Jessy Nelson

Update 03/01/20

Not much has really changed regarding my recovery.  I have been trying some alternative methods and working with my doctor on some different treatments along with balancing my relationships with sponsors and racing for Polaris RZR. I’ve been spending quality time with my wife Emily and a small group of friends. Keeping life fun and simple at the moment. Thanks for all the support, appreciate everyone!!

Update 06/13/17

The past few months I’ve been on the gas with everything I’ve been doing; traveling, therapy, driving (lots of driving), and everything in between. I’ve been blessed with so much love and continued support and I’m doing everything in my power to hammer down on this injury but also not letting it consume me. I have a lot of other opportunities that I am able to focus on out side of my injury like my new Polaris RZR to drive around and start getting comfy in. I also have a hand cycle now that I want to start putting some serious miles on.

I recently turned 23 and I asked my girlfriend Emily to marry while we were in Catalina. She is one strong amazing woman that I am so lucky to have in my life. We have been to Hawaii for my first vacation with her family as a quick little break and I’ve been camping and swimming. We’ve gone to Catalina and Mexico to pre run the Baja 500 with the guys from Polaris and had lots of fun. I still go out to the track every now and again to peak my head around and say hi to some friends and help out with what I can. I definitely miss my old job and what I was able to do each day but I guess those days are long gone. But as of right now, my life is full of positivity and I have time to figure that all out.

I’m still going to Strides SCI in San Juan Capistrano 3-4 days a week and doing what I know how to do at home with my training to keep progress going in my therapy. What I have learned from my body is that sometimes I just need to rest, I’m relearning my body and finding that balance just like before when I was training and also try to have fun when I can.

Most recently I have started checking out different options with stem cell therapy and stimulators, I’m just about open to anything. My body is constantly is a state of change; my muscle spasms change all of a sudden or I’ll be able to flex my quad or move my toes for a couple of minutes, hours, or even days but it all seems to slowly dissipate but eventually comes back for a little. My focus right now is trying to get all these changes to stabilize and continues to get better. I have definitely seen improvements; especially with sensation I can feel a lot in my left side but my right is spotty, both feet I can feel really well along with my gluts.

I’m always looking for the positive, I have great support and backing and I’m going to continue this journey. Who’s to say I’m not going to be one of those cases that can make something of this and get back on my feet? I’m not a quitter and I will keep grinding away! Thank you so much to everyone in my corner; Road 2 Recovery, everyone involved Troy Lee Designs (my extended family), Red Bull who has been behind me for so many years, my family and my fiancé Emily for all that she does for us and keeping my head held high when I’m not up for it. The people at Compex have been so great to me and that machine is unreal with how much it has helped with my blood flow and keeping my muscles going. Thank you MX locker, Statik clothing and Positive Ride for your shirts that so many people are now wearing for me. Brie Cody and her family has gone above and beyond for me and I can’t thank them enough, I’m so glad to now call them my friends.


Team TLD/KTM rider Jessy Nelson suffered a crash in the second moto of the Pro Outdoor Motocross Nationals at Unadilla on 8/13/16.  Details are few at the moment but we received this update from his Instagram earlier today.  Road 2 Recovery is the only nonprofit in all of action sports to support these riders in their recovery after a severe injury.


To register for Jessy Nelson’s MX School CLICK HERE!

The “Professor” Gary Bailey and Road 2 Recovery have partnered with some of the Motocross industries’ best to help raise money for Jessy Nelson. 100% of the proceeds will to get Jessy Nelson a much needed Sprinter Van.

This Motocross School is a once in a lifetime opportunity being held on Friday, December 9, 2016, at Cahuilla Creek Motocross Park. You’ll have a full day to learn from pros like Cooper Webb, Ivan Tedesco, Kris Keefer, Grant Langston, David Bailey, Gary Bailey, and so many more. The complete TLD team, Tyla Rattray, Shane McElrath, Jordan Smith, Mitchell Oldenburg and Jessy Nelson will be there as well to lend their professional experience. Check in starts at 8am and class starts promptly at 9am PST.

The MX School will be star studded and jammed packed with years of knowledge and experience. Its all for a great cause! To make sure that each attendee gets the quality time needed to increase their skills, the school will be capped at 100 entries. Make sure you sign up fast because space is limited.

With a minimum donation of $250.00, participants can expect small class groups to gain valuable knowledge from the best in the business on starts, turns, big jumps, and “S turns”. Included is a complimentary breakfast and a delicious lunch provided by Wienerschnitzel, a swag bag, raffles and a few surprises.

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Update from Jessy Nelson Instagram Account:

In the second Moto at Unadilla, I had a crash in a tricky turn, ultimately ending with a red flag for the race. I went down pretty hard of a direct result of the bike hitting me from behind. I am currently at a hospital in Cooperstown, NY where we are waiting for some swelling to go down in my back before doing surgery. At this time I have limited feeling from my waist down. The hope is that after the swelling goes down, I will get some more feeling back. Thank you all for your support, kind thoughts and prayers. I will keep you posted in the next few days!

R2R has been speaking to his team and people closest to him since he hit the ground.  No matter the level of injury R2R will be by his side to assist in his recovery.  Any support is appreciated at this time and you can make a tax deductible donation on this page.  As we know there are a lot of treatments and rehabilitation out there that are not covered by insurance and we will do everything in our power to make sure Jessy gets the best care available.  Also please leave a comment at the bottom of this page.  Once it’s approved it will appear for Jessy to keep his motivation at its highest.

Hashtag your social media posts #JN13R2R so he can go back and see them all for encouragement.

 UPDATE 8/18/16

Encinitas, CA – Update on Jessy Nelson as of 4:30 pm PST. We just got conformation from Jessy Nelson’s camp that he is out of surgery and is in recovery. The doctors spoke briefly with his family and were happy to report that there was no further damage and the surgery went well and according to plan. It is still to early to confidently stay the extent of Jessy’s injuries. Being that this is a critical time for the Nelson family we respect their privacy and ask that you do as well. We can only hope for the best and keep him and his family in our thoughts and prayers. Jessy and the Nelson family would like to thank everyone who have donated, passed along kind words, and keep them in their prayers.

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