Scotty Cranmer


Update 08/26/17- Scotty Rides Again!

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Thank you so much to everyone that came out to the JAM and everyone who put the jam together. I had such a good time and so did the boys, thank you so much to road 2 recovery for everything you guys have done for me as well as all you guys for getting the #standwithscotty shirts it means the world to me!


Update 02/16/17

Update via Scotty’s instagram post. “The wrapping is off and the Doctors decided it was time to remove the tube that was draining from my head! I’ll tell you honestly this was not fun at all.. They pulled the drain out while I was awake and then gave me stitches to close the hole! But the new forehead is looking great and now it is time to focus on the healing of this Frankenstein scar I’ve got! Thank you all for the support you all have been amazing! #BMX #standwithscotty

UPDATE 01/13/17

Watch Scotty’s video of him walking!!! An update on Scotty and the crew was posted on his YouTube channel with the below description. To stay up to date on Scotty make sure you subscribe to his channel. Link is below…

It’s Scotty’s B DAY and we packed a little over 22 people into the rehab center and it was an awesome time. Towards the end Scotty shows us his awesome surprise. Every single day he is becoming a little less paralyzed. I don’t even see him as being paralyzed anymore because of how much progress he has made. Me being there since the day of the crash and Witnessing it, it makes me so happy to see how far he has come in such a short period of time. Remember to LIKE, COMMENT, and SUBSCRIBE!


UPDATE 01/10/17

Scotty continues to push the limits in physical therapy; proving to all of us that the powerhouse combination of a positive attitude, determination, and perseverance can help overcome.  Not only is he in a manual chair but he now uses a walker to get around! Scotty is also training on stairs to help strengthen his muscles and prepare him for his next goal. Small steps to big goals! The R2R team couldn’t be more proud and happy for Scotty and his family. Scotty, you are our hero!



VIDEO UPDATE #2 11/22/16



UPDATE 11/01/16
Earlier this morning we received good news. Scotty was transported safely, via “Air Ambulance” to his new Rehabilitation Hospital in New Jersey. Being closer to home with family and friends near by will help and speed the healing process. Because of your donations and support, Road 2 Recovery was able to facilitate this vital transport that was not covered by Scotty’s insurance. Thank you to all his Sponsors who donated, his loyal fans, friend and family, together you are assisting Scotty on his Road 2 Recovery. Click the link to watch Scotty land in NJ.

Scotty’s transport home

***T-shirts will be moved to the SC ACTION SPORTS web store. R2R will provide a link as soon as this is available. R2R will no longer have these shirts on our site starting 11/15/16. The new info should be available within a week. Thank you for your support!

UPDATE 10/26/16
Unfortunately Scotty had a hard day yesterday. Scotty was alert and talking with his wife and Dad when with no warning or apparent reason his breathing changed and he seemed to be shutting down. Thanks to the quick action of the staff at his hospital they did a scan to see if anything was going on and it was found that there was bleeding in the brain that was causing swelling. Scotty went into surgery right away for a procedure to remove a portion of his skull to relieve the pressure. This piece of his skull will be replaced after there is no longer a risk of bleeding or swelling. Unfortunately this procedure also required that he be put on a ventilator to assist him with breathing. R2R staff jumped on a flight to be by his side shortly after this notification.

Today has been a better day. After another scan came out positive everyone is working with Scotty to challenge him in his recovery. He received physical therapy, had his ventilator removed and passed a swallow test so he can start to get some liquid foods in his system. This seems to be his limit for today as he was complaining of some pain after sitting up in a special chair the hospital refers to as the Cadillac.

At this time it looks like he will be spending a few more days in Las Vegas to insure there will be no more issues. Regarding the shirts and stickers coming back into stock, we hear you and are working with companies to make more. Everything looks good for more inventory by the end of this week. We are stoked for your excitement and support to represent #standwithscotty

UPDATE 10/24/16

Scotty just got out of his last scheduled surgery in Las Vegas and everything went as planned. The group of neuro and plastic surgeons teamed up and completed a combined surgery that involved removing pieces from his skull fracture off his brain and repairing fractures to his skull and his nasal cavity to allow for better breathing. Thankfully the initially projected wire mesh procedure was not needed and the doctors were able to make all the repairs with plates and screws.

This pic was taken yesterday after his neck surgery but before his facial surgery.

We have been blown away by all the support for Scotty and it means so much to him and his family. We released hundreds of shirts and stickers this week which quickly sold out! After R2R and Vans had a meeting today more shirts are on the way and stickers will be back up by the end of today.

After leaving Las Vegas Scott’s insurance coverage will only help him while in NJ so we located the best hospital in the state for his rehab care and he should be transferring via air ambulance later this week. Keep the well wishes coming and make sure to keep an eye on our social media @road2recovery for when shirts will be available. By popular demand we are also going to make youth sizes and XXXL sizes in the next run. The next location of rehab will last 6 – 8 weeks and then Scotty will be attending outpatient rehab to gain motor skills and strength. We thank you for the continued support and look forward to seeing everyone wearing their shirts and showing their stickers #standwithscotty.

UPDATE 10/20/16
The last few days have been deep recovery for Scotty after going through the successful back surgery. As excited as we are to get him to the recovery stage it’s going to take a little time for sure. Thankfully we have three great rehab facilities competing to earn his care and they are all great options for many reasons. We have been waiting on Neuro and Plastic surgeons to determine a date for Scotty’s next surgery and it appears that all will be ready by this Monday. Scotty is excited for this to be completed as the skull fracture is actually hindering his ability to breath through his nose. Scotty won’t be cruising through any metal detectors soon as the surgery will include some hardware.

All in all things are moving exceptionally quick and we have been several steps ahead, every step of the way. Because of the knowledge that we bring to the table at R2R we see Scotty getting a lot of great attention when it comes to everyone involved, doctors in multiple departments, nurses, social workers, case workers, insurance, multiple rehab facilities and all their departments, air transport companies, you name it! They all know the name Scotty Cranmer and we have their support!

#standwithscotty shirts are coming from VANS shoes and should be available first thing next week! We might even have a sneak peak at them tomorrow! It will be a great way to show your support and donate to Scotty’s recovery. We are also making some awesome helmet stickers to be available soon. Thank you for your support, thank you for your positive thoughts. This is a long road and your support makes the journey that much better! Stay glued to this page for all the Scotty news and updates.


Earlier today as doctors did their rounds they informed us that the brain hemorrhage is healing well on it’s own and will not require surgery. R2R is in the hospital with Scotty’s family and we just got this update as Scotty was transferred from the operating room to recovery. The doctor came out and said everything went well regarding stabilizing his spine. The surgeon clarified the injury and said that he has a C4 INCOMPLETE spinal cord contusion. The surgeon also fused C4 and C5 to add stability to the area of injury. Incomplete meaning that he can work hard and fight to fix the damage, but he’s not just going to wake up okay. “It’s really good news. It’s going to be a battle but Scotty can do it! You guys know how much fight and determination he has. He’s got this.” Scotty’s wife, Lisa Cranmer.

With the help of R2R and the case workers of the hospital applications are going out in the morning to secure a top level rehab facility for his injuries. If all goes well Scotty may be transferred before the end of next week. The comments and support from his friends, family and YouTube Subscribers has been overwhelmingly positive. We have shared your comments with Scotty and his family and the support really does make a difference. R2R is also currently working with Scotty’s insurance company to better understand what they will and will not cover. We know already they will not cover his medical transport to rehabilitation and that can be anywhere from $15k to $45k.

