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Update 08/10/17

Tucker has now been home from Craig Hospital for three months. He is continuing his physical therapy with the High Fives Foundation in Truckee and with BRAIN (Brain Recovery Assistants Institute of Nevada); which is a foundation ran by Teresa and Josh Morros. Now that Tucker is home, he is starting to settle into his new life and has stated working for Dirt Tricks, Inc in Minden Nevada.

Tucker loves working but the process of getting his chair into his truck was difficult and his 110 mile round trip commute can be taxing. With the support and donations made to his cause by people like you, R2R was able to purchase a Harmar lift to help with his mobility. It was installed in his truck a few weeks ago, which is a huge help. Anything that makes his journey easier is a plus.
So far his spirits are up and with the help of family and friends he still gets out to enjoy most of what he used to do.  Of course he is already looking at racing UTV’s, he is still a competitor at heart, which will never go away.


Update 05/08/17

Tuckers flight home went great. The first few days have been an adjustment from the comfort and security of Craig Hospital.  Everyone is learning and adjusting without any problems.  Tucker and I took out the side x side yesterday around the lake and of course he drove testing out the portable handcontrols.

He will resume his PT in Reno and start at the High Fives Foundation in Truckee.  As any young man needs to do, he will go back to work and fit in PT when he can.  Life goes on!!  He still has a long way to go and the fundraising helps tremendously.  Thank you again to everyone for the continued help.

Update 4/20/17

It’s been another busy week here at Craig.  Tucker got some time behind the wheel working the hand controls.
Nothing new as far as his injury goes. He wakes up every morning hoping for something new to happen. Craig has amazing opportunities for getting patients out and going on excursions within Denver.  Last weekend, Jeppesen took a group flying over Denver.  It was a fun day for everyone involved.  This weekend is Arenacross and we plan on getting Tucker there to cheer on our friend from Reno.  Thanks to everyone for their continued support and graciousness.  It’s been amazing.


Update 04/12/17

Tucker is going on week three here at Craig Hospital.  He is progressing through wheelchair class especially when it comes to any kinds of wheelies, up ramps or down.  Tucker worked on car transfers today and of course plenty of PT.  He and his family are going out to dinner tonight for the first time outside the Hospital walls.  Tucker has a go home date of May 17th.

Tucker and his whole family would like to thanks everyone for all the continued help and support, it’s very much appreciated.

Tucker  completed a transfer for the first time today without the slide board. This is a huge step for him in his road 2 recovery. Click the link to watch the video. You can support Tucker here by making a donation to his R2R Fund or leave a positive message for him to read.





Tucker Larrieu was seriously injured on March 17, 2017 at a friend’s motocross track in Quincy, California, just 33 miles from his hometown of Portola, California. Tucker was prepping for an upcoming race when his friend Avery found him unconscious on the track.  It is unclear how Tucker’s injury occurred, as he has no recollection of the event. Tucker does remember that he was purposely riding conservatively at the time since Avery was working on the track in his tractor; so Tucker was focusing mainly on his bike set-up for that weekends race. Avery realized it had been while since the last time he had seen Tucker or heard his bike, he decided to go look for him to make sure that everything was okay. Avery found Tucker unconscious and jumped into action, getting him immediately flown to a hospital in Reno, Nevada.

An MRI discovered that Tucker’s t-5 and t-6 vertebrae were dislocated, causing bruising to his spinal cord. Doctors performed the surgery that next day to decompress and fuse his t-4 through t-7 vertebrae. The surgery was considered a success, however as of now Tucker is paralyzed from the chest down but does have full use of his arms. On March 27th, just 10 days post injury Tucker was flown from the Reno hospital via Angel MedFlight to the world-renowned Craig Rehabilitation Hospital. Craig Hospital exclusively specializes in the neuro-rehabilitation and research of patients with spinal cord injuries. Tucker will now undergo an intense 60-day rehabilitation process.

Tucker has raced since the age of 4 and has a competitor’s passion that is adrenaline driven. He competed in the 2015 X Games and in the Endurocross series. With his love of extreme sports, Tucker is no stranger to injury and having to work hard. This is his second back injury as well as his second time in Craig Hospital’s rehabilitation program. A quick eight months after his first back injury Tucker returned to racing and won his biggest race, the Virginia City Grand Prix. Ironically that is the same race he was prepping for when he sustained his second back injury that has now left him paralyzed. Tucker is up for the challenge and is prepared to put in the work to get on his road to recovery.

The Larrieu family and Tucker are now in need of your help. The rising cost of hospital bills and out of pocket expenses for Tucker is currently expanding at an exponential rate. Unfortunately, his insurance will not cover 100% of these ever growing bills. If you are able to help, you can donate here. Anything and everything helps. If you are unable to help finically, please send positive vibes, thoughts and prayers their way. You can also leave a positive message below for Tucker to read.

Thank you for supporting Tucker’s cause.


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