“The Road 2 Recovery”:
a 6-Part Docuseries – (6) Episodes, (5) Athletes

When: One episode released the second Wednesday of each month for 5 months

Episodes and Release Dates:

Phil Smage “Smagical”
Scotty Cranmer – 1/08
Colton Aeck – 2/12
Sam Willoughby – 3/11
Jessy Nelson – 4/08

Our purpose for this docu-series is to educate the public and our industry on what R2R does, how we help athletes and where we spend our money. There have been a lot of questions in the past about R2R and we haven’t done the best job of explaining the “behind the scenes” of our foundation. Our goal is full transparency and to show everyone how their donations help. This is our chance to clear up any misconceptions or questions.

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Episode 1- Phil Smage

Episode 2- Scotty Cranmer

Episode 3- Colton Aeck

Episode 4- Sam Willoughby

Episode 5- Jessy Nelson