Road 2 Recovery announces partnership with Viral Brand LLC

Road 2 Recovery is proud to announce their new partnership with Viral Brand LLC. Viral Brand’s commitment to the industry and the athletes that their brand supports is unparalleled. This is just one of the reason R2R is happy to partner with them. Please help show your support by shopping brands that give back to the industry we all love.
Oct 10th 2018 Edmonds, WA for Immediate release Viral Brand LLC is proud to announce our commitment to Road 2 Recovery for the 4th Quarter 2018 and beyond.  Viral Brand was founded by racers for racers and we know all to well how this amazing sport can give you the highest high and the lowest lows. 
Viral Brand is committed to building the worlds greatest fitting goggles and helping riders all over the world compete at the highest levels with great vision, fit and comfort.  For that reason, we have teamed up with Road 2 Recovery for the riders who have given it their all at the highest level and then had career-ending injuries.
When you put everything on the line for your sport,  You hope that the sport and the industry will be there in your darkest days and everyone at Viral Brand wants to let all of the athletes that push it to the limit each and every race weekend know that we are their for you as well.  We hope that no rider will ever have to go through a career-ending injury but if they do, we want Road 2 recovery to be there to help. 
For the 4th Quarter of 2018 a portion of all sales will go to the Road 2 Recovery and as our brand grows we will continue to contribute to an organization that has the riders best interests in mind, each and every day.  Without great organizations like Road 2 Recovery, it would make this amazing sport that much tougher.
About Viral Brand: 
Viral Brand was Started in January 2016 by retired professional rider Scot Steffy and his business partner, Steve Oslund.  The company is built on riders first, building quality goggles that fit better then any other brand on the market and backed up with our “Best Fit Challenge” 30 Day Monday Back Guarantee.  Take the “Best Fit Challenge Today”.
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