R2R will continue to assist the family through this difficult time and prepare them with information and guidance to give Scotty the best possible opportunity available! Your support is greatly needed and appreciated.

Update Video from Scotty’s You Tube Page:


Professional BMX rider Scotty Cranmer was shooting a film session with his Monster Energy team mates in Las Vegas Nevada on the evening of October 12th and caught his front wheel in a hole that catapulted him into a face plant without time to get his hands in front of him.

Suffering several facial fractures, cerebral hemorrhage and damage to his C4 and C5 vertebrae Road 2 Recovery jumped into action less than an hour after his accident. Currently we have assisted his Dad and wife with travel to be by his side.

R2R is working with local doctors and other specialists to insure Scotty gets the best possible care at this time. Multiple surgeries are in his future and the past few hours has resulted in the doctors calling him stable and strong for surgery on his vertebrae. We are wishing Scotty and his family the best and have set up this page on our website to keep people informed.

“Road 2 Recovery has been incredibly helpful in this situation. They are several steps ahead on what we need to do to help Scotty. This would be an even more difficult time without them. Thankfully things are a world of difference since yesterday and we are pleased with his progress. If you wish to help Scotty we ask that you donate to Road 2 Recovery at this time” Scott Cranmer. (Scotty’s Dad)

Please use the website that has been set up to leave a positive message for Scotty, his wife and his family.

We want to thank TJ Lavin and his family for providing information, support and sharing their experience with doctors in the Las Vegas area. The flow of information is coming in strong and we are pleased to have come so far in such a short time. We also would like to thank Connor Fields and his family for helping with a place to stay in Vegas.

If you would like to make a large donation we suggest a wire transfer to avoid paying credit merchant fees. You can contact us directly at for information.

About Road 2 Recovery:
The Road 2 Recovery Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that was founded in 2000, and is dedicated to helping AMA licensed Professional Motocross/Supercross riders and Action Sports Athletes with financial assistance if they sustain career-ending injuries as well as providing motivational, emotional, and spiritual support to these individuals and their families. To make a donation click here. For more information on Road 2 Recovery and upcoming events visit or contact Anita Button at 760-436-1366.

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      1. If i could donate i would. But i really hope you get well soon with all of the best possible care you can get. Please never give up on yourself if the injury’s change you looks or life. You can overcome this. get well soon. #LoveScotty

        1. I dont have any money but if i did id give it all to u… u are an inspiration u are part of my life i cannot and will not loose u even though that may not happen… get well soon scotty ur a legend that is still rising. May god bless your soul and heal you.

          1. Hey Scotty! If you read this, remember that bad things do happen in life and like what was said in the video, it could’ve been worse, and thankfully you are still here to inspire us. To be honest, it was actually heart breaking when I heard that this happened to you. Hope a speedy recovery Scotty. Much love from Australia!

        1. Scotty I hope you see this?
          I found you recently on Utube. Loved you from the start!! Then you saved ‘Sammie’! Since then i watched ALL of your vids and will continue to watch EVERYDAY Until you are better, & giving us more Amazing vids to watch And you will, It’s who you are! You truly are Amazing! And the way push #BigBoy,also A Massive influence & Inspiration to us all! You & your wife Lisa, & Family are in my thoughts everyday!! Love you Scotty♡
          Best wishes & Sincere Love from England!! Xx

      2. Hope your okay scotty you will make it throught this mate me and my brother sold are bikes and his xbox and my playstaton we managed to get £1472 and we haved donated it to road to recovery you have good family and friends you mum,dad,wife,Big boy,Ronnie hope you get alot of donations get well soon from connor and mikey bonny

        1. You and your brother are awesome for doing what you did so you could donate . Scotty and the crew are awesome and I know Scotty and his family will appreciate everything they get . God Bless

        2. Wow Mikey! that is fantastic, What generosity….
          Hey Scotty, there is much love here in Sweden for you, when you are out of Hospital, come see us, help us set up an “incline club”. I’ll make sure you have a great time, riding or not.
          Me and my sons smashed the piggybanks and put a little something in there for you.

        3. hi its michael i hope you feel better because you need to get back on the bike so you can show the viewers your a little bit feel better scotty

          1. You all don’t understand I’ve been watching Scotty sense the beginning I met him to a couple months Back at the Delaware trip a Glasgow skatepark so I’m here for u #STAYSCOTTYSTRONG

        4. I can’t believe that you sold your bikes and xbox/ps … this is very generous and thoughtful however what are you going to do as hobbies now that your bikes and systems are gone? I’m not trying to be negative but does anyone agree with me that Scotty wouldn’t want people to give up their hobbies to help him?

        5. That is crazy what you n your brother did for Scotty. I hope you get better Scotty so we can see you in the vlogs I was worried to watch the recovery video I thought it was going to be bad which it was if that was me I would have cried and freaked out you are so strong. #prayforscotty

      3. Scooty my name is Isak I’m from Iceland and a 12 year old boy that likes to ride bmx bike and I teached me how to do a flair and my first big crash was when I was at a skate park and it was a ramp I was trying to do a no handed flair and I fell and broke my adult teeth’s

    1. Hope you get better Scotty I want to see you soon in your videos please get better I will pray for you your the best.

      1. the hole YouTube channel wants to see u get better quickly and start back making motivational videos because thats what inspires us ……

      2. Hi scotty get well soon!!!!! u give people a reason to get because ur so inspirational looking fords to seeing u in another vid✌️???

      3. i am a 11 year old scooter rider. i am also a Youtuber. i watch your videos because you are amazing in every way. keep it up. #road to recovery.

        1. WoW so selfless not giving away your YouTube name.
          Get better soon Scotty we all mis you and love you hear in Canada hope 1500$ is enough

      4. Get well soon Scotty. Love your channel ive seen all your videos. Been with you and the guys since the beginning. youve got this we all know youre not afraid of a little hard work

      1. Same I wouldn’t be the type of rider today if it weren’t for Scotty I watch his channel everyday laughing and trying to get better

    2. Yer Scotts is the most inspiring person ever and I’ve watched every single video of his from the x games to now but they never seem to get boring.
      Get better bro because you need to keep inspiring???? and peace✌?️

    3. Scotty, you are the reason I took a bike and started riding! You are the one who motivates me and the rest of the world! You’re such a huge part of my life and admiration! If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be anything right now but because you care and love every supporter, that makes me happy! Don’t let all the hate get to you! You will always be in my heart and everyone else’s! We love you so much and hope you get well and recover!
      Scotty if you read this, thanks for everything you’ve done! You’re a life changer and I promise you will get better soon!!! Love you bro forever!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #prayforscotty

    4. i hope you get better scott im 13 years old i started watching your videos when i heard your name in the x games i thought at 13 i was too old to start riding but thanks to you you have been inspiring to try all different new things keep up the good work and keep inspiring you didnt let the c games crash bring you down so dont let this one i will keep you in my prayers??????

    5. Come on Scotty you can do it because big boy ? needs you just as much as we all need you!
      I have know idea how you keep positive most of the time but right now you really need to keep positive!

      Best of luck Scotty and family,

    6. Get well soon scotty your a big inspiration and i am thankful for the day i found your channel . I pray for a speedy recovery. Love you man!

