. Happy Halloween, Scotty! I hope you are feeling okay and get some good candy today if you can eat it, or a milkshake if not! Can’t wait to see you back at it. All the best for today, man!

  53. I miss you, Scotty! I hope you get better soon. You are a true inspiration not only for riding a bike.

  54. Scotty, hope you are getting better man! As an EMT I don’t make that much $$$. I have helped out as much as I can with donation! I hope for the best for you and your family. You are an inspiration to a lot of people in the world and I’m praying for you! Get better soon!!!

    P.s. Big boy and Mattie are kicking ass on the YouTube channel man!

    P.s.s. What bike should I buy?

  55. Get better Scotty, I miss seeing you in all the videos. I remember finding your channel a few months ago and loving your videos so much, I watched every single one from start to finish. I know you can pull through this. PEACE!

  56. I know where you guys are. Been there done that. It is far from easy for anyone of your familly or friends. But, with all my support and understanding I say if you’re able to make big boy do a front flip, you’re able to do anything. Seriously, you’re a champion. Champions are able to perform as well in there sports than in there recovery.

  57. scotty your my inspiration when i am upset or mad i watch your videos and i always end up being happy again your a amazing rider and role model i would love to meet you someday and i want you to pull through your strong and your videos help me through my personal things so i know you can have your self pull through and i hope to see you well soon best of wishes you will be in my prairs

  58. yh scotty u are such a legend for what u do and how u go about everyday life and the work u have put into the channel well played mate abd its good u have friends to stand by u every step of the way we love u scotty hope u can get back to riding soon

  59. hope you recover quick so you can make great vids . your the best and your my favourite youtuber
    #standforscotty #roadtorecover we all love your vids

  60. #standwithscotty just keep in mind that with god all things are possible… Praying for ya man.. Keep strong and fight hard!!!

  61. My prayers are with you. The Lord says all we need to do is have as a little faith as a mustard seed. Keep your faith in him and he will bring you out of this Scotty. Been watching your channel for a long time and my son is motivated by you and your crew. Thank you and god bless.

  62. Good luck Scotty. Keep your head up and keep your spirits high. Everything will come round full circle and you’ll be back in no time. Your such an inspiration to so many people, and we all got your back 110%! Good luck Scotty #standwithscotty

  63. I thought braking my arm was bad then I hear about Scotty I knew a lot worse things can happen. I hope Scotty recovers well and get back riding again, Scotty is the one who got me truly into BMX so u pray for you Scotty. I also wish I could donate to Scotty but I can’t get well soon Scotty.?

  64. #StandwithScotty

    i have watched every single episode since the first one. been watching since April this year when i was injured from work . you guys motivated me to get better and back to being healthy and back on my bike and skate board and just going to all the skate parks and enjoying being out and about with my friends. when im at work i cant wait to get home and watch the new videos. its a ritual of mine to watch Scotty everyday. i talk about you guys all the time, i have all of my friends watching your channel now and everyday when the roommates get home from work we sit down and watch the new updates. since Scotty’s injury we have been 110% positive and hoping for the best speedy recovery for him.

    i wish the best for the Cranmer family,

    good job big boy and matty for keeping the videos coming.

    the progress that big boy has made over the last year is incredible and inspiring.

    again #StandwithScotty

    i pray everyday for him.

  65. scotty you are the best, you are a fighter i want you to keep going on please you make me smile when i watch your videos. a big shout to bigboy

  66. scotty you are the best, you are a fighter i want you to keep going on please you make me smile when i watch your videos

  67. Yo Scotty I really hope you recover soon as you inspired me to ride bmx your the reason why im getting a bmx this christmas i wish you the best of luck! 🙂

  68. Dude you are the best.Ihope you gonna be ok and see you again to make incredible tricks.You are one of the best bikers ever i seen.You inspire me to make new trick and i wondering one day to ride with you. We waiting for you man.Peace 🙂

  69. Hey Scotty, i hope you get well soon bro. Its sad to hear you had such a terrible fall, just keep your head up and be strong!! #standwithscotty p.s im a fan from New Zealand.

  70. yo yo scotty bro…

    keeping ma toes and fingas crossed for you…
    thanks to the med staff and r2r looking after our boy cramner… love to your family, as its always tough seeing the ones you love in a bit of a mess.. after having a couple of head dinks, inc fractures and bleeds, I know how tough it is and the low place you and your family are, but know you are in our hearts and minds… often two steps forward and four back at the beginning, its like climbing a step grassy hill in the pouring rain wearing nowt but flip flops.. but chin up.. keep fighting to get better, tough road ahead but its do able, you got the love n support from many, many people, makes me proud of you and your accomplishments, you have touched so many people across this little blue planet, not many have or will accomplish what you have in so little time, not even jesus had that many followers at the beginning, we will be still hear when your ready to continue on, and to be our true bmx god…

    big boys doing a great job wid the channel……
    well you might want to have a word about him missing sammy out on doggy treats… think sammy got its own back.. big boy got doo on his cap n ear…
    .. we miss you though, you got big o shoes to fill, wish you aint in that place right now, but we fall over, dust scraped knees of n stick a big ole mr men plaster on ya boo boos and ya be reet as rain, ya channel is a true inspiration, and what bmx needs, you did that, all you kid, its hard not seeing you happy n smiling.. banging out the peace at the end of each vid… but we aint going anywhere, just waiting till you ready bruvva…
    the worlds bmx bruvva, from anotha mutha…

    as promised im working extra shifts to help contribute as much as poss to your recovery fund… trying raise money from peeps at work too… having mini screening sessions for people who have no idea what a bike is or utube.. hoping for additional contributions and to raise awareness regards your costs and the work you have to do, also what you have given to so many, kids and adults, and if I can I will get them to donate… its early days but I will keep asking peeps to help our boy back to his bike, was looking at getting some wristbands done to aid the cause over here in the yorkshire uk.. and get some donation boxes too.. you a true inspiration and ledgend…. reet proper ledge, but if not I got extra shifts on the rota so soon as I get paid its in the post to you..
    big ups and nuff respect for what you have done and I have no doubts will continue to do.. might be not today or tommorrow but I know you will get this.. fully commit.. you know its possible when you fully commit…

    been watching old vids to keep up the scotty dose,
    I forgot how big, the big boi was, wow its so long ago I didnt appreciate how much weight he lost… reminded me of chunks of off the goonies even more… love you too big boi..

    keep digging deep everyday, keep positive and your mentals up… also rest easy, watch out fo bed sores, lumpy pillows and twisted sheets, they are a real pain in the ass, hope you dont have a catheter, let alone one that snaggs. seeing your picture reminds me how bad it was fo me , but I know there is light.. sooner than you can think poss.. its tough all you want to do is get up scratch itchy bits n ride in the sun.. and not be in bed but trust me that will change when your rehab starts.. you will be wanting to get back in bed… love you man all the best.. big ups n peace….

  71. All the best wishes to you scotty for your road to recovery and I am thinking of you and your family my thoughts are with you

  72. Hey bro hope you get better soon and will pray for you thank you for getting into bmx at first I didn’t know what I wanted to do in my life and then I found your channel and you motivated me to get a bike that was extremely difficult to get but it was worth it

  73. I am praying for you Scotty, you have a very strong support system with great family and friends looking out for you. I was sad to hear about the accident, I don’t know how anything like this could happen to such a great role model and positive person. I am positive you will come back stronger from this and be out riding BMX again sooner than you think. I wish I could switch places with you and make this all go away but from what I have read your recovery is coming along as good as could be and your doctors are taking good care of you. Your fans are all thinking about you and we got your back so let us know if there is anything we can do to help other than donations. Good luck!! #standwithscotty

  74. Hey scotty get well soon I ride BMX a bit. You are a idle for me and hundreds and thousands of other people too. I watch your vids every day when I heard that you had a bad accident I nearly cried.

  75. Yo scotty hope your recovery goes well and hope to see you back in the videos soon your such an inspiration to me and loads of other people. Your the reason I got back into riding bmx. So hope everything goes well best of luck and just so you know how far this comes I live in the England

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  77. I started watching your videos about 3 months ago. I’m 34 and inspired me to buy my first bmx bike. The whole crew is amazing love to watch. I get a little disappointed when I’m all caught up, knowing I’ll have to wait for the next episode to be released. It’s worse than my walking dead addiction. Love the show and I’m headed to donate now. I just found out about this because I’ve been hunting in an area with pore service for the last week. Hope you have a speedy recovery. It’s awesome that the guys are continuing with the videos.

  78. Good to see you looking so well Scott, it’s a long road but you’ll get there.
    Massive respect and best wishes from all of family here in Thailand.

  79. Good luck man i hope you get better soon, i’ve been watching your YouTube channel for ages now and its such a shame that this happened to such a good BMX rider, honestly hope you’re okay and that you’ll get out of this and make a full recovery, you and the rest of the team all make me want to ride my BMX more and more and give me better new ideas on what to do and where to do it and that at the end of the day its just about fun, yous all helped me out with that and i want you to keep riding BMX because you are my all time favorite BMX rider best of like scotty

  80. scotty this is real bad to here but man you are the one that very one looks up ti be like and get up and retry I’m am a cancer patient and every day i look up to see if a new video is up i love you man every one does please get well as soon as posable you are the best you is what makes me happy and you courage us to be what we want and never give up man i really hope you get well as soon as posable.

  81. Scotty We need you man, Best wishes for your road to recovery ! You are an Idol and an inspiration for me your the only person on the internet I truly look up too and I hope to see you one day in person. Your a true Hero to the BMXing scene and we cant wait to see your smile again , I cant sum up in words how much you mean to us , Best wishes!

  82. Scotty you are an amazing person. We love your videos and we love seeing you at the incline. I have always said how incredibly nice you are to all the kids. You always make everyone feel good. The kids look up to you and I can’t think of a better role model. My son and I send love and prayers to you and your family extended family included. We will proudly wear our shirts and donate to help you recover. We can’t wait to see your smiling face again. You got this keep your head up and know you are loved!

  83. Hoping you make a speedy recovery Scotty. Your an amazing guy with a big heart. I’ve been in a low place and after watching your videos and you always being positive. Have helped me be a little happier and positive. So I would like to thank you. Now you need us and I am here thinking positive and hoping you get well soon.

  84. Hey scotty, Hope you have a speedy recovery bro. I know exactly what your going through I’ve been there I’m a C5 spinal cord injury still in a wheelchair been in one since 2011 due to a trick gone wrong but you have the support around and with you. I have high hopes you’ll be back on a bike before you know it. It’s like you say it’s all apart of being a bmx bike rider. Get well soon bro Big Boy has kept the channel going for us and for you. Love the vids and you know we the viewers and your team and family loves you.
    P.s. Stay strong bro.

