SCOTT SPORTS Donates Six Frames to Benefit #irideforpaul

Carlsbad, CA – SCOTT Sports has partnered with the Road 2 Recovery Foundation to help raise funds for injured SCOTT rider Paul Basagoitia.  Paul suffered a spinal injury while competing at the Red Bull Rampage in October, and he has been undergoing medical treatment and physical therapy since then. As soon as Paul’s injuries became widely known, Road 2 Recovery began a fundraising page dedicated to supporting his treatment and recovery. Now, Road 2 Recovery is hosting a raffle drawing for the frames which are being donated by SCOTT.

SCOTT Sports is providing three Gambler 710 frames, one team replica Gstaad-SCOTT Gambler 710 Frame, one Voltage FR frame, and one very unique Spark 700 RC which was raced by four-time XC World Champion Nino Schurter at the World Championship in Hafjell, Norway. This custom painted Spark 700 is one of only two existing in the world!

“Aaron Cooke and the Road 2 Recovery project are awesome,” said Zack Vestal, Bike Marketing Manager. “From early on, the hashtag and page #irideforpaul have been the most visible and consistent fundraising vehicle for Paul. We hope these frames make a cool contribution to the ongoing efforts of Road 2 Recovery and the entire mountain bike community.”

You can visit the Road 2 Recovery website and donate towards #irideforpaul on the specific bike frame you would like to win for the holidays.  Each $10 donation will enter you to win once, a $20 donation will enter you twice and a $50 donation will enter you six times!  Each of the six bikes will have randomly chosen winners independently so donate on the page showing the bike you are most interested in or donate on them all.  The final drawing will occur on January 4th at noon PST.

As has been widely reported, initial details of Paul’s injury were vague but it was found shortly after that he suffered spinal cord damage and a fractured T12.  Paul has been putting forth a massive effort at rehabbing his injury and was recently discharged from Craig Hospital in Colorado which is known around the world as being one of the best facilities for Spinal Cord Injury and Traumatic Brain Injury. He’s now home in Reno, NV.

Paul’s girlfriend Nichole Munk gave us an update, saying, “He’s getting there.  Still not a ton of movement with his right foot/ankle.  His left foot is improving with some movement.  The muscle groups he has are building quite a bit so he’s getting stronger all around.”

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