    7. Get well soon Scotty I look forward to your videos everyday, you have enspired me to do so many things. You will get better Scotty.

    8. Hope you get so much better scotty and have a full recovery even so I don’t think your a Christian god bless you through the time your in and your family as well hope you get better scotty

    9. I have always loved BMX and one day I had gone on YouTube and searched up how to 360. I had found your video with Dylan on how to hop 360. i have watched every video sense then and have to say hands down your just an amazing guy willing to anything(Legal) to have fun. Get well soon. I would hate to see the 650k challenge without you.

    10. All these comments about his channel and nothing about his health smh really guys dont be selfish. Scotty i wish you the best and hope for a speedy recovery dont worry about your channel right know your health is more important. #prayforscotty

    11. Hey scotty or who ever is reading this I just wanted to say thank U so much for your amazing videos every day I’ve watched everyone everyday at 9 (in the uk) since you have had 4K subs I just wanted to wish u the best of luck for the recovery and the future I no you won’t see this proberly but u are my role model and like everyone else here we need you to get better but what ever happens all of us will be here for u.

      I hope you get better soon scotty you are amazing and my hero


    12. Scotty, You inspire me every day you motivate and inspire every body whether you realize or not live on. When in doubt ride it out

    13. Get well soon scotty your my faviroute youtuber and bmx rider and is bummed to see you fall like this get better soon man just hang in there peace ??☹️?✌️

    14. I are an inspiration to me u made me smile when I am mad u inspired me to be the greatest and never give up even when u fall down u still stand up that’s what i like about u. U actually have really inspired me to ride. Ride bikes and skateboards u are one of my favorite YouTubers I really hope u get better Scotty

    15. U are an inspiration to me u made me smile when I am mad u inspired me to be the greatest and never give up even when u fall down u still stand up that’s what i like about u. U actually have really inspired me to ride. Ride bikes and skateboards u are one of my favorite YouTubers I really hope u get better Scotty

    16. Nobody cares if you guys (scotty and friends) cannot post videos for a while. We respect that this may be necessary. Take as long as you need and i know that we will still be here. And even though i’m not the longest subscriber i am still completely shocked and heart-broken this terrible incident from which hope you have a speedy recovery. I wish I could do more to help but I simply cannot afford it. I just hope you’re okay.

    17. I hope that scotty recovers fast. I feel so inspired after every video that i watch from him. He is an awesome dude❤❤✌

    18. I love you man and I know you can get through this Scotty I watch your videos everyday and they inspire me to get and ride my BMX and try new tricks u r my motivation so now I’m giving you motivation from me and Australia I really really hope you get much better and I know you can I will be on your side all the way

    19. Hope you feel better Scotty. Your videos always give my day a little happiness. I never knew a thing about BMX till I saw your videos and even though I don’t plan to ever do it your charm captured me. Thanks for making my life a little better.

    20. Scotty, this is another challenge I have no doubt you’ll overcome. We’re all sending love, your crew is sending love, and all of bmx is sending love. You’re not one to back down from a challenge and your YouTube channel is a testament to your ability to inspire people. You’ll get through this, we all believe that in our hearts. One day at a time, dude.

    21. Dude hang in there all of my friends and I are hoping u get better. I don’t know what I would do if you didn’t get me BMX riding.

    22. Yea same here dude… watching him inspired me to want to start and im gonna start this christmas because i am gonna get a bmx bike.

    23. Scotty Just remember that you made me a better person and you change my life to be a BMX rider hope you get recovered soon and love you dude peace.

    24. Yer Scott Crammer is the most inspiring person ever and I’ve ever watched in YouTube. Scott is the best bmx bike rider, I ever knew. He is also the coolest man I have ever meet. I always can’t wait to watch his channels very day. I hope that u get better and be able to ride bmx again. I will also pray for u every night. That is my promise to you Scott.

    25. Good luck scotty hope your face is ok i just got out of the hospital with 2nd degree burns on my face i hate stuff on my face but just recover soon luv your youtube chanel

    26. Get well soon Scotty we all love you and we’re your family to I can’t live with out you when I wake up watch you on the way to work cause it makes me feel good come on mate you can do give 110% we love you

    27. my local skatepark is run by a church and at the end of each session. we can request for prayers and we have all been praying for you man i really hope you heal up good

    28. Hey Scott please get well soon man you are the best at inspiring people all of us subscribers need you get back to 100% soon Scott best wishes

    29. Thank you so much man im 13 and I have been watching your videos ever sicse you started im soo sorry I cant donate I tried man I love you and hope god will come through

    30. Icant see you fall it will not happen get well soon love you my heory for life. talk laterscotty at 9:00 oh and this is devan marks son.

    31. Hope you get better Scotty I want to come see u but I probably won’t be able to I live in las Vagas and will try to visit u if I can and if I’m aloud recover good Scotty

    32. he is an amazing dude nothing like this should happen to him. Scotty has not one bad bone is his body and obviously cares for everyone ill be praying buddy

    33. Sotty remember wham you complete the trick the other day just be happy for what you accomplished in life so keep positive and big boy try to get a hold to Roman Atwood he is a wonderful guy and he may be Willing to help in some way

    34. Went on youtube today excited to see Scotty’s latest video. My heart sank when I saw the title. It’s especially tough to see someone who is so optimistic and charismatic, with such a positive outlook on life get knocked down. Scotty, your energy and passion for life is is contagious. You are a huge inspiration to me to live life to the fullest, everyday. Best wishes for a speedy recovery:)

    35. I hope Scotty gets better he is my favorite YouTuber I cried when I heard about it and I’m going to beg my Mom to donate money even if it is only ten dollars

    36. Scotty, your my favorite bmx rider i want to be like you when i grow up, im only 10 years old but im trying to do trick on my bike i hope your ok, when i grow up i wanna open up a bike shop and have a skatepark in the back, but i really really hope your ok, my brother, my friend, and me like watchhing you on youtube, and your probably not reading this but i hope your ok and your a really cool guy, P.S. i hope you do ok!

      From: Kamden

    37. I am talking this personally and I really hope that you will be ok you are the only thing in they prays hope you get back to normal soon I already miss you and I my have tiered up❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Um only 14 but I look up to you and hope you get better soon.

    38. I love scooty as a friend even though i havent met him all of his videos make me feel like i could be sanding right next to him all the time . i hope you get better than ever and i hope i can feel like i am right there in next to you in that hospital bed #love scoot

    39. Get better soon Scotty! Miss you bro. Truly the only reason I ever touched my bike. And ever since then I can’t stop. Your my inspiration. Your motivation is always there for me now it’s our turn to be there for you. #standwithscotty

    40. Yea Scotty you are the one who got me into bmx and I really want you to come back bc you are my idol and inspiration and when I started watching your videos and your xgames competition it really inspired me to be like you

    41. I hope u get better and able to get back on the bike to do what u love and know best. I love watching your videos and with you not in them I don’t know what I’ll do. Love and support u man.????❤️???

    42. Im So sorry Scotty. Hope you get a lot better soon. Im happy your improving and you will be better than before your fall sooner than later.

