Brad “The Bullet” Baker

Brad “The Bullet” Baker, X Games Flat Track athlete was critically injury this past Sunday, July 22nd at X Games.   During Flat Track race practice at X Games, Brad high-sided over the handlebars and suffered a spinal cord injury. He was immediately transported by EMS to a local hospital in Minneapolis where he underwent […]

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Team Puerto Rico joins forces with Global Disaster Outreach

Twelve years ago, Travis Pastrana rode his last Motocross race and everyone thought he was crazy when he left the track. Just as the best young racer in the world was about to enter his prime, Travis left to pursue a career in Freestyle MX. Winning basically every event for years and gaining global notoriety for his antics […]

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Phil Smage

Smagical Updates via @smagical Instagram posts and YouTube. You can follow along in Phil’s progress by following his two accounts @Smagical.   Phil’s Injury Update as of 06/20/18   Updated 06/13/18   Updated 6/12/18 Update 05/31/18 Over the last year of filming for #ActionFiguresTheMovie #2 Phil has pushed himself to what he thought was his […]

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Alex Draper Memorial

Alexander (Alex) Draper lost his life doing what he loved, riding and racing MX.  Alex was 22 years young and passed on 6-3-2018 on a MX track in Washington State. Alex started riding MX at the age of 5, he became quite good at the mental and physical challenges, we as a family raced for […]

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The Keep or Cut challenge – by The Movement Collab

The Keep or Cut challenge The Keep or Cut challenge targets latest trend in men’s hairstyles, I.e: man-buns, topknots, hipster beardsand dreads. Why? Males make up over 80% of all spinal cord injuries, particularly those between the ages of 16 and 40. Well, the guys that are sporting these hairstyles are the same group that […]

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Tevin Tapia

Update 04/19/18 Now home for over two weeks, Tevin is making slow but steady progress. Pain management is the main focus, as the healing and recovery stage is very painful. He was able to get some of his staples removed but still has 37 left across his stomach and his side. This was not a […]

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Wayne Garrett

Update on Wayne Garrett from his wife Sarah 03/07/18… Wayne’s working hard every day he doesn’t like to take a day off . The glider has become his new best friend he says he does not know how he managed before with out it. Every week his strength in his core and legs is improving […]

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Kai Mukai

Update 08/04/18 I know I haven’t been posting a lot about my recovery but I have been putting in the work harder then ever, and getting some incredible results I never thought would be possible. This process is so hard and so slow. It takes time and sometimes we will never know the results but, […]

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Jodie McCaughey

Jodie McCaughey is a 17 year old beautiful girl. Motocross is her life. Jodie raced competitively for years. Last April Jodie came of her scrambler at a track in Leitrim and snapped both femurs and had metal rods inserted in both thighs. It was a long recovery process but she pushed herself so hard and […]

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David Gassin

Update 01/29/18 Well its been a year since my injury and I have done 2 stem cell treatments in Florida; one with my own fat cells injected into my spinal fluid and one intravenously.  I have done lots of therapy and focused on my nutrition. I was using a prescription called ampyura in hopes it […]

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Ben Leclair

A total of $49,099 was raised so far towards Ben’s R2R Fund as of 08/27/18. The funds have all gone to pay medical expenses. You can support Ben is his new goal by donating here. Thank you for the support.    Along with this epic video release an article in SBC Wake was published […]

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Colten Moore

Update 02/10/17 Hear from Colten on how he is progressing and making those gains by watching his video. #HelpColtenRecover   You can still donate to Colten’s cause and help him reach the next level in his recovery by donation here on his R2R Fund page. Video Credit- Travis with Rockstar Energy     Two-time Snowmobile Freestyle gold medalist […]

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Make a donation in any amount you choose or visit our store for auctions and items for sale. All proceeds benefit Road2Recovery and our mission.
Make a donation in any amount you choose or visit our store for auctions and items for sale. All proceeds benefit Road2Recovery and our mission.