The Max Matters Mental Health Initiative


Vintage Iron owner Rick Doughty recently lost his son Max to the devastating effects of depression. In Max’s honor, he has teamed up with Road 2 Recovery and created an event designed to generate funds specifically for the new Max Matters Mental Health Initiative. The successful Max Matter Motorcross Event was held on October 4th at Glen Helen Raceway with an inspiring turnout of riders and supporters. Over $7,000.00 was raised that day at this inaugural event.

All funds raised and continued to be raised in Max’s name will go to fund the Max Matters Mental Health Initiative. This is a program of treatments, protocols, and support that will provide resources to injured professional motocross, supercross, action sports athletes, and their families. We aim to grow this program and its funding to cover anyone that is seeking help. But our first step will be to cover the causes that R2R supports and are in line with their mission.



Fighting the Dark
Depression is so much more than the disappointment of not making the podium or being sidelined with an injury. Depression may start with harmless disappointment but unchecked it can advance like many other illnesses, to the point that it becomes debilitating or even fatal. Depression is not the result of a negative attitude but quite the opposite. Upbeat, positive people can succumb to the overwhelming effects. The real physical manifestations are many. Distortion of thinking/reason, body /joint pain, appetite loss, and worst of all, loss of hope.

People don’t choose to be depressed but they can choose how to combat it. Joining together it is a winnable fight. The life you save may one day be your own or someone you love.

For more details on the Max Matters Mental Health Initiative and the programs, it will support, please check back on this page. All donations made here will go directly to the Max Matters Mental Health Initiative. Thank you for your support.

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  • Andrew Hoit
  • Paul Boudreau
    I knew Max and his brother Sam and his father Rick is a friend of mine. I am deeply saddened by his death. I pray the Max Matters Mental Health Initiative will help others who are struggling.
  • Anonymous
  • Michael Doughty
  • Benjamin Doughty
    MAX Matters 🙏🏼
  • Scott brown
  • Gregory Primm
  • Lindsey Nelson
    Love this mission. Keep it up, thank you for all your doing for this!! Means a lot to many people, even if we don’t always speak out about it. Thank you.
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous