Alex Draper Memorial

Alexander (Alex) Draper lost his life doing what he loved, riding and racing MX.  Alex was 22 years young and passed on 6-3-2018 on a MX track in Washington State.

Alex started riding MX at the age of 5, he became quite good at the mental and physical challenges, we as a family raced for 12 years and traveled to 6 western states, he raced outdoors and arena X and loved it.  Not only did he enjoy the competition but his social skills with other racers and their families was impressive at such a young age, we were very proud of him and still today.


Alex became an AZ state champion in 2007 and again in 2008 in two different classes, not bad for an 11 and 12 year old.  Alex loved and had much passion for the sport of MX, our family decided to focus on other activities.  This year Alex purchased a MX bike and renewed his passion, he raced not long ago and took 5th out of 10 riders, again not bad for being off the bike for such a long time.  I will close this chapter by saying he was an exceptional Rider / Racer.  I think we can all say, when we leave this earth, would we want the circumstance to be something we loved and had passion for?


Alex will be missed and he thanks you for your donation to Road 2 Recovery.



Eric and Karla Draper


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