  85. Listen Scotty, you are y hero, just like you are to everyone els.. just by watching your videos you have pushed me to hit bigger, do better, learn faster. You are the man, the man that everyone knows that can get back on his feet, the man who never lets anything get to his head.. the man that inspired us all. we all love and miss you.. Get well soon

  86. Hey scotty hope your feeling better and hope you will be able to get back on the bike because that and YouTube ment your life your also why I started bmx
    Stay strong scotty

  87. Hey Scotty my name is Tyler you inspire my to keep pushing everyday to get better even tho i cant walk i know that i can get there one day so can you. keep working hard scotty love yea bro

  88. Donated as much as I could. Please get well soon quick man. Being from central NJ I grew up rooting for you in every X Games and got the privilege of riding the Incline Club every chance I got. Hang in there and can’t wait to see you back on the youtube.

  89. Scotty,

    You’ve inspired me every day for the last year. People around the world watch you and improve themselves from your infectious enthusiasm for life.
    Personally I stopped smoking, lost weight and took up bmx again, I’ve been slacking lately, having a hard time with life and even had my bike stolen.
    But you got this. And Big Boy’s got this. And I’ve got this. I’ll fight with you and improve myself everyday while you do the same. Almost a Million People around the world will be standing right beside you every step of the way.


    Tom – Ireland

  90. Scotty,

    I’m a Massive fan….I watch your Youtube channel everyday. I’m a mountain biker, but all you guys got me into BMX and riding more! Your determination and how you motivate everyone around you is inspirational. Your a badass human being and there is no doubt you’ll get through this!


  91. Hey Scotty,
    me and my brother hope you get well really so I miss seeing you in the videos big boy is doing a really good job but its not the same without you.

    get better soon,

  92. You are such a positive great person. I just recently started watching your channel a few months ago. You spread a great message of safety and personal growth. Keep your head up. Keep moving forward. We are all with you in spirit. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  93. Scotty,

    I’ve been a fan since you went pro and I was super excited to find your Youtube channel last March. Since I watch it so much my wife has even come to love watching you and the gang!

    My uncle is a Jockey and had his face crushed in an accident during a horse race. He had a few surgeries and no one would ever know how bad his injuries were.

    “Adversity causes some men to break; Others to break records” William Arthur Ward

    Your a record breaker!

    Hang in there, we’re praying for you!
    From Tyler and Carla

  94. Your a massive inspiration to me and all my riding friends! I know if anyone can make a full recovery it will be you!


  95. Hey Scotty, your the best, i really hope you get back soon, your min insipration, i see your vlogs every day and they can make my day every day, i really hope you will get back and dont give up on your career, if you see this pls say thank to Big Boy and Matty for taking care of the channel and keeping us updated… And for you i only have one thing to say “Pls get back soon, we all miss you”

    #StandwithScotty #Pray4Scotty

  96. You are one of the best person and rider I’ve ever seen! I’ve been watching your videos almost every day and they give me the motivation to be a better person and ride as hard as I can! You have the mental strength to overcome all of this!
    From Belgium.

  97. Scotty you are my insprasition i to ride. Ever since I started watching you vid I wanted to meet you and go bmxing and I know that it is going to come true because you, me, your family, your freinds and all your subs are going to fight and not stop until your better.if I had money to donate I would give it all to you. Good luck.

  98. Scotty, I just started watching your videos not too long ago. Since I started watching your video my entire life has changed. It has given me a reason to get up every morning and do what I love. Just rise up like the hero you are and show people that despite an injury you can still rise up and continue on with life stronger than when you left. I know that you can do it. We have all seen it before. Get well soon. Don’t rush anything. Make sure you are healed before you try anything. Don’t want to see this position again. You got this man. Just believe. Love you man.

  99. Scotty you are a great insperation if I had the money to buy a bike or a skateboard I would and give it my best to learn how to ride and better myself I hope you get well Soon man and you will get better i know you will. Big Boy and Matty are taking good care of your channel. The whole crew is supporting you all the way man. We love you man keep your head up #supportscotty #prayingforyou

  100. Your an inspirational rider and I’m always thinking of you when I’m riding trying to be my best thanks for everything you’ve done

  101. I’ve been watching your videos for the past couple months and about two weeks ago, I stopped by my local skate park to watch the other BMXers and all I could think about was how you would be ripping up the park with them I hope you’ll be able to come ride with them (and maybe me too when I get a bike soon) in Bozeman, MT when you get better.

    Safe Recovery!

  102. You see the hero and he falls down but what does the hero always do? He gets back up. That hero is you Scotty and your gonna get back up and recover from this i know you can because your that hero.

  103. Hey scotty your one of my favorite YouTubers and one of my favorite BMX riders. I look up to you in the world of bmx biking. I really love too watch your youtube videos I help you feel better soon.#standwithscotty.

  104. You are a huge inspiration to me and I have watched almost all of your videos so get better soon and keep up the good work. We are all at your side Scotty.

  105. Yo Scotty
    Sorry to hear about the accident , I don’t ride bmx but can’t stop watching your channel … love it !! Don’t think you need to worry about the channel big boy and the lads have that shiz locked down !!!
    Hope you have a speedy recovery dude , wishing you well … Peace

  106. Hey Scotty, I wish you the best, I hope you recover quickly. I wish I could have donated more but I hope it helps. We are all pulling for you #standwithscotty

  107. You are a true inspiration Scotty hope to see you back soon.

    I haven’t rode my bike for almost 10 years, your videos inspired me to fix it up and get back out there.

    Thank you. Wishing you a quick recovery, John.

  108. Scotty you will never know the help your vids have given me. Get better. I’ll be donating on payday as should every one of the people commenting. Every little bit helps guys 1$ from every subscriber on YT would pay his recovery. Also get him surrounded by his pups ASAP. Animals have healing powers. Love you man!!

  109. Get well man. Your videos got me back into BMX even after a serious back injury I got in a car accident 3 years ago. Everyday might be new challenge for you in rehab but if you treat it just like you do BMX you will just be fine. Recovery is just like learning a new trick. Hope to see you soon at the skateparks in Jackson or the bike shop. Get well man.

  110. Man you are my hero and i wan’t you to get back up again and ride like never before and post the youtube video’s love you my man-Robin From sweden peace

  111. Scotty my man, I accidentally stumbled upon your video’s one day while surfing YouTube. Sure, I thought the video was entertaining, but never did I expect to almost religiously be watching your videos everyday. I always look forward to seeing you and the crew doing all the things you do.. Now I’ve only been watching your videos for a short time compared to some, but in that time I feel I have gotten to know you.. The Scotty I believe I’ve gotten to know may be feeling like he’s let us down in some way, I want you to squash that thought and tell it to take a hike! Don’t think for one second you have let us down in anyway, you have given us your time, your life, your friends, your ups and downs, the whole lot and I can speak for myself here and potentially many others in saying we are grateful for all that you have shared and done to inspire and entertain us all. I truly hope you make a full recovery. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you soon. God bless my friend. Peace! – Nathan Miller (Melbourne, Australia)

  112. Scotty I hope you get better I’ve been subbed sence 300,000 and watched all of your vids pls be able to ride when you get out I will fall a part if you can’t ride anymore

  113. i’m not even sure what to say. i’m just glad that he is indeed recovering. i’ve suffered some pretty severe injuries so i have a good idea what he’s going through. waking up in the hospital with no idea why. so all i can say is keep your head up scotty we all love you man. just take it one day at a time.


  115. Stay strong Scotty we all love what your doing and we all want to see you on a bmx again. So please stay strong and get better its gonna mean so much to your friends and the people who love to watch your videos.

  116. Cmon Scotty you got this. I can’t wait for you to be feeling better and reading all the support you have behind you. Fight like we know you can and once again do something amazing. The amount of talent you have for BMX is one in a million and you truly are an amazing rider. Get well soon

  117. I’m not a BMX biker just an old guy who loves seeing amazing tricks on bikes. I love your daily videos on youtube. Everyday I go to work the first thing is to watch what you have done the day before. Your videos are my daily news. Awsome work Scotty. I hope you will recover as soon as possible. Not just for you* but for me and all your viewers 😉

    *of course is your health the most important thing here

  118. Hey, Scotty,

    You are an amazing BMX Rider and entertainer. I hope you get well soon.
    You can be glad to have such a great Family and Friends which take care of you.
    I wish you the best from Europe (France) and hope that my Donation can help you to get back on the feet/(bike one day).

    Keep your spirit and stay Strong, recover well and don’t rush it.

    Best regards,

  119. Scotty, you have inspired me to work hard and have fun doing so when riding BMX. I have donated my summers pay of $1325 to help your recovery. Through watching your videos, you have taught me a tailwhip, backflip, flair, etc. I really hope my donation makes a difference. #Inspired #R2R #HelpScottyCranmer #ThankYou <3

  120. Hey Scotty i just found your YouTube account just 2 days ago and u changed the way i think about things so thanks for that and when i found out what happened to u i was devastated so get well so

  121. Hi Scotty my name’s Andrew. I just recoverd from a jaw surgery from riding my bike in Whistler. I can’t even imagine how much worse your injury is. Your Youtube channel is my favorite. I watch every day. I hope you have a great recovery. Stay strong.

  122. You are such an inspiration to me and I know that you will fight through this. I hope that your recovery goes as smoothly and quickly as possible.

  123. Get well soon scotty. I’m glad to hear your surgery went well. I’m lost without the daily videos . I’m sure you will get back at it I’m 27 and your channel has inspired me to get another bmx bike after not riding for 5 years. #standwithscotty

  124. Man I can’t wait for you to get back on the bike. You’re such an amazing rider and you’re my inspiration. I’m praying for you. #standwithscotty

  125. Absolutely love watching the channel and even though I don’t ride BMX and I’m not even from the USA I watch your videos and it’s amazing just how enthusiastic you are and determined to succeed. The faith and strength you give to people allows them all to grow as people.. I am so glad to see that in your hour of need all those who have been touched by your actions can come together to help give back to you. Hoping for a speedy recovery and wishing you all the best.

  126. scotty your my favorite BMX rider if i had never heard of you i would not be riding a bike i hope you get well soon #PRAYING love you man get well soon #GET WELL SOON cant wait to see you on a bike again love you man you’re my whole inspiration praying every day!!!!!

  127. Hey scotty my name is Peyton. All day, at school, today I have been thinking about you and hoping that you are ok. Last night, I figuerd out that you got hurt. So me and my mom prayed for you and asked Jesus to help you get well soon with a complete healing. I was hopping to see an update on your progress today. Can’t wait to hear how your improving each day! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ # hope you get better

  128. Hi Scotty, you were my huge inspiration to ride BMX, and you are my idol. We are all praying for you, and hope you will recover soon, so that you can get back to what you love to do. ? We all know how strong you can be.

  129. Your a fighter scotty! you will get trough this in no time, heal up man love you and all the love you have for everything BMX, you will be back on it in no time get well soon! your a true inspiration

  130. Scotty – thanks for all the great videos, killer riding and constant positive vibes. These injuries and setbacks are tough and difficult to say the least, but we all know that you are up to the challenge. So keep at it and you will be back at it before you know. In the immortal words of Evel Knievel “Bones heal, pain is temporary, and chicks dig scars.”

