Todd Krieg


2014 Todd was getting ready for the 2015 Supercross season when he and his friend made the hour plus drive to Columbus, Ohio to practice on an areacross type track.
.  In the are he lives there really isn’t anywhere to ride so he has a friend over an hour away in Columbus Ohio that that an arenacross type track.  As Todd was riding the track at his friends house he hit the finish line double jump and his KTm 450 quit running in the air.  This caused Todd to have a bad crash on the landing where he broke his back at T-3,T4 verterbrae, 11 ribs and both collarbones and had a hematoma on his chest and one in his eye.  His friend called 911 and the medical staff came and called an ambulance as Todd was in bad shape and needed immediate care.  THey flew him by helicopter to Grant Medical Center in Columbus where he had surgery to stabilize his back and he spent the next 11 days there.  They then transported Todd from Grant Medical center to Metro Hospital in Cleveland for His rehabilitation where he spent the next month and a half.  This was a real bummer as this happened on a thrusday and the next day on Friday Todd and his father where gong to drive to Iowa to meet with the new team he was going to race for during the 2015 Super Cross Season called BWR Honda.
While Todd was in the Hospital Jimmy Button reached out to Todd’s father but at the time His world was spinning out of control with this accident with his son that he didn’t want any help as he didn’t know what help they needed. That year Todd’s family went to the Indy supercross and in the pits saw the Road 2 Recovery set up and Todd’s mom introduced herself to Chuck.  Chuck then introduced her to Anita.  Anita offered up help in anyway and they decided to take some help.  the family flew out to the Las vegas supercross where they stopped at the Golf Tournament and met the R2R team then headed to watch supercross.  There they chatted about what was next for Todd and how R2R could help him.
months later Todd flew out to San Diego and started his therapy at project walk.  He did that for 1 month and flew back to Ohio to spend the summer there.  Then came back to san Diego for September through November with his mom to do more therapy.  Then he went home and came back again by himself from January -June to finish up therapy and this is where he met his now Fiancée.  after therapy Todd came home and did some therapy locally for a little but but it was so hard as he started a job and with the job and the travel he could not do the therapy anymore and had to put that on the back burner while he focused on work.
Todd will be getting married in October and wants to stand up at his wedding.  He would like to raise money to be able to purchase equipment that would accommodate these needs.  And would like to get some sports equipment to be able to go ride bicycles with his soon to be wife and new baby boy.

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