    43. I hope you recover super fast and you can still ride thanks for always being there Scotty ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    44. C,mon Scotty. You’re my idle. I go down to my local BMX tracks every day for you get well soon and I loved your comment troy g. Thx for helping scoty everyone

    45. #road2recovery Man you inspired me to start bmx and I have had a great time since I always remember what you say if u fall then you get straight back up and you are gonna do exactly that stay strong bro

    46. Hey Scotty hope u feel better.
      And I started a YouTube channel and I do what u do
      And I told them and we are going to give you $100 hope u feel better the team will pray for u so u can get Better PS YouTube channel is ShIn Squad

    47. hey man, I’ve been watching your videos since bug boy was actually big! I hope you get better soon and you are able to read these comments so that you know that we are your friends and we trust that you will get better and start making us some more fantastic videos man. you’re the best, harry mane, adam lz have nothing on you. get some much needed rest and heres to 620 thousand subs!

    48. yea man your a beast stay with use we all are with you and the fam recover in the best posible way hang in there man

      PS: you made mi follow mi dreams i thank you for that man

    49. Hope u recover Quickly u wer a lot of my inspiration i know its hard but remember when u broke ur back IT could of been worst i just hope u are ok my mom and i are ur big gest fans STAY STRONG

    50. Hope you recover quickly! You are the reason I started BMX! Your the best BMX rider, and I hope this recovery goes by quickly!

    51. scotty is my insperation for bmx so I know you will get through this all of your supporters love and hope you wil get beter

    52. Hey scotty im a 14 year old and one of ur biggest fans. I love to watch u make videos about bmx and its cool how u inspire people all over the world to ride so tht means u have to get better 4 us and for ur fam cause as much as they inspired u ik u inspire them to . I want to bmx but im scared tht stuff like this can happen to me and i cant get passed tht so i hope u get better so tht other ppl tht have the same fear tht i have u can help us and keep doing wht u do best get better scotty.

    53. I hope you have a successful fast recovery Scott’s I have been here since day one and I will never stop watching your videos no matter what… You guys are my inspiration and I donated $750 dollars towards your recovery because I needed to make my bit happen so I hope you get well soon,love you Scott xx

    54. Really bad news!! You really do inspire me and i love watching your videos every day! Get well soon!
      Best Wishes from – Birmingham, England

    55. Get well soon Scotty. Looking forward to seeing you riding bmx again with your team !!. Wosh i could donate 100000s or Rands to your recovery. Thanks too all who have helped . Peace !! ✌

    56. Scotty i hope u get better ive beem bmxing for 2yrs when i startwd watching ur videos i was inspired nd my love for bmxing became biggwe than it already was hopw u gwt better im right behind u

    57. I love the videos and you have inspired me to get on a bike and train. I want to be just like you some day and please don’t ever give up because of you I won’t and I really hope you don’t. I am 12 and I am a huge fan I would give you all the money I had but I can’t do all I can do for you is pray and hope you get better and I hope you feel better soon because I am a huge fan and you inspire me every day and I can’t what for your next video.
      I HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER!!!!!!!!

    58. Yea Scotty your are amazing at whet u do I am with this battle with u WE ALL ARE… we love u… I came home from my dads thinkung I would watch a amazing Scotty Cranmer video and as soon as I saw the title SCOTTY RECOVERY mt heart dropped I was instantly in tears and I was so worried for u and we all hope you become better soon and u are back on your feet #prayforscotty

    59. scotty is one of the best bmx riders i have been watching him ever since 100k and i hope he get better soon …scotty get well soon.

    60. scotty is one of the best bmx riders i have been watching him ever since 100k and i hope you get better soon …scotty get well soon.

    61. Tragic to see bad things happen to good people. You have all the support and prayers of Long Island. Hoping to see you doing what you love again…

    62. Tragic to see bad things happen to good people. You are truly a light in the darkness and continue to inspire people round the globe. Wishing you a speedy recovery from Long Island.

    63. Without Scotty I would have never started BMX, I remember attending X-Games 2003 and seeing Scotty from then i’ve been a huge fan.

    64. Hope you get better soon! I have watched your videos almost at the beginning and i loved them! I’m not bmx rider but i still watch every single one of your videos. I was so upset when i first time heard that you crashed. I love you Scotty. And I love Bigboy because he now does videos because you can’t. I know you can sometime ride again because you are the hero. You are such a positive guy and i love your positivity. So hope you get better soon! Love you Scotty! #prayforscotty

    65. We love you Scotty and we are here with you all the way I wish you a speedy recovery to our favourite BMX rider and you tuber scotty Cramer good luck from the UK

    66. Yo hope you get well soon. I wish that you will get out of that hospital and get to riding again, even though you ride a bike and I ride a scooter were still connected and having fun. You are one of the best bmx riders and one of the most inspirational person I have see on YouTube and hope you get well. #standwithSCOTTY

    67. Dear Scotty
      I hope you recover soon, you’ve helped me do so much as I learn new tricks and develop as a rider. I love your videos because you don’t judge anyone, always have fun and never show off (even though your the best rider in the world:). You are my motivation to ride, I see a trick in one of your videos and head to the skate park to try it. I am only 13 and have only started bmxing about a year ago, but pick stuff up quick when I watch your videos. I really hope you recover soon and can get back to doing what you love. You’re a great person and role model especially with rescuing a dog of the street. It is my dream to come to New Jersey and go to one of your lock-ins and meet you. You’ve fallen many times and gotten back up. You can do it, I believe in you. Your my idol and I hope you recover as soon as possible.

    68. Scotty, you are an inspiration to all action sports and what you and your brother and your friends do for youtube and the world itself is a huge achievement. You are my favorite YouTuber and every time you post i smile and think,”what is Scotty going to do today?” So make sure you get well soon for your family,friends, and all of your loyal supporters.

    69. Scotty I watch your videos everyday, and I don’t even BMX, I’ve been through a very rough patch over the past few months and these videos have played a very big part in keeping my happiness levels up… Words can’t describe how upset I am to learn you are in this condition, after watching you all progress so much. I’m sending all my prayers over to you and wishing you a full recovery!

    70. Scotty were always here for you mate I hope you recover you might not be able to ride but you know truly and thoughtfully you are a big hero get well soon xxx SCOTTY I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU xx FREDDIE

    71. I haven’t watched you for long but in the Time I have watch you you have manages to motivate me and others and I have see the commitment that you have I know you can do this

    72. Hi Scotty,
      i’m an 13 years old BMX rider.
      I’m German, but i love your vids ♡♡.
      I don’t can spend any money for you SORRY but if i can, i will make it.
      And i you are a very very big motivation for me.♡♡♡ You has show me that i musst practice that at everytime i can. ♡
      Good Luck

    73. Exactly Scotty is a big inspiration and I was recently just able to get up on my crutches after I hit a tree on my dirtbike but Scotty is an inspiration to all riders not just BMX. I know he’ll be back?

    74. Scotty you are my favorite bmx rider u got me into bmx get better soon I love ur YouTube I got so sad when I herd it might be career ending

    75. I am i 10 year old kid in oregon and when i saw your vids i was amased in your tricks and your videos my parents and i am worried for u we will pray for you scotty and scotty please tell las vegas to patch up the holes!!!!

    76. I dont have any money but you are my favorite youtuber and bmx rider I love you! you are the person that got me to start doing bmx you are amazing my dude have a fast recovery and we are all here for you bud.