  131. I don’t ride bmx but I love watching your videos because I think bmx is really cool and you’re a great role model to me, hope you get better soon!

  132. I wish I could donate so much to you Scotty,

    Sending my well wishes from New Zealand, My thoughts go out to you and your family and friends

    I wish you all the best for the recovery

    In the words of BigBoy ” Im not going to lie, You are one of my biggest inspirations, seeing your daily videos and your riding has helped me through some rough mental health problems,

    All the best Scotty

  133. Scotty you have touched the lives of so many, young and old! I had never heard of BMX until I started watching your channel. You and your crew inspire me to get on my bike every single day. Big Boy is hilarious and I love to see you all laughing your heads off at him! I religiously watch your videos every single day and come away with a laugh or a new lesson. I really hope that you can push through this hard time as it too shall pass.
    You have one of the biggest hearts I know of for your family and fan base. The pups love you too, especially that sweet girl you rescued from the side of the road. The videos of her were beautiful and showed your passion for animals. You would make a great veterinarian. I hope all of the videos keep coming as they are inspiring to all of us and put a smile in all of our hearts! Heal well and in the words of Scotty, PEACE! ✌

  134. I’ve just bought my first bmx a few days ago and that at the age of 25, just because Scotty and his friends are doing such a good job sharing their fun, love for bmx riding and their knowledge. Scotty just fascinated me with his motivation like for example as he trained big boy how to manual.
    Get well soon and thanks for all.

    (sry for my bad english)

    Robert H.

  135. Scotty, I’ve been an avid viewer of your channel sense the beginning and love all of the content you have created. You are one of the most inspiring people in the world and what you have done and will continue to do for BMX is enormous. I hope you the best with your recovery and hope to see you cruising around again soon. I know you’ll pull through as we’ve seen you do time and time again I’m just glad I have over 200 of your videos I can re-watch until then(as well as big boys uploads). Now its time for healing. Get well soon. Sending all the good vibes I can your way. Peace #standwithscotty

  136. `Hi Scotty,
    You are one of my inspirations to ride BMX I am an 11 year old that is gaining confidence I have a YouTube channel that is not blowing up like yours but you are the reason that I started YouTube I have picked you to do school projects as well. Everyday I never miss an upload from you. I cant do much on BMX except a 180 and fake and I am going to learn a whip on a barspin for you because to show you how much I appreciate your BMX style and your videos I will leave a link to my channel to check it out when it comes out it will be be out on sunday. Hope you recover and ride again because what will be life without SCOTTY CRANMER!!!!
    Tom woodland

  137. It’s sad that things like that happens to such good people like Scotty.. He is one of the greatest youtubers, motivators, bmx riders and overall a really good person, his spirit is one of the , get well soon Scotty and you will be at 110% again!

  138. hey scotty hope your feeling better im a scooter rider that recently had a bad crash i tried in warding a 20 set and the stairs were stretched ended up losing my two front teeth and i haven’t rode in like 4 months ill get on it again i messed up my face just like you man and ive been dealing with it for a while i hope you start riding again man your my favorite bmx rider your ballsey aas hell much love and respect to you man

  139. I’ve been looking up to many people throughout my life, but you are by far the person i look up to the most! You are so dedicated to everything you do, friends, family, just everything. To be honest, I think Cory Bergler should give you that 110% sticker because thats what you constantly do! Scotty, this injury is a very unfortunate mishap and event, but everyone of your almost 700,000 subscribers can agree with me on this, you are the most determined guy out there, you are so mentally strong that with the determination you have and all the kindness from your subscribers, fans, family, and friends, you shall live to see another day on your bmx bike throwing as many barspins, toothpicks, and fakies as you can desire. You are a real inspriation to me because whenever you are trying something, you don’t give up. Heros fall, but they get back up and give it another go, and thats exactly what you do, each and every time! Scotty, don’t let this unfortunate event keep you from doing what you love most! Get Well Soon Scotty!!
    -Lucas Becker
    Crawfordsville, IN

  140. scotty over the summer i bought a bike from your shop i meet matty and bk and i was hopping to meet you but you wernt there. hope to get to meet you another time. stay strong scotty you can beat this and continue your career as a bmx rider and a youtuber. #staystrongscotty #prayforscotty

  141. Yo Scotty, hang tough man. youre an awesome dude and an inspiration to alot of people. youve got millions of people in your corner right now. sending posiive vibes your way and my thoughts and prayers for you and your family. get well soon man. looking forward to seeing you back on your bike in the near future.

  142. Scotty you truely are hero i have no part of bmx in my life except you n your krew i watch your videos so much i feel apart of the crew. Your motivation not only motivates the bmx industry like i said i dont bmx at all but i love u n the crew in a brotherly crew way get better n hope to see you filming and riding again until next time ✌️️

  143. Omg this is devastating news. I’m only 13 but if i could donate I would give u thousands☺ you are the best and most inspirational rider ever❤ I know you can get through this because you can do anything ?congrats on 600,000 subs man? all the best x maisie!!

  144. I m a 14 year-old french boy, i’ve been watching all your vids since you posted like your tenth vlog, you made me laugh EVERY days since that day and you kept me motivated and i made a lot of progress thanks to you, because I commited 1 hundred percent ! Thanks bro you’re awesome

  145. Really hope you recover soon. You are the realest, most inspiring, most dedicated and most enjoyable Youtuber in my opinion. Best regards to you, the boys and the family.

  146. Stay strong Scotty! Your channel is my favourite and you are such an inspiration. You have such a positive outlook and you show so much love and care in your videos for people, animals and BMX. Your channel is the only one i watch every single day and not get bored. Your videos calm and excite me at the same time while helping in providing me with motivation for the day weather its BMX or not. Best of luck with the recovery man!

  147. Hey Scotty we are all behind you with this we are all supporting you because you are a huge inspiration to everyone who watches your videos. Hope you get better soon we are all rooting for you. You can do it bro??

  148. prayers for scotty hope you get better soon, scotty is my idel and i look up to him everything he says i take to heart and i live for bmx and his videos.

  149. hi Scotty i always follow you and your crew cause your vid are so funny. In my opinion you are the world’s best rider noone got your style and your first try trick. get well soon, not for bmx, do it for yourself

  150. yo scotty cmon man we all know you got this no problem cant wait to see you in your videos again i know you wont give up. i literally wake up every morning waiting to see ur video pop up on youtube, just to see what fun games you are playing or crazy trick you and your friends are accomplishing together, the love and support your friends give each other to finally get another bike, but financially unable to right now, but one day i will get one, watching your videos and watch you think of and landing each one of those incredible tricks blow my mind. right now im doing youtube for rocket league on xbox one my channel is xJ4Y23x then when i finally get a bike i want to start a bmx channel with my friends just like you have done so well just because you have inspired me sooooooo much man so i know you will be back and better then ever, i know it will take a while but you are a fighter and you have an amazing support system behind you brother so no problems on that end, bigboy has been doing a great job holding your place with your channel you would be so proud of him, keep the updates coming so i know you are doing great and going to do great in the future!!!!!!! love you bro your an inspiration to the bmx community!!!!!! GET WELL SOON BROTHER!!!!

  151. Scotty has been an inspiration of mine since hes channel started and from there on ive always looked up to him as a roll model he is the reason I started learning how to ride and do tricks on bmx and since ive always wanted to meet him big boy and the crew but unfortunately I live in south africa



  152. Get well soon scotty! And u gonna come back better then ever and I love your vids and I love the crew they r the best guys for doing what they do and I really hope u get better like nothing happed

  153. Hey scotty I watch your YouTube channel everyday and that inspired me to get a bike I also ride dirtbikes and 4wheelers I miss seeing you on the channel I hope you recover soon you are in my prayers i hope one day to grow up and be as good as you

  154. Scotty and the crew,

    You guys are my inspiration and have helped me through some rough times and bring love into my life which is BMX. I look forward to your videos every day and I’ve probably seen them all twice or more. You guys have helped me in so many ways that I feel like its my duty to do the same for you in your time of need. I’ll be making a donation but I wish I could do more. I’ve raced motocross for 10 years and broken many bones and I know how costly it can get. You have an amazing following on youtube and you’ve touched so many peoples lives with your spirit and enthusiasm on life. Stay strong and know that you have many people praying for you and your family. Don’t remember to never give up! I know you already preach this mentality (especially to big boy) but dont give up! You can make it through this! sending love and prayers your way.

  155. hey scotty i hope that you get well soon i have been injured for the last six year of my life and watching your videos have made me motivated to ride bmx again keep fighting work hard i believe in you.
    i know that you will pull through as strong as ever and you will be allright get well soon jack ritchard 15 years old australia

  156. scotty your a true inspiration i watch your videos everyday and your determination is unmatched your such an out going person and its amazing to see there are people out there like you i will donate what i can every week but with your determination and heart i know you can get through this if anyone can its you

  157. Hi Scotty, I wish You, your family and your closest friends a lot of strength and positive thoughts in these difficult times. Take your recovery very patiently and dont rush anything – step by step and You will be back on track on 100%! We all know You can do it, Scotty! Never give up! Greatings from Czech Republic.

  158. he is a hero that everyone knows he is going to stand up and continue with bmx and don’t have enough courage to stop what he is best at, you have justified the big boy so much and you can’t let him continue to self check out just what you have done, he to and he can do the same thing for you, now come on now scotty keep in mind your squad, scotty you are my motivation you are my hero 😀

  159. God bless you Scotty. I stumbled across your YouTube channel around the 100K mark and have been watching everyday since. Although I have never met you in person you seem like the most humble of people and I appreciate the positivity you bring around the people in your life as well as myself. I wish you the best of luck during your recovery and I cant wait to see you back at it again. #PrayForScotty

  160. Hey Scotty you probably won’t see this but it’s worth a try my birthday is come up all saints day or none as the day after Halloween yes it is November 1st. This year I am asking for a bmx bike a easten accultuly. I am getting one because you inspired me to ride and for some days I was thinking should I get one but once I herd what happen to you I knew I had to do it for you man and ride. I am a little BIG boy same hear tall and cool. I am turning 13 and I am already 5’7 so I am pretty tall like BIG boy. You, BIG boy and puppy arms should have been a mini horse burglar are my inspiration to ride. If you see this Scotty I got hopes for you man you are going to be better then ever shredding it back in New Jersey. But yeah that’s pretty much all but thank for inspiring. Oh yeah one more thing BIG you are so cool and I won’t to meet you so bad. You guys should come to the AZ and maybe I can meet you. All my thoughts and prayers you go you.

  161. Hey you guys and Scotty I hope y’all are all doing OK right now I look up too y’all . Scotty you always say to never give up. Y’all make me feel like I can do anything.?????

