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Twelve years ago, Travis Pastrana rode his last Motocross race and everyone thought he was crazy when he left the track. Just as the best young racer in the world was about to enter his prime, Travis left to pursue a career in Freestyle MX. Winning basically every event for years and gaining global notoriety for his antics helped his case for why he made the right decision.

Travis has continued his trend of acting upon his shocking ideas, making surprising announcements, and pulling off amazing spectacles. His most recent idea is thought to be his craziest yet, and although several obstacles lie ahead, what’s most shocking is that this wild idea is becoming reality. Travis is ready to prove fans wrong once again by returning to the track, but this time, he’ll be succeeding for a cause much bigger than himself.


One year ago, Puerto Rico was devastated by the deadly hurricane Maria, and the Nation is still suffering daily hardships. This news hit very close to home for Travis as his grandfather is from Puerto Rico. In effort to give back and provide assistance to areas of Puerto Rico in need, Travis will be raising funds by racing in the World’s most prestigious Motocross event, Motocross Des Nations. One month ago, it was announced that Travis Pastrana, Kevin Windham, and Ryan Sipes would race together for the US territory of Puerto Rico in what is referred to as the “Olympics of Motocross”.

This October, countries from all over the World will travel to US soil to battle for their nation. Coached by Ricky Johnson, the team is committed to not only honoring Puerto Rico, but also raising money, building awareness, and providing hands-on-help to restore basic resources lost in the hurricane.

Following Des Nations, win or lose, the team will take funds raised through sponsorships, donations and merchandise sales directly to Puerto Rico. Alongside professional contractors and Global Disaster Outreach, they’ll repair local infrastructure first hand, so they know, and can share, exactly where the donations are going. A portion of proceeds will additionally go towards the local motocross community to rebuild tracks and provide bikes to Puerto Rico’s next generation of Des Nations racers.

You can help make a difference by donating to Global Disaster Outreach here.

All donations will go directly towards Travis’s idea and Team Puerto Rico’s mission.

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