    77. Scotty I ove you man you have always been a good virchwil friend im crying right now But scotty remember one thing If it happend rest for sure God did it for a reason Big boy another big fan Keep these videos up Scotty love you man get better soon 🙂 I put my moms email

    78. Evertime I look at my bike I think, wow what would scotty do with his bike today and the rusult is always trying something new and excelling in what I do. Scotty you are an amazing inspiration, get better soon! 🙂

    79. hey scotty just wanted to wish you all of gods blessing and that me and the whole channel are praying everyday, i don’t even ride bmx i came across ur page for the car project videos but watching the bmx videos with games or sessions legit inspires me and keeps me motivated, u have a whole army behind u scotty, ur legit a superhuman were all pushin for ya! not gnna say get but but BE BETTER. you’ve achieved it all and helped ur closest get there too, let alone people u don’t even know are pushing because of u. cant wait till ur back in service. all the best

    80. I am so thankful for another update, but I have been trying to keep riding through all of it. You sure aren’t looking as hot man, but your heart and voice, we know, will always stay the same.

  1. Yoooo scotty! Get well soon! In a huge fan and watch every single one of your videos you put out on youtube. I cant wait to see you shredding with the crew again! We all are here for you!

  2. Our thoughts go out to Scotty and the family in this difficult time.

    He’s been an inspirational person in my life, especially recently and we just want him to know we’re thinking of him and his family.

    Get well soon bro, stay strong!

    Much love

    John & Rose

  3. Scotty I had a titanium cage fitted in my neck when I buffered C4,5,6,7
    I had lost the use of my arms ! But after the surgery I felt brand new !

    I shall be thinking of you and I hope that you have an incredible recovery.

    Much love


      1. All prayers for you scotty hope you get better soon and i just wanted to say that you are not only my favorite youtuber but my favorite person and i look up to you so keep the good work up and gett better soon.

    1. Scotty get better soon you can do it you are a strong person and we are going the community is going to motivate you like you motivate us

  4. Get well soon Scotty, you’re a massive inspiration to me and have kept me going through tough times. All of your fans are behind you and we send you and you’re family all the prayers in the world.

  5. Scotty, I just started watching your YouTube channel this last week and can say that your videos are entirely entertaining. Your jovial attitude and clear care for your friends are one of a kind; I really hope you make a speedy recovery.

  6. Scotty, I remember when you were a Ninja Turtle! Keep that Ninja spirit going and show us just how strong you are. Love you just as much as ever! Proud to be your Grandma.

  7. Hey scotty good luck with everything I hope everything goes well you will come back even stronger I love you scotry you can text me please cause I really care about you to 845-239-8693

  8. Damn Scotty… That’s a nasty accident bro. Wishing you a safe and speedy recovery to health mate, hope the family is ok and there by your side. Take it easy my dude, see you on the other side.

  9. Hey, I just wanted to let you know that my thoughts are with you and I hope Scotty gets well soon!

    Best wishes from Austria!

  10. I hope Scotty gets well soon I live in Vegas and saw on Instagram that Alex aka big boy was on his way to Vegas with Scotty and the mister energy team its sad to here something like that happened my prayers and thoughts go out to Scotty and his family

    1. I don’t have any money but if I did I would donate it all to you you and harry main are like the only YouTube channels I watch you are like the best hang in there in and you will aventually be back on your back in you bike riding and tell Corey I said what’s up

  11. Scotty you can pull through this, you fucking got this brother. I had a similar accident skateboarding and fractures my left cheek bone and c4 vertebrae. I pulled through and I’m still okay with little to no long term affects. Still skating to this day. Your videos inspire me every day to get out and skate. No I don’t BMX but I do know how to ride a bike and do sick jumps, but skateboarding is my main. I love the motivation you give big boy to huck himself towards stuff. Now it’s your turn to get some motivation.

  12. Scotty I love you vids and I hope you get well and you have got me through a lot just by watching the videos and get well

    1. Scotty every day when I get home from school, I immediately get on YouTube and head over to your channel as soon as I am done with homework. I love your riding style and the way you put your own touch on bmx. When I think of bmx, you are the image that pops in my head. You’re such an inspiration to me and so many other people. I love watching you and all of your friends have fun on your bikes everyday and I look forward to watching some more once you recover! Good luck Scotty. I hope to see you do more unreal tricks in the future. Get better bro!

  13. Scotty your are the best on a bmx bike i wish you the best and fastest recovery coming from me and all of my friends we all love watching you and cant wait to watch you everyday i literally watch you first everyday i wish you all the best!

  14. This message is for scotty. I watch your videos every day on my lunch break wt work. I used to ride but stoped because of knee problems. You have been a big insperation to me this last year. I really want to get back into riding again but due to financial issues i cant afford a bike. I hope you recover fast and wish you the best of luck.
    Devin Julius

  15. Get well soon scotty ur the man so kind to people and animals ur YouTube channel is. Azaming give u best luck in ur road to recovery hope see u ride again

  16. Hey Scotty, I like many others, watch your youtube videos every day. I’m sure I can speak for all of us when I say we are absolutely crushed to hear this. I want to wish you the very best in your recovery and am devastated by the severity of your accident. I know you’re a tough guy and you’ll make it through. I know you have a strong support group in your friends, family, and all of your fans. Much love and get well soon. Ben from OC California.

  17. Bro thinking of you and your family I’m a soldier in the British Army and your youtube inspired me to get back on a bmx after 10 years stay strong

  18. Hey Scotty I met you at the vans jam at the incline club and u are such a nice person and talented rider I hope the best for you and all your fans are here fore you get better man

    1. Am sorry I can’t donate because am only 13 I would if I had the money take it easy Scotty and thanks for putting a lot of effort into your videos there sick

  19. hey. feeling so sorry for you, your famely and friends. its a hard road a head. but we know you will folow it true, like you do everything els in life. me and my friends i denmark love following you and the gang on youtube. and you all inpired us to have fun and ride to every time get better. and no matter what happens. you will always be an inspiration to BMX. cant wait to se up and riding asap. get well. all love from denmark.

  20. i know you are strong enough as a person to pull through this. You’ve always been somebody to look up to and since you got a YouTube account so many more people look up to you. Good luck man

  21. This is only a bump in the road Scotty! You’ve made it so far and things like this will always be along the way to test how strong you are. Your the best rider on that bike when it comes to going big! My prayers are with you and your friends/family. I don’t even ride bmx as much but I enjoy watching your channel like if it was a tv show. Your an inspirations to all of us!! You have my full support. I know your friends will be there every step of the way! Get back on the back ASAP!

  22. i hope you get better scotty. your my favorite youtube channel. and hope to see more good youtube videos like vinny’s frontflip.

  23. I ride motorcycles myself as a lot of my friends do. It is a brotherhood that takes care of their own. W all need to reach out sometimes to others. I will make a donation and share this post on the bikers page. We will do what we can so Scotty can do what he has to do. God Bless Scotty and your family

  24. Dear Scotty
    This is Wynne TOPP here and I am sorry to hear what has happened. I know your road to recovery will be tough but I know you will power through it until you are healed. You inspire so many to do good and never give up so it is our turn now to inspire you to heal well and never give up! Love you Scotty. Stay strong! From, wynne

  25. Oh my god, my heart skipped a beat after hearing about this..

    Scotty, I wish you a speedy recovery, I’m sending all the positive vibes your way.
    Stay strong, stay positive and with the love and care of your family (and doctors ofcourse) you’ll be back doing amazing stuff in no-time!

    You’ve been my hero eversince you won your first X-Games title and you are still one of the most inspiring people in the world.
    Can’t wait to see you back on the YouTubes again for my daily doses of awesome.