  162. I am a 57 year old father of two boys 14/15 who watch you everyday. I often sit and watch you also. My boys tried to see you when you came to Huntington Beach and just missed you at Sheep Hills. You are a real inspiration to my boys. We all love your videos and your zest for having fun. I donated some money to Road 2 Recovery. We all wish you a speedy recovery. Get well soon.

  163. get better soon Scotty my boyfriend and I watch your videos daily. Hope u heal fast. Your a big inspiration to all the young and old riders here in Bismarck North Dakota

  164. Hey Scotty
    I’m relieved that you are improving from the accident. You are in my prayers for sure. We all know that you will come back stronger than before. We believe in you.
    Big boy should do a backflip tail whip for the next challenge.

  165. Scotty Cranmer means I he world to me. He has inspired me so much. Him and all of his friends make me smile all the time in videos. If I’m mad or sad, I can watch a Scotty Cranmer video and find myself grinning ear to ear. My dream was to meet you Scotty Cranmer, but now my dream is for you to get better. You are truly an amazing person and all my friends love you. We can’t imagine life without you. You inspire all of us to dream bigger and work harder. I can’t get you off my mind because the idea of you not smiling and not doing outrageous stunts is weird. You have to the best bmx rider to ever live and the bravest man ever. You always support your friends as the progress but I hope you take the time to really see how amazing you are and what you mean to allow us. You truly are amazing. I will continue to support you and some day I’ll tell my kids about the famous legend Scotty Cranmer .I don’t know if you ever read this but if you do then just know that you changed my life.
    – Dominic M

  166. Scotty i know you can push through this i believe you, you were the one that inspired me to ride bikes i watch your videos everyday and you are one of my favorite youtuber’s you will always be my favorite youtuber 🙁

  167. You are the man Scotty! It’s crazy how some things happen to really good people such as yourself. I know you will make a great recovery. No matter what, never give up on recovering. Keep that chin held high and power through. You got this! We are all here beside you in someway shape or form. Best wishes to you and your amazing family as well. P.s we have the same name 🙂

  168. everyday I wake up all I can think about is what the next video on your YouTube channel is going to be. I find myself rewatching videos you’ve posted just because I can’t stop watching. I wanna thank you for giving me the motivation to go out and push myself to learn new tricks and to just have fun riding with friends. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to ride with you and the rest of the guys!! My prays go out to you and your family. Hope to see you riding soon!

  169. Scotty you are My idal and a huge inspiration. I just want you to know that. The rest of the team is why I ride bmx, without you guys don’t know what I would do. love you Scotty. P.S. Big boy you are doing a great job keeping the channel alive and keeping everyone posted on how Scotty is doing, Keep it up boys, Good luck. # road to recovery

  170. Hey man, Its Pickle and Rachel. We are wishing you a speedy recovery and sending positive thoughts your way. Keep your head up bud, we are all rooting for ya and can’t wait to see ya back on the channel. And as you say best, “PEACE!”

  171. Scotty you r so inspirational and have encouraged me to try BMX and presue it . You inspire so many people get better soon????

  172. Hey Scotty! I hope you get well very soon. I have been praying for you and your family. You are my inspiration to ride. Praise the Lord for all the people who have donated to help pay for the expenses and all the people who pray for you to recover. They really do mean it when they call this a “Road 2 Recovery” My family, friends and I are praying. Get well SOON!!!

  173. If anyone can make a speedy recovery it’s you Scotty. Our family is praying for you and wishing you a speedy recovery. You have great family and friends to support you along with the community. Keep pushing hard and you will be back in no time!

  174. Get well soon! You are in our thoughts and prayers and we all want you to know that you have touched our lives and we are better for it. Keep the faith and never give up. You got this!

  175. Many prayers are coming your way! I hope your feel better Scotty. I cant imagine the pain your going through. Lots of people are hoping to see you feel better.

  176. scotty you are amazing you inspire me everyday. you amaze me everyday. i love your videos. i know your strong and you’ll come back soon. keep on fighting scotty

  177. Praying for you Scotty!!! When I heard about what happend I was so worried but then I saw this and saw how well you were doing. You can do this!!! Keep it up. Your videos have inspired me to ride harder and harder each day and I’m doing better because of you and of your vans. Keep it up!!!

  178. Scotty you are my inspiration and your one of the most positive people I’ve ever met and I know this is hard but you have to fight, so many people look up to you, you can’t let them down!!

  179. You are such an kind loving person and a great inspiration to so many people brother. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and yours in this tough time. I know you’ll pull through this and come out a much stronger person. Its a tough road ahead but i know that you have the strength to continue forward. You’ll be back out there and riding again in no time. Keep your head up!

  180. I’m really sorry for you Scotty, Everyone knows that you will get through this and that you will get back on your BMX. You are the biggest inspiration to, because of you I got into BMX. I’m always waiting at 4:00pm sharp, for your videos. We all love you, and hope you get through this

  181. Hey Scotty, wishing you a speedy recovery love the channel and the inspiration you and the fellas bring. Me and my kids watch every day to see you and the guys not only for the tricks but for the bond you guys show. Watching you ride reminds me of a quote i once read. “Id risk the fall just to to know how it feels to fly” thats you bro , and ik toull fly again have no dought. Best wishes and nothing but love for you , the fellas and the fam. Look forward to seeing more vids. Get well soon the world needs ppl like you.

  182. As someone who grew up from the same area as you it means a lot to see all of the positivity you give to the Monmouth county area, as well as New Jersey. Being a college student in Pennsylvania I watch your videos everyday as a way to see my hometown and be motivated by the genuine sense of positivity and pride you possess. Thank you for being you, stay strong, get better, and fight on like we now you will.

  183. Scotty u have inspired me so much in bmx rideing that u can’t give up now all my friends look up to u and whant to be just like u hope u get better soon love u man get well soon

  184. Hey Scott. I just want to thank you for starting the youtube channel. I look forward to your video’s every night. It feels like I’m part of your bmx family every time I watch. I laugh and cheer so loud when I’m watching, my roommates think I’m crazy. You and your crew is how bmx should be. I stopped riding when I turned 18 (currently 31). The other riders at my local parks were jerks. They talked down to you, called you names, made fun of you if you crashed or needed some encouragement to try a trick you were nervous about. You definitely shed a light on bmx I’ve never seen before. I know you will recover and use this event as fuel to get your next X Games medal. I’ll be standing in your corner for life. If you ever make it all the way down to South Florida hit me up! I’ll show you my passion, fishing, and get you on some giant Amazonian Peacock bass. Stay well homie!

  185. You got this Scotty. We’ve all seen the fight and determination you have. I’ll be praying for you all the time! I know you won’t let us down man! You’re the best BMX YouTuber and also the best BMX rider! Good luck Scotty and “Let’s do it!”

  186. Scotty has too big of a heart and too much drive and determination not not get back up. You got this buddy. Hope my donation helps.

    “What does a hero do? … he gets back up.” -Scotty Cranmer

  187. Hope you get well soon!!!!! your videos are the highlight of my day and have inspired me to try BMX. The joy you spread and the love of your sport is amazing. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family as well as the crew, and in the words of vinny Mannino #letsgetit

  188. Praying for you Scotty! When I heard the news of the accident, my sister said I was acting like someone died. Thank God you didn’t and you are going to be okay. I pray that you’d draw near to God in this tough time. He is a strong tower in time of trouble. Check out Psalm 31 and surrounding psalms. They’re really encouraging. I know you can come back from this! Love the channel

  189. Scotty, I know you are going to make a speedy recovery and be back at it in no time. You have so many people that love and support you! I watch your videos when I get home from work every day. No matter what kind of day i’m having, your videos always put me in a good mood!
    Keep it up man! Much love

  190. Wow really sad to hear this news, I really hope you fight threw this scotty cranmer watching your YouTube channel motivated me into getting back on a bmx and learning to ride I watched about 10 episodes on your channel before I had to just go out and buy a bmx I love what you and all the guys do and I really do wish you the best in your recovery, I know your a fighter and you will be back on your bmx in no time especially with all the support you have from your friends and family and your followers from around the world. Big up scotty and best wishes!

  191. Scotty is both my favorite BMX rider and one of my favorite entertainers in general. I truly wish Scotty a speedy full recovery, and no matter what happens, I hope he remembers that his fans are with him no matter what! We all love you, Scott!

  192. Scotty — we are three fans from the UK with messages for you. “Scotty, I love your videos and I hope you get well soon! From Felix (age 8)”. “Scotty, I broke both my arms and I got better and I hope you do too! From Elise (age 5).”. “Scotty — me and my family all love your videos and your positive attitude and we are thinking of you and wishing you the best possible recovery. From Ben (age 40).”

  193. Scotty, you have been my motivation in bmx, with all of the positive content you post, your videos are what gets me up and out there. Without you and your videos I honestly wouldn’t know what to do haha. Hope you pull through buddy! #standwithScotty

  194. Scotty you cant end your career right here… like you said if you fall just get up dude please recover 🙁 you are my motevation 🙁 sorry for my bad english 🙁 Scotty i love you ;( recover please

  195. Scotty. You are an idol. I never understood how people could be fan of someone, especially someone they never met and that they will probably never meet, but bro’ you showed me how that is. You’re such a good person, such a motivational character, always giving your BEST and PUSHING people. I am so ANGRY that this happened to you. Nobody deserves this, but YOU are the LAST one to deserve it. YOU WILL RECOVER. There is no doubt. You are the strongest fighter with the softest soul there is, you really are my hero. I don’t even ride BMX, I just admire you.

    Wish you and the family and also Bigboy all the best. Please get well, please fight for your life. But I’m sure you will.


  196. Hi scotty I hope you get well and better soon. I’m from England and I’m a rider from the 90s, so much has changed in the last 15-20 years but it’s riders like you that inspire others, makes me wish I was young again, love watching your videos with big boy and Ronny. Get well soon mate

  197. I will be praying for you Scotty so keep riding and LIKE you always say what does the hero do when he falls HE GETS BACK UP you can do it

  198. I will be praying for you Scotty so keep riding and LIKE you always say what does the hero do when he falls HE GETS BACK UP

  199. Heal fast brother. You spread such positive vibes for BMX and just how to get out and make the most of everything. Everyone loves you and loves watching your, videos young and old
    My buddy Dan and I rode your park back in 2011 while I was visiting from the UK. Big ups man, I wish you all the best.

  200. You are such an inspiration to anyone who watches the channel. You have open many doors for people who were afraid to try something new. You and your family will be in my prayers dude. Big boy will hold it down in your absence, look forward to seeing you back on the channel.

  201. Scotty, you are my daughters motivation to ride! Your YouTube videos are watched, re-watched and then watched again in our house. She does a trick and says, “I need to get this down like Scotty”. Thank you for being a positive role model.
    You have a tough road ahead, but know that there are thousands of people pushing you along the way. You have prayers and thoughts with you all over the world!

  202. You will make it man! I watch your vids for over 10 months and I never planned on riding bmx. Just a week ago I ordered my bmx, being completely hyped and now you have your Injury. I hope its not a bad sign, though I dont believe in such things. I hope your time recovering doesnt suck too bad, and please thake the time you need to get fit! Best wishes from Vienna/Austria!

