The Keep or Cut challenge

The Keep or Cut challenge targets latest trend in men’s hairstyles, I.e: man-buns, topknots, hipster beardsand dreads.


Males make up over 80% of all spinal cord injuries, particularly those between the ages of 16 and 40.

Well, the guys that are sporting these hairstyles are the same group that are more likely to take risks and end up in a wheelchair.

The Keep or Cut Challenge aims to harness this risk taking mind-set, but drive a far more positive outcome.

The core message is that it is predominantly us young men who are ending up in wheelchairs due to our driving, sports, and general risk-taking antics. Ladies are encouraged to get involved too since up to 20% of SCI’s occur to females, as well as the fact that for every man injured, there’s a mother, sister, girlfriend, wife and/or others affected by the impact too.

The risk and impact of cutting your hair seems pretty insignificant compared to the potential risk and impact of having a spinal cord injury, and taking that small risk by taking the challenge today could have a huge impact on finding a SCI cure tomorrow!

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