    Wishing you and your family all the best.
    Fistbump all the way from The Netherlands.

  26. Your family and friends back in New Jersey are wishing you a speedy and full recovery sending positive thoughts and prayers to you and your family

  27. I have been watching Scotty’s videos from the very beginning, i have seen him grow in success. He is truly an amazing person with a great heart. Be strong Scotty!
    -Love from Estonia!

  28. Scotty,
    Your videos brought my 6 year son and I closer. Not only are they cool and fun, they are clean and at times, inspiring. My son looks up to you and learned to ride a bike because of you. We are praying for your speed recovery. Blessings. God has you.

  29. Scotty, its Sneaker_dad23. I am stunned at what I am reading. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. You are such an awesome person and you give so much of yourself to everyone so unselfishly that I can only believe that your strength and the love that everyone has for you will bring you through this tragedy.

  30. Wishing the best for you and your family man. I don’t even ride BMX but I’m drawn to your daily videos and your career because of your unbelievable positivity and optimism. Truly hope you recover 100%.

  31. I love you scotty, you have helped me through a lot in this past year just by bein youraelf and continuing what you startex, thank you

  32. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Scotty and the family in this difficult time.

    Wishing you a smooth and speedy recovery, sending you our love.

    You’re a role model and inspiration to us all Scotty, stay strong bro!

  33. I just read all the YouTube comments and I got really worried for Scotty hope your all bro all the best from the uk #roadtorecovory ❤️

  34. Hey, Im Jonas from Germany. Sorry for my bad english. I want to say that I love Scotty’s Videos and he is so happy., EVERY DAY! And I love also Scotty’s friends and I think that Scotty need them all at this time. I hope you get healthy and Lucky ‘SOON’ .☺
    Good bey stay cool ! Peace!✌

  35. Hey Scotty I watch ur videos every day. You are a big inspiration to me I’ve been riding for ten years and u showing big boy and pushing him has pushed me to push my self and just get out there I hope u get better soon.. man best of luck.

  36. hey scotty im a huge fan j love your videos and everything you do, so sorry to hear about the crash i cant imagine the pain. best wishes to you and your family. thankyou for doing all you do you’re my idol, get well soon!

  37. Can’t believe this! Once I heard about this I had a break down in school, people asked what was it about and I said “My favourite bmx rider the best bmx rider and the most inspirational bmx rider has just had a serious crash and I feel like I can do something to help” then they said has he died then I said “if he died I would die to be with him”?? Love you Scotty, wish you the best for your road2recovery and I just wanna say without you I wouldn’t be able to flair whip and bar spin so Thank you for everything you’ve done!!? Get well soon!!!!!

  38. Scotty I am praying for a speedy and complete recovery for you and your family. Heal up, rest up, and we all love you as a rider, and as an outstanding human being. The world needs more Scotty Cranmer’s, get well…You are in my thoughts!

  39. scotty is mine and mi 5 year old sons favourite rider he watches him and big boy on youtube a few times a week and alway says i hope they come to our skate park some day, heal up fast man!!!!

  40. i am so sad this this happened. my favorite youtube and bmx rider having a accident like this :'( i hope you get well soon. stay strong buddy we are always going to be here, by your’e side.

    one of your biggest fan

  41. Hey man just wanted say hope you get better soon and that I’m prayin for you can’t wait to see you on that bike again I’m a big fan of yours, hope the surgeries and recovery gos well God bless

  42. Wishing for a speedy recovery man!! Love watching you vids & hope to see you back up & riding soon. You are my inspiration & the reason why I ride. Get well soon mate!

  43. Hope Scotty gets better can’t believe that happened to him after just watching him in this video. Good luck on the recovery and we all love you Scotty

  44. I am deeply saddened to hear about your misfortune. Your channel is special because of the energy and enthusiasm you bring to it. I pray for your speedy recovery and that the Lord will comfort your family and friends in this difficult time.

  45. Hey Scotty or his family I know you guys probably wont see this but uh I really wanted to uh just say I hope you feel better soon I watched the videos everyday when I get home from school and I follow all you guys on instagram I’ve just heard about what happened and I’m so sorry I’ve from baltimore Maryland btw and when I went to new jersey for summer vacation I wanted to come to your town so bad but I couldn’t but uh I hope you get better soon and sorry for the uh bad typing I’m on a scrappy tablet

  46. Hang in there Scotty nothing but good vibes going your way from me hope everything works out I love you and your family and friends if you do end up seeing this pleas let me know and can you keep me updated u can go to my instagram. @ Albert.chavez.2000.42
    You have really helped me with my life I jest wish you the best and also wish this never happened to you

  47. Hope you get well soon Scotty! You are a bad ass rider and a good person and I love your channel. You and Cory Have to get better and have another battle.

  48. Hey scotty… I know you are going to pull through this, I wish you all the best and want to see you again rising that bmx bike. Like viny said ” let’s get it” get better scotty ☺☺

  49. This is terrible news, Scotty has been my favorite pro rider for a long time and is my #1 inspiration to ride, I hope and pray Scotty will have a smooth and speedy recovery! I will definitely be supporting this.

  50. Get well Scotty Without you i wont be able to get up after a fall, you are a very big inspiration for many people best wishes from Denmark 🙂

  51. You are an inspiration to everyone that watches you, from your genuine positivity to your amazing riding , wish you, your friends and family nothing but the positivity you’ve shared with me and so many others!

  52. I love you and all that you do Scotty! I hope your recovery is a speedy one and that we all get to hear from you real soon!

  53. Scotty. Cant believe I have only just found out. I cant explain how worried I am and how much I hope you make a full recovery. I have never really been into any kind of sport before but when my boyfriend introduced me to your youtube channel I have been driving everybody mad saying how much I want a BMX. You are an inspiration to everyone. Not just BMXing but your attitude to life, showing kids they should respect others and just being kind and showing you can have fun without upsetting or offending others. I love you man you are an absolute legend and when my boyfriend finally grows the balls to ask me to marry him. The first people on my guest list is going to be you and bigboy. So much love from the UK my thoughts are with you even tho i know your a fighter and will get through it. ❤

  54. Sending my prayers and good vibes your way Scotty you are my inspiration and motivation to ride every day get well soon

  55. Hey Scott my names is Robert Murch down here in Bozeman MT. Just one of your 600,000+ YouTube subs and a long time fan. Your channel helps bring joy to my life and so I want to return the favor by letting you know. You see I understand that you find joy in helping others find joy which is the mark of a great man. So thank you for being great and fulfilling the obligations of that greatness on a daily basis. Please get well soon we are all rooting for you.

  56. Man we’re do I start you helped me through times of trouble and made me really happy watching your videos, big boy,ronnie and vinni made me laph and now I have started biking and all mybfriends have subed and watch all the time -!! 🙂 I hope you will get better and make a quike recovery so U can make vids again… thanks bro ??

  57. Prayers and best wishes to you, your family and the rest of the crew Scotty. Wish you a speedy recovery and already looking forward to seeing you back on a bmx bike. From Malaysia.

  58. Hey! I just want to say that i absolutely love scotty, and i wish for him to get well soon so he can ride! When i heard of this accident my heart skipped a beat and i felt the tears coming. Really! No words can express how much scotty and the crew brighten my days and how his videos make me smile and want to pursue bmx! So with that said i wish him and his family good luck!