  203. cranmer its anthony carsillo aka meatball get well fast scotty…remember my mom worked at the incline club those days were so dope but get well soon scotty if you need anything let me know im gunna go donate some money now.

  204. Scotty,
    thank you for always being a Positive light in BMX, You have shown us all that determination go’s along way both in life and bmx, Which prompted me to pic up my bmx bike after i had a bad injury 8yrs ago, and i couldn’t be happier in that choice, Thank you for everything you do, Heal up & remember we are all here for you.

  205. Hi Scotty ,
    I’d like to wish you a speedy recovery !
    Allthough i’m a Skateboarder at heart, I just really enjoy watchin all kinds of extreme sports,
    And your channel on youtube has certenly caught my interests !
    So it saddens me to see, such a good guy and amazing extreme sports athlete to suffer this way.
    I wish you the best of luck through the surgeries that you’ll need to have.
    Much Love to You and your Family. Peace

  206. Scotty,
    As a 40 year old BMXer, I have to say you inspire the older gen too. I stumbled upon your channel as I am a GTR owner (r35) and I got stuck watching you and the crew destroy obstacle after obstacle. This injury is just another obstacle for you to dominate. We are all here for you brother…

    1. why would you do this you horible person you mentioned your own channel nothing about scotty thats just horrible im gonna dance on your grave

  207. Yes I have seen the greatest thing this morning, there is a lot of money donated for the recovery THANK YOU guys for helping a friend in need. Get well soon Scotty

  208. We’re praying for you and your family! I also had a similar c/4/5 fusion recovery is tough but you’ll be fine! Hope to see you at the lock in up and moving again!! The crager family

  209. please get well soon scotty, i send you all my love and energy, hope and prayers direct from germany, hopefully it will help, also thanks for keeping us updated big boy your a true friend!

  210. Scott’s I have been watching your videos for a couple weeks now I believe you are one of the most inspirational guys in the world. If anyone is able to have a speeding recovery it is you mean so much to YouTube and to your subscribers and all the fans of your work.

  211. Wasn’t able to donate much but Did what i was able- a little bit from all of us though should help – i know exactly what this stuff costs and i know that this is going to be a huge financial burden on your family which is awful. That aside- get better cause there are too many of us out there that need your inspirational videos every day- we who can’t ride either thru old age or in my case and prob others – too many back issues and surgeries so we live thru your videos- and we need them. Now you need us- well we are here- we are rooting really really hard man- and the reason is cause you are a great inspirational person- very positive and upbeat and a calming force in many of our lives- so just be you- if you stay you- then you will get thru this- cause you- are AWESOME- And bigboy did a great job keeping us posted and after you he is mine and probably most- everyone’s favorite- he is like the lil engine that could- and he is a TRUE Friend- not like some people in the world- you can just tell that about him. Thanks bigboy for being a Real friend to Scotty and keeping us posted- proud of you too.

  212. Scotty I have watched so many of your vids and I love you and your vids. I hope you get well soon and after you have recovered you can still follow your dreams about bmx

  213. I just hope you Scotty will fully recover, I’m sure if anyone can it’s Scotty Cranmer. Been following you BMX career since you first hit the professional scene, from the first X-games medal to the insane Felt webvideos all the way to your current YouTube channel. I must say what you’ve achieved so far in BMX is extraordinary and the best of all (in my opinion) you are doing more for BMX right now than ever before with your channel showing BMX in such positive way. I work (as a product designer) in the industry and what you are doing to show BMX blows me away. I will donate to you and we will always stand behind you. You are a true inspiration not only within BMX but also how you conduct yourself and how you are as a person. All the best to you and your family!

  214. Scotty I love you and what you do your my biggest inspiration and seeing you fall like this is 2 things to me, 1 terrible that you fell, and 2 scary cause I have to wait until you do what you do best and Get Back Up! Get on that bike and tare it up! Scotty I know you can do this its not a carrer ending crash, if it was carrer ending you would be dead. Come on scooty my prayers are with you, do what you do best and GET BACK UP!

  215. Scotty, you are the reason I started riding BMX and the reason I want to continue with it and be the best i can be. You inspire millions of people and everyone is praying for you through these hard time. I hope you pull through and get back on the bike soon, because you are my hero and BMX wouldn’t be the same without you, praying for you Scott.
    Peace out!

  216. Wishing a quick recovery for Scotty. You are my inspiration to ride. I can’t wait to see you get back on that bike and be better than ever.

  217. You can tell by this outpouring of support that you’ve affected us all in a very positive way. You’ve inspired us, made us dream, pushed us to realize our dreams… many new people have fallen in love with BMX because of you. You have fantastic friends in your videos who love and support you. You also have friends all over the world who have never met you in person but we know you because you share your life with us. I think I speak for us all when I say that we were crushed to hear about the accident and we all hope you get better soon and not just because we want to continue to watch your videos. We want you to get better soon because you’re like family to us and it’s hard to see “family” hurting. If I could take your place, I would. I know what it’s like to suffer a debilitating injury. There’s work to be done and it’s full of frustration, but with perseverance, everything will turn out just fine. Much love your way brother and you will be in my prayers.

  218. Scotty, all the best for a speedy recovery. I’ve been subscribed to your YouTube channel since you were at 10,000 subscribers and have watched your videos religiously ever since. You’re not only an amazing BMX rider but a real inspiration to thousands of people. You are one of the most down to earth, humble people regardless of the success you’ve had in your career. I just want to thank you for the entertainment you’ve provided me over the last year and hope you get better soon so we can all see you back on your bike and in your GTRs soon. Best wishes, all the way from Sydney Australia! #standwithscotty

  219. Jeez Scotty you’ve really hurt yourself this time, I’ve been hooked on your YouTube videos ever since I started watching! I always watch your videos whilst eating cornflakes with honey and milk for breakfast and my mornings don’t feel complete without watching all of the amazing videos you guys manage to make. You’re an amazing inspiration and I hope that you recover soon and be able to ride and be the legend that your are! My prayers with you Scotty, you’re my hero.

  220. Hey Scotty! you are a huge inspiration and joy in so many of our lives, I don’t even bmx but I bumped in to your channel few months ago and I fell in love not just with the cool tricks and your ‘cool life’ but more importantly with how great a character you have in encouraging, loving on and getting along with others, with how much joy you are able to have with your awesome friends, and with the excitement and joy you bring to the viewers. Just know that whatever comes out of this accident our love for your character and who you show to be in every video of yours will not change!!!! Kia Kaha, stay strong.



  221. Well how do I start this,
    Scotty. I have only been watching you for a short time on YouTube, but I have watched u ride BMX for a long time. Your my inspiration to ride. I recently bought a new BMX because everyday I try to push my limits, to be like you.

    If I loose you, we loose you, the BMX community losses you I don’t think it will be the same. You bring dedication, humor and positive thinking to our lives. I’ve seen some of the hits you’ve taken, some most people would say f**k that i’m done, but you the trooper you are gets back up and says your having another go.

    I hope everyone prays for you. We need you back in our lives. Even if you don’t ride, we just need you. You have the best personality. I miss you Scotty <3 #Pray4Scotty

    Please everyone one sub to Scotty and bring him to 1 mil.

    Thank you

  222. Scotty i hope you read this comment, when i first started watching your videos it was the first wheel of misfortune and ill admit i didn’t really like your videos at first so i didn’t watch them then about a month later i decided to give your channel a second Chance and now your channel is pretty much the only bmx channel i watch, you give me insperation to ride and push myself to learn new tricks and so far its working if i know you i know you will pull through this and you will be back on your bmx as soon as you can, and because if you i started my own YouTube channel and started posting videos but then i got a job which has me all tied up so i barely have time to ride but i wont quit because bmx is my life and i should be getting my first tattoo dedicated to bmx and its all because of you, when im feeling shitty i watch your videos ad it instantly brightens my day good luck man and i know you will pull through!

  223. Scotty you are my favorite BMX rider. You have inspired me as well as many others to pick up the bike and ride, rain or shine. I applaud you for setting a safe example for kids everywhere by wearing helmets. They all look up to you, some kids ive met call you their hero. I would agree with them because you do great things not only for yourself and others but for your animals too. You are one of my heros becuase of the actions you do. I wish you the best of luck recovering! you will be in my and many others thoughts. Get well soon Scotty! -from a troop overseas

  224. I think I speak for all of Scotty’s fan when i say that we are with him and that we also stand with all the family members and crew members (bigboy, Ronnie Surridge, etc) and all the other people who are close to him.

  225. Glad to hear things are going in the right direction Scotty. Hope you have a good recovery! You’re in our thoughts! Blessings to you and your family!

  226. Hey scotty, we are all wishing you the biggest, most speediest recovery and hope all goes well. We are all here for you, your such an inspiration and such an amazing role model all the best and god bless lots of love Liam :)))

  227. The Hero Always Gets back up. Right Scotty?

    you can do it scotty you just need to want it bad enough. get well soon man. you are an inspiration to hundreds of thousands of people. get Better soon come back stronger….. who else is gonna push Big Boy to do better

  228. Scotty my man, you are one motivating son of a bitch, you have a drive that is way beyond anybody that i have seen. You have inspired me in ways that have changed my life for a greater benefit. I am 22 years old suffering from fibromyalgia and because of you and bigboy i’m attending college again pushing trough the day to day pain. I dropped out a couple years ago because I was dealing with chronic pain and over time I began to lose all motivation for everything, I felt like a had nothing truly pushing me forward as a person. Then one day I click on one of your videos and see bigboy do his front flip drop in…I was speechless from pure amazement that he a “head case” like bigboy could pull off such awesome accomplishment. I realized that you are genuinely his motivation, you get him to see the best side of things and understand that you can do anything that you strive for and believe in. Since then I look at everyday as if it is my “frontflip drop in” doing something i don’t want to do but also knowing that if i don’t do it i’m not only letting myself down i’m letting every who supports me down. Thank you Scotty for what you’ve done without realizing it. Wishing you a fast trouble free recovery much love to you and your loved ones.

    Ps. Email me and send me a PO box number so i can send you Matty and
    Bigboy a gift as token of appreciation for what you guys do!

  229. Hope you get well soon dude. Your my biggest motivation your the only reason I got into bmx. I wish you the best, quick recovery and back to being the best. From AZ

  230. Scotty your a strong man youve gave so many people so much inspiration in such short time of having your YouTube channel get better soon man you’ll get passed this you’ll come out strong I wish you the best of luck its a get well soon we all love and care for you

  231. Hey Scotty, I wake up every morning looking forward to your videos and seeing you injured is truely heartbreaking. I hope you recover as quick and as easily as possible.

