Ryan Hughes

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Motocross legend Ryan Hughes was injured at Pala Raceway on February 13, 2013. Ryan sustained a number of serious injuries to his spine including a broken T-3 and shattered T-4, which initially caused paralysis to most of Ryan’s extremities. Fortunately for Ryan the paralysis was only temporary and he was able to regain feeling and movement after doctors successfully fused his back from T-2 to T-6.

Brad Smeele

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Professional wakeboarder Brad Smeele has suffered a hideous accident while training in the US, resulting in a shattered C4 vertebrae and leaving him as a quadriplegic. Brad is a genuine and affectionate person, and has touched countless people’s lives. This is truly evident in the overwhelming support that has already poured out from all corners of the world. His family …

Bruce Cook

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On Friday January 3, 2014 at the Nitro Circus Live show in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Bruce Cook was injured attempting the worlds first double front flip on a dirt bike. Bruce underwent surgery the following day to repair a broken T-11 vertebrae. He also suffered broken ribs and damage to his spinal cord resulting in paralysis from the waist down.

Glenn Salyers – Ride In Peace

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Details are still coming in but we have heard the unfortunate news that BMX rider Glenn Salyers suffered a motorcycle accident last night. “He was the brains behind every ramp at the Kitchen”, Brett Banasiewicz We have set up this donation page so that 100% of proceeds will go towards helping his family. Any amount is appreciated and we thank …

Brett Banasiewicz

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Brett Banasiewicz was born in 1994 and currently lives in South Bend, Indiana. Brett turned professional at the age of 13 and excelled in BMX Park and Dirt Jumping diciplines creating signature trick combinations like the “Cash Roll” that no one had ever seen before. In 2012 and at just 17 years old Brett had reached the pinnacle of his …

Ryan Morais

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Rockstar Valli-Star Racing Yamaha team rider Ryan Morais was injured at the Los Angeles Supercross race on January 22, 2012. It happened in the first lap of the main event when Trey Canard hit a tuff block and was not able to jump the triple. Ryan was already committed to the jump and landed on Trey. Both riders were knocked unconscious.

Mike Franklin

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Early 2010 Mike Franklin was in a grizzly motorcycle accident that left him in a coma with a shattered ankle, broken leg, shoulder, and neck. The doctor’s were 90-percent sure they’d have to amputate his leg, ending his skating career. In an incredible twist of fate, one of the doctors found out Mike was an amateur skater, implemented a decades’ …

Ian Trettel

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On Saturday, March 5th, Rockstar Energy Suzuki rider Ian Trettel sustained a brain injury during practice at the AMA Supercross event in Daytona, Florida. Ian is improving, but his recovery will be a long and costly process.

Ernesto Fonseca

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Honda’s Ernesto Fonseca crashed while preparing for the Daytona Supercross at a test track in California. There has been a lot of information and misinformation floating around, but here’s the deal: Ernesto landed on his head and broke the C-7 vertebra in his back, which is approximately at mid-chest level. His spinal cord was “bent” but not severed.

Stephen Murray

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June 22, 2007 marked a day that the Action Sports World will remember for a life time. A day that has forever changed the life of Professional BMX Dirt Jumper & three times Gold Medalist Stephen Murray. In the midst of doing a double back-flip in the BMX Dirt Finals at the Dew Action Sports Tour in Baltimore Maryland. Stephen’s …

Leighton Lillie

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Supercross and Arenacross racer Leighton Lillie suffered fractures to the T6 and T7 vertebras in his back after crashing during practice for last night’s AMA Arenacross race in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Lillie was transported to St. Johns Hospital and initially had little to no feeling below the waist but doctors were optimistic after tests this morning showed that his spinal cord was not severed in the accident and that the nerves in his legs reacted to stimulus.

Doug Henry

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Doug crashed in Florida while preparing for the upcoming SuperMoto series. The crashed left Doug with a broken back near the same location as the infamous Buds Creek crash in 1997. Doug underwent surgery to relieve pressure from his broken T12 vertebra with doctors calling the surgery a success, according to Yamaha personnel in Florida. Doug has been transported to Shepherd Center in Georgia to begin his recovery.

David Bailey

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Most of you know David’s history and dedication to the sport of motocross. You know of his great successes, and also of the great sacrifice that David paid, ultimately ending his career and confining him to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Over the past twenty years, David has always lent a hand and done what he could to help other injured riders when possible.

James Marshall

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On February 11th, 2006, James Marshall was tragically injured in round 6 of the Amd Mobile Supercross series in San Diego. Running in 5th place in Heat #2, James went over the bars through a tricky step up–step down combination and was subsequently hit by two trailing riders. The impact of the incident left Marshall with broken C2, C5, and C6 vertebrae.