The Brian Barnes Moto Memorabilia Collection AUCTION


The Brian Barnes

Moto Memorabilia Collection

The highly anticipated The Brian Barnes Moto Memorabilia Collection Auction is going live on May 27th starting at 8am PST, and it's about to take your motorsport gear collection to the next level!

Check out the full Auction Preview now only on featuring hundreds of autographed and race-worn items, this auction is a dream come true for any fan and enthusiast.

Check out some sneak peeks below and let the countdown begin!


David Bailey Raceworn Autographed 1983 Season Winning Jersey.


Rick Johnson 1983 Autographed Raceworn JT Racing Jersey.


Jeff Ward 1982 Autographed Raceworn Kawasaki Jersey


Broc Glover '81 Autographed Raceworn JT Racing Yamaha Jersey


Jeff Stanton 1989 Autographed Camel Supercross Jersey


Johnny O'Mara 1990 Raceworn Autographed Answer Jersey


The Brian Barnes Moto Memorabilia Collection, represents the single largest donation to Road 2 Recovery, in its history of providing support to individual athletes, who compete as professional competitors, in the world of Pro Supercross, Pro Motocross and other Extreme Sports, who have experienced injuries while participating in their respective areas of competition. Road 2 Recovery, has for two decades assisted numerous injured athletes to help them on their personel Road 2 Recovery.

Brian Barnes, as a contributor to Road 2 Recovery, is a legend in the history of the sport of Professional Motocross, and has been a participant in the presentation of amateur and professional events throughout the Northwest region of the country, with the focus of his career as a professional Motocross and Supercross announcer, including the world famous Washougal Motocross Park, in Washougal, WA, annual host of the Washougal Motocross National. Brian for many years also added to his event hosting responsibilities, by serving as an assistant to the Washougal Track owners.

Brian Barnes’s career as a professional event presenter and event announcer, spans a period of more than 40 years, and the Brian Barnes Collection, featured for auction by Road 2 Recovery, represents items from the personal collection of memorabilia, that has been assembled by Brian over the course of his career.

Brian, a native of Vancouver, WA, began attending motorsports events as a teenager, who accompanied his brother to races, throughout the northwest area, and his love for the sport led him to a career as an announcer in the sport, where he became one of the most recognized and respected voices in the world of Professional Motocross.

Brian Barnes, retired recently from a career of announcing and track management, due to some personal health issues, which prompted him to consider how he might be able to find a way to give back a little bit to the sport, in recognition for the decades of joy that he has experienced while working as a representative of the sport of motocross and as a thank you to all of the athletes who have competed at the hundreds of events that he has hosted, as the voice of motocross in the Northwest.

Brian’s generous donation of items that he personally collected over his career in the sport, will be featured in the Auction of the Brian Barnes Collection, where 100% of the proceeds will go to Road 2 Recovery to help to assist injured professional athletes, and 
Road 2 Recovery, proudly extends its sincere gratitude to Brian for his significant contribution to the important efforts of Road 2 Recovery, to assist injured athletes.

“ Brian Barnes Quote”

"I would like to thank all of the teams and riders who contributed to this collection over the years. These auctioned items will assist injured riders and will be administered by Road 2 Recovery. Please give generously. Thanks, Brian”.

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