  232. Scotty hope u are coming back cos u motovate me to do stuth on my bike and u are just an amazing dude hope u gunna be ok i couldnt donate and i am sorry about that i ah 14 nearly 15 and if i could donate i would just hope u gunna be good ??? u got all my love❤

  233. When I logged on to check out the latest video from Scotty Cranmer and crew i was devastated to hear that Scotty has been Injured. . . I know it’s a ways out-but I am a Holistic Health Practitioner of Massage Therapy here in California. If and when Scotty is ready for Massage Treatment, I am offering my skill set as a donation. I have been successful in diminishing pain associated with spina bifida, degenerative spastic paralysis, and list of other complicated physical ailments. I received training in San Diego from Mueller College of Holistic Studies where i received 1000hours of formal Massage Training and have had my own personal practice for the last eight years. I’ll also be donating to the Road 2 Recovery, however i feel that i can contribute much more from the gift that God has given me to help people heal through Massage. . . my contact info can be found through my website

  234. sending prayers bro. we all know how much off a fighter you are and are praying for your speedy recovery. stay strong.

  235. Come on Scott yoh are my idle you give me the inspiration to ride BMX I try to learn from you I wish I could ride with you for once in my life it would be the biggest dream come true I yousd to say I suck but sence I watch your videos and I hear vinni say lets get it and you guys motovate me so much

  236. #weloveuscotty#lovescotty#getwellsoon scotty if u see diz dont give up keep pushing yourself u got this im motivating u and u motivate me so please get well soon and hope u have a speedy recovery because ur videos motivate me to ride and in november im getting a brand new bmx so please get well soon dont give up

  237. I come home each day waiting in hopes of a video from you guys, and im never let down! you guys produce amazing videos full of energy laughter and just a great time as well as incredible skills. Please keep the videos coming, even if they are recovery updates. or even as you go through the stages of your rehab! ive been through some injures and know whats its like to learn to walk again. heal up soon, and have a successful and speedy recovery! You got this, Your a trooper and you will be up and about in no time!

  238. #standwithscotty stay strong Scotty! We all got ur back!! U got this! ?????

    My thoughts go out to Scotty, Scottys family and friends

  239. to Scotty if you read this i wish all the best with your recovery you are such an inspiration to me and thousands of other people all over the world. if i had to chose my favourite youtuber it would have to be you.

  240. I hope you get well scotty, we all know you’ll give %110 to get back on your bike and get back to doing what you love no matter how long it takes that’s just you and you’re a real inspiration to me because I know when started watching your videos from the first video till now, that you have a GREAT HEART, and that you are GREAT in so many other people’s hearts we pray for you Scotty and the rest of the Cranmer family!!

  241. Hey Scotty, I just wanted to wish the best in recovery, and wanted to tell you how much I admire you for your positivity and respect towards others. I can’t put into words how much your channel has motivated, and helped me progress in life towards being a more positive person. I know that with your mindset you will pull through this.

  242. Scotty the news of your accident was very unexpected. I’m glad you’re in great medical care, and surrounded by loved ones. Great looking out Big Boy and Ronnie! Take it day by day bud, little positive changes are victories. We all care about you and although we will miss seeing daily, your health is Numéro uno! Get well Scott! We got you and your families back! As far as facial reconstruction I’ll pull a line from Rocky “How’s my nose look?” “Aw Its an improvement!”. All seriousness man, get well soon! The prayer warriors are hard at work. Love from PA, Chris I

  243. Yo Scotty i hope you recover super fast broo. I’m a skateboarder and your videos always shown me to give my 110%. NOW I’m telling you Scotty to give your 110% on this recovery broo, I know you can do it ??

  244. never stop riding, its too early for a young successful guy like you to end his career. you can do it scotty. your an inspiration for all of us. we all have faith in you.

  245. Thoughts and praying for a fast and speed recovery.
    I watch every video when I get home from work and can’t wait till the day we get more from you and the guys.
    Good luck you will make a speedy recovery
    I send the best wish from Wisconsin to you and your family and friends

  246. StayStrong! Get well soon. All our love to Scotty and family. You got this. Power through. One step at a time. BMX family for life.

  247. Scotty you are my role middle I hope to be like u one day I whatch your videos every day you are the best youtuber ever love your vids COME ON PEOPLE #getwellscotty

  248. scotty with out your youtube channel I would never been motivated to start riding bmx and because of you you I got a bmx bike and I ride my bike everyday. Thankyou Scotty and I hope you get well.

  249. Hey Scotty cranmer I’m going to keep u in my prayers l. Get well soon. U are the reason why I’m riding bmx right now because you are a inspiration to me and everyone in the world. I’m sorry for your crash. I bet you didn’t want that to happen but you didn’t know when it will happen. I hope you will have a speedy recovery because u are good person and you make good bmx videos. I watch every single video you have made and they are awesome. I just want you to know u are like a family member of mine because you keep kids out of trouble and they watch your you tube videos everyday. Big boy I know you are having a rough time right now because scotty is like a brother to u and you didn’t want this to happen. BIG BOY i would be happy if you told scotty I miss him and I hope he has a speedy recovery.

  250. Man Scotty when i first heard about this i got very emotional because u have inpired me to keep riding and watching your videos kept me wanting to do more with BMX and they also kept me happy and motivated i hope everything goes well and i know you can make a full recovery man. Just stay strong and keep moving forward.

  251. Stay strong Scotty, you are a true inspiration, I truly think you will be even more inspirational as we watch you overcome these injuries and get back on your bike and doing the thing’s you love.

  252. Scotty if you never made the YouTube channel I would never been motivated to ride bmx and I would have never got a bike but you did and I got a bike and I am motivated to ride my bike every day by you. ?????

  253. Scotty is in my prayersand wish him the quickest recovery possible. He was my motivation to start riding again and has been my idol for forever

  254. Scotty we re not your subcribers…. we re your friends 😀 …. you make our days better ,
    you give us joys,
    we will not leave you alone ,perhaps the next will be difficult path but if anyone can do it, that’s you

    greetings and all good wishes from Chile, I love u man

  255. I wish scotty a fast recovery, i donated a bit its not much but hope it helps. I miss ur quirky self every morning. Get better soon scotty.

  256. I live in Wales in the UK. And the highlight of my day and what I look forward to the most is 9pm when ur new video on ur channel comes out. U recovered from a broken back u can pull through this. Much love bro get well soon.

  257. Scotty, Lisa, big scott.
    This is a big time for you guys but you are sticking by his side and supporting him though his injury.
    I hope him the best recovery and remember the whole youtube community is supporting you.

  258. Wishing for a speedy recovery for you Scotty, love your videos and thanks for big boy for filling us in on the youtube channel. Thoughts goin out to you man

  259. Scotty you are an inspiration for people to do more then just ride. I dont ride but you make me want to fight even harder for things i want just like how you fight to get better at riding. I have been watching since the start and i am heart broken about this happened. I pray for you and your family. Im glad that good people are with you. Fight the good fight my man! Give it 110% like Cory would say!!

  260. Scotty you are an inspiration to us all. you’re riding is unbelievable and your channel is fun as hell. i hope that you get better soon, and that you come back with 110%. #PrayForScotty

  261. Hope you recover man I had never done bmx until I saw your never forgetting channel know I can thanks for being such a great inspiration feel better

  262. So FREAKING happy about the support that everyone has given and all the money that has been raised.. really shows how much everyone loves you scotty

  263. Hi Scott my. Mae is Michael cox I am I scooter rider and I was watching somthing from tanner fox and saw you in a bike doing somthing along time ago and when I saw that. I was your 13 subscriber and I have watched all of your videos and when I saw that big boy did that video I new somthing was up I went straight here because I did the same for Eric robber I have asked my parents to donate but I have to make money first.

    Scotty just all of this is for you stay strong and please keep doing videos to keep me and all of us fans updated so we can be sure you are ok

    So thank you Scotty for all of your inspection

    From~ Michael your #1 fan ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  264. Not only your Riding but the way you strive to help others; to have fun stay motivated and always strive to better them selves in bmx or life in general is very inspiring. Were behind you 110%.

  265. hope you get better soon much love from your home state your my inspiration im 13 years old and im always looking forward to seeing you get better soon

  266. Scotty ~ I am a 53 year old mom of a son who just turned 18. Jared, his dad and I all look forward to watching your youtube videos everyday. We are shocked that such an accident occurred because you always wear a helmet and you are so good. But as we all know that is why they are called accidents. I have a few reasons for writing. One to let you know we are praying for you and your family. Two we really appreciate that your videos are all age appropriate and you are a helmet advocate. And three that you are such a great role model inspiring people to get out there and ride. Your photo was actually the icon on Jareds birthday cake. I wanted to include a photo here to show you but am unsure how?

    1. You can share by uploading the picture to an image hosting website such as and posting the link it gives you to the image here in your next message. Im sure Scotty would love to see it.

  267. Scotty, you are the reason why i went out and bought a bike. i im getting stronger everyday and im getting way better at bmx just watching you, watching you makes my self confidence get stronger everyday. Im only 12 years old and hope ill be almost as good as you, aka will never happen because your the best. I hope you see this and i hope this road to recovery leads us in the right way!!!!

  268. Stay strong Scotty, you’re an inspiration to so many people. We all thank you so much for your love and dedication to the sport as well as making so many peoples days on a daily basis. Only the best wishes to Scotty & his family/friends.

    Peace and love,


  269. bro, i hope you get better soon. you are my favorite youtuber to watch and you inspire me, and its sad to hear what happen. get better soon Scotty. hope to see you on the channel again soon. i will keep you in my prayers!! you always make me smile, keep your head up high and keep moving forward and keep working on recovery.

  270. If i could donate i would donate most of my money to u i promise that if i had a million dollars i would give it to u get better plz ur one of the best bmx riders ik i learned how to bmx because of u well good luck get better

  271. We are praying for you Scotty. Praying that you will heal well and that all the doctors and surgeons will be guided to do exactly what is needed to heal you and get you back on your feet. Beyond your accomplishments in being a well respected pro BMX rider, your influence and example for good and being a role model for others beyond the BMX world. My son is not a BMX rider, but a scooter rider who respects you and watches your videos daily. He invited me to watch your video and I quickly understood why he enjoyed your videos. You are always positive, always cheering and encouraging your friends, always courteous to others whoever they may be, and always wearing a wonderful smile on your face! You are a very special young man. Thank you for being who you are. May God bless you, and bless your family with all that you need.

  272. Love and prayers for a FULL recovery Scotty from your Motorcycle neighbors from Bridgewater Court in Jackson. We hope all our donations will help in some way and keep up that strong will that you have! ??

  273. As soon as i heard about this i thought it was a lie i found that it wasnt i was shouting no way they wasnt lying i was standing the with my head in my hands crying you and your family have touched me emotionally and im over in england praying that nothing happens to any of you guys again! Power through it scotty you are the hero of your own story so you have to get back up and on your stallion (bike) again

  274. hope u get well asap, love your vids, im waiting for them everyday until 10Pm when they come out 😀
    Rs from Czech Republic

  275. Hello Scotty you are the reason i ride my scooter even tho you ride a bike u inspire me to ride the way i do. and i love to watch your youtube channel hope you get better soon man i miss seeing you on the youtubes but still hope you get better soon



  276. Scotty I hope you get better I love watching all your videos and you are so inspiring, every time I watch one of your videos I get inspired to ride. You are such a great person and I wish you a speedy recovery.

