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Three-time Canadian National Champion and German Supercross Champion, Matt Goerke suffered a serious injury during qualifying at the Int. Supercross Chemnitz, at Fair Chemnitz, Germany on November 30th.

Goerke crashed while jumping through a large triple section and landed extremely short on the jump. The impact of the crash caused the majority of his injuries, fracturing his spine at the L2 vertebrae and broke his left clavicle. He was taken to Klinikum Chemnitz; a local hospital near the Fair where surgeons performed the first of two scheduled surgeries stabilizing his spine with rods. The second surgery to address the left clavicle break is expected to be scheduled this Thursday.

As of now, Goerke has feeling throughout his extremities but is not allowed to test the movement of his legs as doctors are concern for the stability of his spine. He alongside his fiancé; Erin are expected to be released from the hospital in Germany once he is stable enough to fly home. Once Goerke is home he will start an outpatient physical therapy program to help with the recovery process.

Goerke has a well-rounded US medical insurance policy unfortunately they are currently denying all his international medical bills as well as transportation home to Panama City Beach, FL. The two surgeries and an extended stay in the hospital is starting to add up. The team at Road 2 Recovery will continue to help Goerke and his family fight to get some of the bills covered by his US policy. However there will still be a substantial amount he will have to come out of pocket for and they continue to grow daily. If you are able to help, you can donate to Goerke’s R2R fund here. Any and all prayers for a speedy recovery and safe travels home are greatly appreciated.

As more information come available this site will be updated. You can leave positive messages for Goerke to read while he recovers.


PC- @lissimorephoto

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  1. Hi Matt, the BRAP Foundation in western Canada here are sending out positive well wishes to your recovery. We are newly formed charity 2 months ago to help injured racers and their recovery. You will get thru this and something good will come to light. Feel free to reach out to us.

  2. Matt,
    Praying for all that are involved in getting you back in the saddle, if you so wish. May you and all those on “Team Matt” be drawn closer to Him during this difficult time.

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