TevinTapia 2018

Update 04/19/18

Now home for over two weeks, Tevin is making slow but steady progress. Pain management is the main focus, as the healing and recovery stage is very painful. He was able to get some of his staples removed but still has 37 left across his stomach and his side. This was not a pain-free process and he is dreading removing the rest. Tevin is still under doctors orders of no weight bearing on his legs for a few more weeks but has the ability to use crutches or a wheelchair if he gets tired.

This week is full of major accomplishment for him as his body grows stronger. Tevin is able to accomplish more on his own and rely less on others. He is now able to get in and out of bed solo and use crutches to get around in and outside of the house. But one of the major highlights this week for him is being approved to go back on his normal diet. It’s the little things that make such a big impact on his quality of life.

More to come soon! Thank you for everyone’s prayers and support!


Update 03/27/18

Yesterday, Monday, March 26th Tevin had a successful surgery to install the bolts and screws needed to stabilize his vertebrae. It went great. As of today, he is currently recovering and in quite a lot of pain though. As part of the recovery process, he has started inpatient rehab at the hospital. They had him sit up for a few minutes to get his body moving. This was extremely painful but very necessary to get his body back functioning.

Tevin and his family are very hopeful that he will be released by the end of this week. He is ready to get back to California and start acute rehab as soon as possible. The doctors have recommended no weight-bearing for 8 weeks and to be admitted into an outpatient rehabilitation as soon as returning to California. He is currently in good spirits and would like to thank everyone for their kind words, prayers, and messages.


The 2018 Supercross season is proving to be a very brutal year for injuries. This past Saturday’s race at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, IN claimed another rider with severe and season ending injuries.


Privateer rider, Tevin Tapia was critically injured during timed practice when he cross rutted going up the finish line and endoed, leaving him no options but to jump off his motorcycle, landing feet first. The impact from his fall broke his pelvis, lumbar vertebra, and caused other damage to the surrounding area. “I was immediately scared out of my mind with the worse pain I have ever felt in my life,” said Tapia.

Directly after his crash, Tapia was taken to a local hospital in Indianapolis where his injuries were evaluated and surgery scheduled for this Monday, March 26, 2018. His doctors have made a game plan to repair his broken L-3 and L4, fix the level 1 trauma to his pelvis, and control the internal bleeding. As of now, the suggested course of action for repairs involves two screws and one plate to be installed with the hopes of fixing the fractures. Tapia can’t bear any weight yet but is expected to make a full recovery and will have no difficulty walking.

This is a very positive prognosis; however Tevin Tapia is a true privateer and the funds needed to cover his surgery, mounting hospital bills, and his future required physical therapy are going to be extensive. Not including the cost, once cleared from the hospital getting Tapia transported back home to Menifee, CA. as comfortable and pain-free as possible. His road to recovery is going to be long and he will need all the support from his family, friends, and fans that he can get. If you are able, you can help Tevin by donating here to his Road 2 Recovery page. If you are not, all positive thoughts, prayers, and messages can be left in the message box below.



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