  277. BigBoy, Thank you for taking the time to share with yours and Scotty’s 2nd family…his followers. I am an avid watcher and look forward to your sessions every single day. I am shocked to hear the news. I have never met someone as positive as Scotty much less watch on YouTube that no matter what happens has a smile on his face. He supports all his friends to the fullest and as his followers that’s exactly what we will do everyday. Fast recovery Scotty we all love you so much bro.

  278. Hey Scotty thanks for being such an inspirational person. Your passion for fun and friends seems like a huge part of who you are and that’s what I love about your channel…and of course the riding! I know you are going to get better soon, so I send all the best to you, your family and your friends. I think that there is an appropriate challenge here for you:
    “RECOVERY CHALLENGE” and when you get better you can sound the “CHALLENGE COMPLETE” horn (ba baow). All the best!

  279. Hey scotty, germany Hopes you get better soon to :X
    see your channel since one year. Everyday till i sleep :/
    get well soon 🙂

  280. Scotty youre a beast man. I literally watch your videos everyday at 4:00 on the dot. youre amazing at what you do and i dont wanna see you stop. i hope you get better asap and believe me ik how it feels to destroy your face. i shattered my left orbital (upper eye socket) into 12 pieces. i had 5 hours of plastic surgery. im in linden nj. dm me or anything if you need anything or advice what to do i went through the same stuff it sucks. feel better bro.

  281. Get better scotty and take the time you need. No need to hurry, we will all be waiting to watch you and the crew riding again! Respect from Norway!

  282. Hey there Scotty! Just wanted to say how much you and the guys over on your channel mean to me. Whether you realise it or not you inspire thousands of us every day! Every single day since I found your channel I’ve never missed a single video and sign in at 21:00 every night here in the UK. You’re the first channel I’ve ever consistently watched and there’s no question to why. I pray that you get well as soon as physically possible so you can continue to live your amazing life and carry on sharing it with us fans! For now I’ll miss you and the videos but I look forward to seeing you fit and well back on that bike!

    Thanks for everything,
    Kyle, 17, United Kingdom.

  283. SCOTTY you are big part of my life atm. pls fight through this, you are the most motivating person ive ever seen. i started watching your videos when you had 4000subs.

  284. Get well bro, I watch your vids all the time and I use to BMX along time ago but I moved on but watching videos makes me happy from old times of my life, cant wait for you to be back 🙂

  285. Some of the most fantastic riding I have seen has had Scotty’s name on it! He must have an awesome support system who are now terribly worried for him. I always thought of Cranmer as immortal and even physics defying. The best of men deserve to pull through falling down for a certain comeback. Odds are in his favor and if anyone feels like I do about Scotty, you wait with his family and wife in a similar angst and hopefulness for a recovery as miraculous as his skills on two wheels.

  286. Hey scotty, I don’t ride bmx but I’ve seen every one of your youtube Vids. Been going through depression lately and your videos have helped me get my mind off things. You’re an inspiration. I don’t have the money at the moment to donate but I’m glad some people do. I hope you get better quickly! Look forward to future videos!

  287. Scotty,
    You have been one of my biggest influences in bmx. Now I sit every day and watch your videos with my son, he is 6 and says all the time when he gets bigger he wants to ride bmx just like you! Keep your head up bro and get well soon!!! Thanks for all the sick videos

  288. Scotty i wish you luck man your a great inspiration to every one and its hard to hear this recover well man and big boy and the rest of the gang am sorry this happend to Scotty but keep up the good work looking after your friend he’s gonna need alot of support from all of us #Support4Scotty

  289. Myself and my two sons Jack and Wyatt watch your videos all the time, they are just getting into bmx. They donated $30 of there xbox money. Hope you recover soon and if anything it is a lesson in life for them.

  290. I am so sorry this happened Scotty. I watch your videos every day and when I saw this one I felt so bad. You are a great person and so are the rest of the crew. You are probably not reading this but if you are please get better soon!!!!!!??

  291. Scott’s I’ve been watching your channel for only a couple months so I’m nothing special like most of your great and amazing long time fans but I’ve been in a similar pesition befor with a serious spinal injury whilst playing rugby so I no how you feel right know about thinking will I ever ride again and watching you on all you videos I know you will your the man who completes all the crazy amazing course you guys set up your the guy who dose the most amazing tricks anyone has ever see and you the guy how is going to recover back to better health than befor and carry on riding so you can hit that million sub mark and I’m tankful knowing that I am 1 out of a million that is going to get you there. Get well soon bro and well done w2w you are an amazing foundation . Sorry for lack of punctuation and grammar i am not great at it

  292. Stay strong Scotty. I hope you get up and around and back to riding soon. Prayers, wishes and donation forthcoming.

  293. Hope you pull through fast Scotty! You deserve the quickest recovery possible and I’m sure you will get it! You are the best and you are in my thoughts man!!! Much love!!

  294. You have been always been one of my favorites since day one, I hope you get well soon and you and your family will be in my thoughts. Got a lot of love for you and your family, and what you do in every way.

  295. If I were religious I’d pray for you but since prayer is useless all I’m going to say is that I’ll keep Scotty and his whole family in my thoughts. You’ve inspired thousands of people and those people stand behind you no matter what. I wish you a speedy recovery.

  296. Hope you get better soon scotty, we all love your vids, you are one of the best youttubers. You are brilliant at what you do. I’m 19 and I ride a BMX.

  297. Your one of my best youtubers and i cant miss one day of your channels videos your my motivation to bmx to the fullest and your the best bmxer i know hope u feel better and keep inspiring people everyday around the world like me

  298. Scotty hope you recover and feel better soon your my motivation on a bike the only reason i started bmx was because of your channel i will try my best and support u the most

  299. Love your youtube channel, I talk you up to all my friends, your channel is the only one i’m subscribed too, watch your channel everyday and this is indeed sad to hear, i’m sending a request for my guardian angels to take good care of you

    This same thing happened to my best friend right in front of me when he was rollerblading, all the same problems you are facing but on top of that hes completely blind so I have been there for him everyday for the last 8 years to try and put some light in his day, so remember as bad as things are always be grateful things aren’t worse, hope you make a complete recovery and get back on that bike because you are seriously one of the best to every ride BMX and you got a big heart on top of that!!

  300. I watch your videos everyday! I’ve been a subscriber since about 100k. I started watching because of the cars but also enjoy the BMX side. I used to ride back in the early 90s. I hope you have a speedy recovery and you’re lucky to have such great friends and family as well as all the YouTube family supporting you. Get well soon!

  301. Scotty, you have been providing inspiration for years and this incident will add even more for riders every where. Sending positive energy your way. #scottywins

  302. hi scotty, its hopefully not going to be long before you read this.
    because of you and your channel im not getting back into bmx-ing after 8 years of being off a bike, i bought a new bike 2 weeks ago and searched for some good videos on youtube and of course yours came up.
    i was big into bmx-ing when i was younger and now love it again as much as i did when i started.
    ( sorry this message is a little…. just random sentences)
    i think its outstanding the way you guys help the kids and just love to entertain.
    get well soon mate ( British of course – lol Ron )
    keep up the good work.
    small donation made.


  303. Scotty, if your reading this thank you. I’m 10 years old and you have got me into bmx. Your the best, best YouTuber and bmx’er I have ever seen. I hope you can recover soon! From your number one fan- Bobby

  304. I hope you get well Scotty. This is beyond sad, I couldn’t believe the video when I saw Alex post it on Youtube. I wish you and your family the best.

  305. Good luck with the recovery Scotty! Your Youtube channel is incredible and you are such an inspiration! I am a 23 year old engineering phd student and haven’t been on a bike in years yet I look forward to your videos everyday. Hope to see you out of the hospital and back making videos soon (and eventually back on your bike!!). Best Wishes.

  306. You have this Scotty! I have been watching your videos for a long time now and you are definition of inspiration. Following your progress from NZ. Hope you pull through, and I hope that Lisa and your family are also doing ok. #standwithscotty ❤️

  307. Scotty, you have brought joy to my life with all your videos you have posted and honestly have made me a better person through it. you’re such an role model to so many people. you’re gonna make it through this. you’re rad. keep on truckin.

  308. After the death of my best friend last November I lost all my motivation. We rode together every day for 14 years. In the dark days afterward, I somehow stumbled upon your yt channel. It was watching your love of riding with your friends that rekindled my desire to get back on the bike of life and ride, 110%. Life is to be lived, “right here, right now” as you and Bb say.

    It’s clear you have touched so many with the strength of your amazing spirit. I hope you can feel the love and inspiration we are all sending you! Healing thoughts to you, your wife, your family and your circle of great friends; it’s a circle that stretches around the world!

    BC, Canada

  309. Scotty your my favorite BMX youtuber!! your positivity and humor have helped me get through some hard times when i was sick..and for that i can’t thank you enough!! I wish you a speedy recovery.. and I love you man!!

  310. Hope u get better scotty Ur the reason why i got a bmx bike and my friend and I yesterday October 15th we went out to mine and his old school to do a couple drop ins and try to do a fakie as good as u but we never got close. Hope u get better and keep making banger videos of u, matty, Ronnie, big boy, and the rest of the crew.

  311. scotty hello from croatia i see all ur videos and i rly love u guys u make me lough hard ur best guys i hope u get better soon i hope that wont stop u from ur dreams have all best peace

  312. Stay strong scotty! your an inspiration and your positivity and charisma is what keeps a smile on my face and keeps the fire in my heart to do what I love. Get well soon! Much love and Many prayers are being sent your way.

  313. Hey Scotty, really sad to hear the news, when I first heard about it on Instagram my heart sank and I couldn’t bring myself to watch that days video knowing that you were in hospital. You mean so much to us all and you have a big impact on our lives. I’m 23 years old and live in England, never even been on a bmx bike before but I can’t stop watching and wait for the new video from you every day. You’re such a genuinely nice person and it’s important for you to know that all us fans are here for you. You make each fans day better with your videos and I hope that we can all repay the favor in you and family’s time of need. Hopefully all the money raised and the comments here will let you know how much you mean to us and will aid you in your journey back to full health. Love you Bro (no homo). PEACE

  314. You probably won’t see this because of the plethora of comments (855) now but I just gotta say that I genuinely hope you get better quickly. You’ve been a HUGE inspiration to my riding life and when I saw that you were in an accident, I feared up. No lie. I’ve been watching you since February (I think), and since then, you’ve become a very influential part of my life. Your positivism, riding skills, love for your fans and family alike, and everything else is why you’re one of my life mentors. Get well soon buddy! I can’t wait to see the next edit you make!

