It is with heavy hearts and sadness that we, along with the Moto community, mourn the sudden passing of Chris “Dang” McAvoy. Dang was not only a remarkable individual but also a beloved figure in the industry. His contributions to the motocross community and his infectious spirit will forever be remembered.

Dang’s journey in the motocross world began as a young Team Manager for the Yamaha of Troy team during the glorious era of Jason Lawrence. With his exceptional leadership skills and unwavering dedication, he played a pivotal role in guiding the team to victory in the 2008 250 West Region Supercross Championship. His commitment to excellence and passion for the sport was evident in every aspect of his work. Even after the Yamaha of Troy team disbanded, Dang continued to make significant contributions to various teams and brands within the industry, including his most recent role of District Sales Manager, PG&A for KTM Corporation, where he left a lasting impact. Dang’s professionalism, integrity, and enthusiasm touched the lives of countless individuals throughout his career.

Beyond his accomplishments, Dang was a kind-hearted soul who brought joy and laughter to every race and industry event he attended. His genuine warmth and friendly nature endeared him to all who had the pleasure of knowing him. Dang was not just a colleague or acquaintance; he was a true friend to many.

As we mourn the loss of such an extraordinary individual, we would like to honor Dang’s memory with positivity. This memorial fund has been established in his name to support his beloved daughter’s needs during his absence. The fund aims to provide financial assistance to ensure her well-being and help to fulfill her dreams.

If you would like to contribute to the Chris “Dang” McAvoy Memorial Fund, click the link here. Every donation, no matter the size, will make a meaningful difference in the life of his daughter and honor Dang’s unwavering love for his family.

We will forever cherish the memories we shared with Chris “Dang” McAvoy. His infectious energy, unwavering dedication, and genuine kindness will continue to inspire us all. 

Rest in Peace, Dang.


To continue the impact that Chris “Dang” McAvoy had on the motocross community, industry friends and family are joining forces to announce the first annual Dang Memorial Charity Golf Tournament. This heartfelt tournament, in conjunction with the Dang Memorial Fund, aims to provide additional financial security for Dang’s cherished daughter, McKenzie, while continuing his passion for supporting the industry and its athletes.

Scheduled to coincide with the Pro Motocross Championship Hangtown Motocross Classic in Sacramento, California, the first annual Dang Memorial Charity Golf Tournament is set to take place in the summer of 2024. This event promises to be a memorable gathering where individuals can pay tribute to Dang’s legacy while raising funds for a worthy cause.

As plans for the golf tournament unfold, details on how to participate, sponsor, and contribute to the Chris “Dang” McAvoy Memorial Fund will be shared on the dedicated Memorial Page here hosted by R2R. This page will serve as a central hub for information about the tournament, additional fundraisers, and ways for individuals to get involved. 

For immediate information on the golf tournament, please contact Clifton Campbell at

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