  59. Get well soon Scotty! You have been a huge inspiration to me, showing me how to live my life to the fullest and never take anything for granted.
    You’re a tough SOB and I know you’ll pull through!
    Sending my love from Australia

  60. Scotty Get well soon. Keep focused on the recovery. Your positive attitude is inspiring! You are a winner and you will recover and ride again.

    1. You’re such a positive person who always supports everyone around them. Good luck with your treatment, be as strong willed as ever! Sending positive vibes to you and your loved ones.

  61. Your videos are very important to me and many others- to try and explain why would not come out right – but mainly because You inspire- You are always so positive and nice and kind and helpful and cool and we look forward to your videos at 4pm eastern time every day without exception it is one of the highlights of my day. I wish you nothing but the best- and I hope your recovery is not horrible. I have had 5 surgeries- 2 neck/upper back- 1 middle back-and 2 lower back-so i know a little bit about pain and what it does to your body having surgery- My hope is that you don’t have too much to deal with but it sounds like it isnt just your back so you have SO MANY FANS Worried and are Praying hard for you. Having grown up in New Jersey and CT it is cool when i hear all the places you go to ride= I grew up in Fairfield NJ and worked all over so i know all the towns you ride in of course and went to Great Adventure which is what we called it- not 6 Flags lol- and Now in FLA FOR GOOD-But your videos remind me of great childhood and teen years riding and being with good friends. You will get thru this and you will turn it into an amazing story. God Bless Scotty.

  62. Get well soon scotty! Wish you the best hope you have a speedy recovery so you can gat back to doing all the things you love.

  63. Hi Scotty, I am a subscriber from Barcelona, and I feel so bad for you. I wish you have a fast recovery, because you deserve to be riding and having fun with the boys again. All my support to you and your family!

  64. Gonna donate as much as i can! Dont even ride bmx and still love the channel and all of the crew! ger well scotty, you’ll be back up in no time! best regards dude from sweden!

  65. Scotty, sorry to hear about the accident. My 6 yr old son loves watching the YouTube video’s. We’re praying you have a successfull procedure and full recovery. God bless.

  66. Scotty,

    Discovering your channel got me back into riding after more than 15 years off. I’ve started riding again this past summer as well as my 10 year old daughter who has shown a lot of interest in BMX as well. You’re a huge inspiration to me and a lot of others. I wish you the best and I hope your recovery is a smooth as possible!

  67. Scotty get well soon!! We are all rooting for you! I have been watching you since I was a kid and this past year with your Youtube channel taking off has been awesome!!! Best of wishes to you and your family!!!

  68. I suffered a fracture skull back in November 2013, doing a one footer-one hander over a ledge and landed face first and luckily didn’t need any surgery and was out for 1-2 months and your injury is way more worse than mine and hope you have a speedy recovery and get well soon ?

  69. Man sorry I really hate to see them like that my dad messed up his entire back he may be gone but you will make a complete recovery no matter think positive no negative thoughts are allowed

    Be safe and well as soon as possible

    Yours truly,
    Exodus Douwenga

  70. You’re a strong man Scotty and you have the best friends and family behind you, wishing you a full and speedy recovery

  71. Jeez bud, Another crash that’s not rider error :/ sucks you keep getting taken off the bike due to stupid unluckyness. Get better soon Scotty we all have your back

  72. hey scotty i wish you the best and i know you will get through this beause i know you are one of the best and strongest riders. get well soon man cant wait to see you again in anther youtube video get well man wish you the best

  73. Hope u get better soon scotty i know i how u feel i just got done recovering from a bad facial fracture cuz i went face first into the coping on a quarter

  74. Praying for you your family and friends. You are all of our inspiration man you and your crew show us every day that we can follow our dreams and do what we love to do. Thank you for the daily videos. You take the time you need to heal and stay in good spirits you will beat this. I mean it was just a few more nths ago you broke your back and you got through that. You will come through this. Look forward to seeing your progress. Loyal subscriber since 19k. Till next time PEACE ✌?️

  75. I’m shocked to hear about this. You make BMX fun to watch! You brings smiles and laughter to thousands of people. Your YouTube channel has inspired many to try new things. You a4ebthr best in the game. We all love you and are looking forward to the day your up and walking!. Like you said in your videos “crashing is a part of the game, and sometimes things get out of hand.” You WILL get back on you’re feet in no time! Much love from the Skateboarding community!

  76. Scotty get better soon! Sending love to you, your wife, your family and your puppies. Stay strong, you’ll be back up in no time!!

  77. Hey scotty, get well soon! Your videos helped me get back on a bike after months of not riding because i moved across the country and didnt feel motivated without my friends to ride with but after seeing your videos it gave me a push to go out to the local park and ride again. Wish you the best bro?

  78. Scotty, you have a wicked team of friends, family and fans/supporters behind you. We wish you a full and speedy recovery from this side of the pond(UK). All the best for the coming days, weeks and months.

  79. Hey Scotty. I hope you get better soon. You always have me excited at 1 oclock when the video comes out. Get all your strength back. Youll be up and fighting and riding soon.

    You are such an inspiration. Im a mountain bike rider but after seeing your videos back from 30k. Ever since Ive thought about riding bmx.

    Get better soon

  80. Scotty, I am Inspired by you every day to do this best in everything. Your channel has motivated me to get into BMX and my new favorite car as of a month ago is a gtr. I have been following your channel since the day it came out, I was one of those 1000 views on your video and I have basically watched every video since then. Anyways I know you probably arent going to want to red this whole thing so I hope you get better dude and I am sending money in to this website, keep healing… peace✌?

  81. Scotty you have given me insipiration that has changed my life. Thank you for being a really really good person. We all care and love you, be well.

  82. oh no ! , i hope you gets well soon scotty your youtube videos are so awesome and i always enjoy them a lot , i know it’s hard to be injured but you are a strong guy . (sorry for my bad english)

  83. Wow what a shock to the system. What an inspiration to bmx and the world. Not to mention the most talented bmxer I have ever seen. Making everything look so easy, seamless and amazing. Anything Scotty touched regarding bmx turned to gold. You will be better because God is bigger than any problem and would never waste a talent like Scotty who is making such an impact on every young soul in this world. Not only with bmx. Much love to Scotty and his family. I wish you knew all the people who watches your videos and gets inspired by you because we know you and love you bro. Get well soon.

  84. You are my inspiration to never stop riding my bike. First I started riding my MTB when I was 5years old and now I’m starting to go on my BMX again. Thank you and I hope that you’ll get better soon ?

  85. Scotty I hope u get better, u were a inspiration to me I got in a bad accident while riding my bike awhile ago and never bmxed again till i started watching ur channel u inspired me to start bmxing again and I just wanna tank u for that hope u get better

  86. I’ve. Been a supporter sence the start I love your videos and I will be supporting you all the way fell better soon and may god be with you ??????

  87. Scotty, my boyfriend and I watch your videos all the time and we love it! Our daughter often cheers to you or the crew when doing something rad. Wishing you a speedy and painless recovery from Fort Worth, TX.

  88. Hey buddy hope your doing ok if you or your family need anything dont hestiate to send me a email i live in las vegas ill do anything to help you and your family out

  89. Hope you make a swift recovery dude, you’re truly my inspiration for starting to ride and i hope you can get back to it soon. Much love!