  315. Scotty, be safe, stay active, and be adventurous! Keep your chin up because we all want to see you out riding again. I’ve become interested in BMX from you, but I think I’ll stick with horseback riding, it is dangerous enough in itself! Much love from Wyoming! <3

  316. oh man, this makes me pretty sad, you are one of the best youtubers out there and are the least deserving to have somthing like this happen. i’ll try to donate what i got to get you strong again.

  317. Hey Scotty just to let yu know we are all here for you and hope you feel better! You are my idol and your are one of the strongest people I know, feel better soon.??

  318. Scotty, I love you man your the biggest inspiration in my life to where you could be called my hero I couldn’t bare the pain that you are undergoing but I do know that you progressing and that nothing could beat your heart and courage, I hope you have a successful recovery #road2recovery

  319. I know you will pull though. Thanks for the inspiration you gave me and my son . We love you videos and the positive spins you put on life . Love Bro !!!!!!

  320. Dude your amazing I’m just a 14 year old boy that is trying to ride a scooter and not really worth much like you I’m working on my tail whip and I hope you the best of luck I look forward to see your vids all of the time ??? hope you get better??

  321. Scotty you are an inspiration to someone who works a 9-5. You were meant to be on a bike. You have a gift and you still show kids the right message by achieving what everyone thinks is impossible. i hope you quick recovery and soon more YouTube!!!!!!

  322. Good luck with your recovery Scotty! I’ve been watching your videos everyday for a while now and your constant positivity and motivation is something I aspire to everyday. You and your videos have gotten me so interested in BMX that Im planning on buying myself a BMX bike as soon as I can to start riding. Take your time with your recovery and come back strong for all of us!

  323. Hope u get better scotty your an inspiration for getting people to ride like me hope to see u on your channel soon get better soon 🙂

  324. You will always be an inspiration to me.I am 15 years old and i will start only because i saw your videos and got inspired 😀 Love you and hope you get back on your feet as fast as possible

  325. Daamn… Hope you will get better soon! This made me real sad. You are the reason i started with BMX and you’re a big inspiration to me. I dont know what to say, but all your fans and family are here to support you in your recovery. Hope you will get better soon! // Rs from Sweden

  326. Hey Scotty and anyone reading! I hope you recover quickly from this terrible accident. As we all know there is always some risk to being a professional athlete no matter the sport and sometimes worse comes to worst. You will recover and be back on the road in no time bro! Just know you are an amazing person and I love watching your videos everyday. Sad to see that such an amazing person is having to go through such a bad time.

    – Duncan Dempsey

  327. Scotty, sorry to here about the crash man, your a champion, a fighter, you have everything you need to pull through this, i hope one day i get to come ride with you guys, good luck with everything man, prayers to you and your family, and the crew, recover fast man, PEACE!

  328. Your YouTube channel inspired me to start riding and I hope you get better soon becuase your the best and I know you can pull through I love you and your YouTube channel.
    Ps. I know someone that went through the same thing you are know, I wish you the best of luck.

  329. Scotty! We all love you and love what you do! Its our turn to inspire you now! 🙂 Sending positive vibes from colorado, brother. 🙂 You got this. #scottys_stronger_than_cement

  330. Yooo Scotty,
    You are for me the best bmx rider on entire world. When I heard about that accident, my heart just stopped. I really don’t know what to say. Your videos are part of my life and I watch them every day since February. I hope you will get up as soon as possible. Keep it up. Best wishes. Stay strong.
    Hajk Jaworski

    1. Hey scotty i wrote something b4 but dident go through im a 14 year old boy and i love watching wht u love to do which ride . You have to get better not only 4 me but 4 those who love watching u also. U have to get better 4 ur family also bc a much as they inspired u ik u inspire them to . Im one of ur biggest fans and i want to bmx i wana ride but im scared tht something like this can happen to me or anyone else , so u have to get better to help not only me but other ppl overcome this fear tht i have bc u make me wana ride . Ppl love u as much as ur family does so get bettr for us . Prayer r with u.

  331. Scotty. I am a very large person. (Bigger than big boy) and your youtube channel has given me the motivation to get a bmx and start shedding the weight. I hope you get better and your recovery is very quick. You inspire many people man! You all do. I dont have the funds to donate right now but know my thoughts are with you 🙂

  332. Gutted for you bro best part of my day was lookin forward to the crew gettin down an i dont even ride bmx stay up stay strong bro hope to see you back strong as ever much love from the u.k ✌✌✌✌✌

  333. Not only the nicest guy in BMX but also one of the most talented, and so humble about it too. Your passion for what you do is inspiring, and your genuine joy in helping others learn new tricks and being able to share BMX with them is something I admire. Your positive outlook on life is infectious and you’re a great role model to young and old everywhere.

    I hope you have a full recovery and can get back out and carry on doing what you love. Good luck man, you can do this!

    Jake – Devon, UK

  334. Get well soon Scotty! I enjoy watching your videos daily, so I’m happy to help. I’m a mid-thirties “retired” bmxer that get’s to relive his youth watching you and the boys ride and have a good time. All the best to you and your family. Thanks for being a positive inspiration to the younger generation.

  335. Hey Scott you inspired me to try BMX and now it’s my favorite pass time, u inspired me to and now I want to hopefully motivate and inspire u to not give up but to try harder the next time, peace love and happiness sincerely Chris Dunn

  336. you have been an inspiration for me since day one you are an amazing rider no actually you are a legend !!! from your YouTube family we all hope you the best recovery. I still cant believe how your channel has grown so fast maybe because you make freaking amazing video that inspired a lot of people and you make my day everyday a lot better. You are part of my routine. LOVE U MAN as soon as i get that pay check all be donating. #roadtorecovery

  337. Hopefully you get back on your feet as soon as possible because you have always been my favorite BMX ride since I was a little kid and still and always will be! Get well soon Scotty! #R2R

  338. Hello, I am a boy and I’m 9 years old and I live California. I hope you recovery soon and every morning and night I watch your awesome videos. You are my favorite BMX guy in the whole world Scotty Cranmer.

    We are with you.

    Sincerely, biggest fan ever.

  339. Scotty, you have been an amazing inspiration to me since i started watching your videos at 50k subs. I watch your videos religiously everyday and they always make me happy.
    Much love from the youtube family and hope your riding again soon

  340. Hope to see you back on your feet soon. You’re suck an inspiration and because of you I haven’t given up with so many hard things that I would
    Of if you as everyone around you hadn’t motivated me and taught me to keep going. Good luck to you all and I hope everything turns out okay. Be safe man and have a speedy recovery. You’re the best.

  341. Get well soon man. Hoping for a fast recovery and to see you out there soon. You are an inspiration to a lot of people and we are all here for you. No matter how bad things can seem always keep your head up man

  342. Scott,

    You have been a huge inspiration in getting me back on my bike. I had a lingering back injury that has kept me off my bike for some time now. After finding your channel on youtube I immediately felt the urge to get back to my normal self. I trained hard, stayed focused and thanks to you back riding again as a hobby. I believe in your good will to change people’s lives for the better. You have given so much to your viewers, not just great content, but a role model. Get well Scott the world needs more people like you.

  343. Scotty, Just heard about your accident. I recently found your YouTube page and while the tricks and courses you guys come up with are cool the thing that really drew me to it is your positive support for the riders in the videos. You are always giving them positive reinforcement. It really shows with Big Boy. I love the way you believe in him and make him a better rider. The world needs your positivity. The road to recovery is going to be hard but I believe you have the attitude to do it.
    Take care.

  344. Hey scotty you inspired me too try BMX and now its my favorite pass time, you inspired me so hopefully this comment inspires you, too not give up but too try harder you are my favorite you tuber I check my YouTube at 4:00 everyday knowing you have uploaded, just know that you are in my prayers.

  345. Get well soon Scotty it always makes my day when I watch your videos and it’s so sad to ear that you’ve had an accident so keep up the good work

  346. Scotty your videos never get boring your always in an upbeat, half glass full kind of guy and you bring joy to every ones heart take your time recovering we don’t need to see you get back on the bike as soon as possible and possibly lead to another injurie. Stay positive @Official_BIGBOY @MattyCranmer And Mr. And Mrs. Cranmer we love you all

  347. your the best you keep us all motivated to stay riding i rode bmx for all through high school and when i left high school fell in to wrong crowd and was wasting and ruining my life 7 yrs later i came across Ur channel and it was all the spark i needed to get back on my bmx and kick the bad habbits with that said id like to thank you for my recovery

  348. I’m sad and not the same everyday bc I worry about Scotty because he is my inspiration. I pray every day a d hope for him to be ok 🙁

  349. Dear Scotty,
    I love watching you ride and I find that you are a big influence in my life. I don’t ride Bmx but I do ski and mountain bike. You have showed me a way to progress in everything I do.

  350. Hi Sotty i sufffer from a rare bone disorder brittle bones (osteogenesis imperfecta) i have had so many broken bones and traumas in my life but when i was younger i really liked riding but quickly realized i couldnt anymore so for me its guys like you and your team that do. You seem like a great group of guys and i really enjoy your vids. I wish you a full recovery MIND OVER MATTER

  351. Hey, I hope you can fully recover from this terrible crash, and I hope you can get back on the bike. Scotty’s channel is literally what got me back into BMX.

  352. You’re are such a great dude. I can’t believe this is happening to you. But you’ll come back even stronger than ever. You are one of the most humble person I know and you put a lot of inspiration in people. To me, you and Big Boy and Cory has put so much motivation in my career in BMX. Watching your videos ever morning helps me start my day and to try knew things in the track. Thanks for everything and keep up the progression. Can’t wait to see you ride again?❤️

  353. Scotty hope you get better soon. You were my motivation to ride and become a better rider. Get well soon scotty the YouTube and the subscribers will miss you but get well soon bro

  354. Just started BMX because of you man, learnt to manual the park yesterday with help from your video with big boy also getting further and further with my hang 5s.
    You and all of your friends have made me feel as though I can learn BMX too, even with my small stature and me telling myself I can’t. I want you to know that you’ve sparked my mind and so many others and I wish you all of the best in your recovery. You can do this! Focus on the positives and say to yourself “this time ” because this time you can do it. I wish I could to more than just leave a comment 🙁 .

  355. Get well soon!

    My wife, kids and I have been so inspired by your YouTube channel. We just got a BMX bike for my 4y/o daughter and I’m looking for a new one for myself.

    We’re sending you well wishes from N Jersey!

  356. Scotty your videos have helped me stay happy and driven in some really hard times. I can only pray now and unfortunately feel helpless that I cannot return the favor somehow…we all know you will attack your recovery like a fakie, manual, or trick challenge. Much love and prayers to you and your family bro.

  357. Hello, you are the best rider in the world in my opinion and an inspiration to all who see you . Good luck with everything and hope you heal fast and have fun with the channel! Keep on dominating Scotty !!

  358. Hey scotty, sorry what happened. I hope the best for you, your a huge inspiration to me, and made me start riding. Get well soon