Your donations at work!

Every dollar that gets donated to R2R has a direct impact on an injured athlete’s life. This is one of the ways your contributions to R2R has helped. Thank you for your support!


 Now more than ever, the R2R Board of Directors saw a need for mobility and independence in the lives of athletes we support. Putting the money that you donated to work, we purchased 12 Scout Scooters and granted them to R2R athletes in need. These scooters are truly a game-changer for these guys and wouldn’t have been possible without your support! THANK YOU!!! 


You can have the gift of mobility too! Place your order for a Scout Scooter with our partners at U2 Mobility, use the code R2R to receive 10% off your order. More details below!

Todd Krieg- “This thing rips! I’m stoked to finally have something to not only get around at the track again, but to chase Rhett through the neighborhood on his bike. I’m so thankful for R2R, Mike, Lori, Anita, and all of the people that donate to this amazing foundation. This thing is going to get some serious miles put on it”!


Kai Mukai“Like to thank R2R and Mike Young for this game-changer! This scooter is amazing and such a big help for me and allows me to do so much more with my little guy! Thank you again”!


Leighton Lillie- “Thank you to R2R for the sweet Scout. This thing is a game-changer. For me, one of the most important things is to protect the wear and tear on my shoulders. I’ve tried other electric chairs and stuff but transferring from one chair to another is a big pain. This thing attaches to my regular chair in seconds and I’m cruising”.


Flying Mike Brown

Sam Willoughby- “If you have seen me at a BMX track in the last 12 months you know how much of a life saver these scooter attachments are for me. R2R never ceases to amaze us, we are so thankful for their ongoing support. Mike Young delivered me this new light weight scooter attachment last week. Not only has I️t made travel easier, but having the freedom to walk my dog in our hilly neighborhood and get around the rough bmx track surroundings to coach my riders are freedoms you take for granted until you lose them. Thank you to all the wonderful people who support Road 2 Recovery”.


David Bailey- “Michael Jordan’s dad told him to always try to take a negative and turn it into a positive. I learned a year or so after Motocross ended abruptly that it was healthier to focus on what I could do than what I couldn’t, but I never imagined playing golf and I really never thought I would be having so much fun in my wheelchair. Up until a couple days ago it was just a necessity, but now with this new Scout I’ve got a brake, handlebars and a throttle. Plus I can hit with it still on! Thank you to my friend Mike Young who has been telling me about it and helping install it. We went and cruised for an hour where I would never be able to go without it. Thanks also to R2R, U2 Mobility Taylor Made golf and my wife for being a patient caddy”. ⛳️✊🏼




Our partners at U2 Mobility are offering you 10% off your order of the amazing Power Attachable Comp. Scout Scooter! 


All that will be required is to reference the discount code (R2R) when placing your order. MSRP on the Scout is $2899.00. You will receive a discount of $290! But that’s not all. Any new orders placed before 2021, U2 Mobility will also donate 10% back to R2R.


Note:  This does not include cost for tax, shipping, custom labeling, or labor for installation if necessary.


Please contact John at U2 Mobility to get a final quote and place your order.

Make sure to enter add the code R2R in the subject line to get your discount.




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