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  1. You the man bro and i mean 1 bad ass motha ??????… Im so sorry this happen to anyone especially someone like you who has proven himself time in and time out on the track with the very best of the best…. Dirtbikes are my life so im all familar wit serious injuries even as bad as yours… i was hurt november 15 2009 and can remember that perfect 70 degree day like it waz yesturday. Here it is almost 10yrs later and im watching one of my most favorite riders of all times go thru this and god im sorry you have to… But you the man that you are and clearly i wasnt…. but i made it thru my condition and you will to. I have alot more i like to say but hopefully i can meet you in person one day and we can sit arnd wit a beer and bullshit like weve knwn each other 4ever… your dirtbike buddy Donnie

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