  90. Hey scotty. Get well soon are a very strong person and i know u will be back strong are mine and my kids inspiration to ride and for me to ride again man. Prayers go out to ur whole family.

  91. Thoughts are with Scotty and family right now, These athletes push the limits for us fans especially for something like a team tape.
    Im always grateful to guys like scotty when they get injured pushing the sport not just for themselves but for us.
    Really wishing a speedy recovery and thankyou on behalf of the sport and all your fans.

  92. Scotty please get well soon you your are my motivation to ride I’ve been watching you since 100k and ever since have been looking forward to watching your videos very day after school I will pray and hope that this accident doesn’t effect your professional BMX carrer

  93. Hey man i hope you get well soon. ill pray for you and your family. Just a road block for now. You have such a kind heart and your channel is something i actually look forward to watching everyday on YouTube at 4PM EST. I donated what i can, it isn’t as much as i would like to, but i hope it helps!

  94. Waching you all everyday has been so inspirational in many ways and I hope the absolute best for Scotty his family and the whole team. Sending positivity your way!

  95. Scotty i hope you get a full recovery you are the strongest person i know you are such a big inspiration to me and all my friends that ride BMX we all love you and i’m rooting for you buddy my thoughts are with you and your family bro

  96. Hope you get better soon scotty you’re a f*** huge insperation to thousand/ millions of bmx riders around the world best wishes go out to you and your family

  97. Yo Scotty isn’t it just ironic how the smallest things are the ones that hit you the hardest. Earlier on in the year I saw one of your videos on my suggested feed on YouTube and I thought you sounded crazy when the first video I saw of you just so happened to be when you jumped the half pipe! Long story short I subscribed pretty quickly, turned on notifacations and never missed a video since that day. You are the reason I have YouTube on my phone? You have so many people behind you it is honestly unreal. 600,000 subscribers just passed by and you have by the looks of all these other comments a strong fan base and one that I am proud to be part of. You give 110% (no pun lil’ Cory) to this community that we call BMX. You treat your fan base with real respect and put in enough work to produce a new video for us each and every day. That’s crazy! You ride around with the sickest crew and the support I have seen them all give you I would call them the most loyal too. As a community and a fan base it is our time to give back to you as you have always done to us. Every single one of your loyal subscribers, your crew, family and beautiful wife are rooting for you man. Inspiration just isn’t the word for it, the progression you have made is just so much and not even just in BMX or youtube, but as a person, a competitor, a son and a husband. You have made this community proud year in, year out and next year when you are up and riding again in x-games you will get that medal and earn your spot with Dave Mirra as a true BMX legend. We all love you Scotty and you will get better for us. All of us.

  98. Gutted to hear about you’re accident Scotty. You are strong and very positive and have, no doubt, great support from your amazing family and friends. With those guys around you I bet you’ll be well in no time.
    All the best man
    Big love

  99. You have the whole of England behind you Scotty, don’t let this injury beat you! Keeping you in our prayers! Best of luck and a speedy recovery,
    Yours sincerely ,
    Nat perkins

  100. I wish you all the best scotty!
    I never felt so sorry for a person i never met, you and all of the crew really touched me!
    Since I saw you taking care about your dogs especially Sammy I knew you are one great person!
    I bet you get the best support from family and friends! Be strong and get well soon!

    Gute Besserung/get well! from Germany!!

  101. Scotty, you are in my thoughts and prayers. You have become an inspiration to hundreds of thousands of people around the world. It sucks that you have gotten hurt, but I know that if anyone can come back from this it’s you. Dave Mirra was my favorite rider growing up, and now thanks to you I have gotten the urge to get back into riding. You will come back from this, and you will be better than ever. I mean who else is going to push Big Boy to progress and evolve. Get well soon!

  102. guess where my son is right now. outside riding his bike for you!!!!!!!!!!
    we will always keep you in our thoughts and prayers.
    until you ride once again!!! stay strong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. This is so sad. Scotty, you are a true inspiration not only for bmx. Get well soon, man! Sending love from Argentina.

  104. Hey Scotty! I just want you to know that I am praying for a quick recovery. You are a massive inspiration to me. Not only in learning BMX, but also in my transition to college. I live in Texas and attend UTSA. Your determination to do your best in BMX has kept me determined on my studies so that I can have time to go out and practice some tricks. Thank you for everything you have taught me. I gotta go watch your new video so get better soon.

  105. Scotty, I’ve never met you but from watching all of the videos on your youtube channel I feel like I know you and would be honored to cll you a friend. you are such an inspiring guy. you work so hard in your sport and are such a positive role model for all the extreme sports kids out there. you are such a great friend and brother too all of the guys on your channel. this news is absolutely crushing. we’ll all be praying for you scott and if anyone can get through this, YOU CAN!

  106. scotty if you get a chance to read this,I hope your doing good,& Feeling fine. I respect what you do for people. You make countless people’s day with your channel. Your a down to earth dude,& very inspirational. Get well bro.We all will be waiting on you. Hollar

  107. Hi Scotty,
    My Brother and i watch every Single Episode on your yt Channel
    When i Heard of your accident
    I was shooked
    Hope u get well Soon

    The Germanboys
    LUCA & TOM

  108. Terrible news Scotty but glad to hear you’re still around and going to recover. The way you present makes us feel like we’re one of the crew so when I heard about this I was worried about my friend. Thanks for all the great videos. All the best for a quick recovery..

  109. So sad to hear you got hurt Scotty man I will be praying for you every night and donating some money as soon as I get paid.

  110. Scotty-

    My family and I watch all your YouTube videos. My fiancé is totally hooked and unlike all the other channels yours is one that stands out and we BOTH including my brother and 2 sons look forward to watching. You are such an amazing role model to so many young kids and even for adults. Your funny and y’all are crazy but it’s all clean and family oriented fun and that’s what I LOVE about all of you. We were sad to hear that you are in the hospital due to your accident. You will be in our prayers and you will definitely be missed not only by the guys in the family but me as well. My fiancé is one of your BIGGEST fans.

    Get better soon. Can’t wait for your next video.

    -Scottys family –
    You guys have an amazing family member. Keep your heads held high! If anything I would say he is a fighter. If there is anything I could do please find me on Facebook! I know there isn’t much but we will all be thinking of you guys as well!

    Good luck and rest easy it’s gonna be a long road ahead!

  111. We hope you have a speedy recovery! We watch your videos everyday. By far our favourite YouTuber! Been with you since the beginning. Sending positive vibes your way. Rest up!!

  112. Scotty you inspire me to get back on a bike n ride again I watch ur YouTube channel everyday have been to ur bike shop and also am an NJ native ur a great rider and a funny friendly guy ur parents raised you well I hope all is well soon and you have a speedy recovery and we get to see you on a bike again my prayers to you and your family

  113. Scotty I wish the best for you and your family during your recovery. You inspire myself and so many others everyday to get out and do something great. I hate that something this bad had to happen to such a happy and positive person. Prayers go out to you and your family for a fast and full recovery. I know you will get through this and be an even better man after. Good luck

  114. scotty I was really shocked when I heard that you had got injured this bad , I hope that you have a speedy recovery dude . I watch your videos every day and they inspire and entertain me a lot , I hope that you are ok and that you will be able to get back riding again soon man . good luck with your recovery scotty , I am from England .

  115. Hey Scotty I’m sorry about the accident you had I’m praying that your surgery goes fine you are a very inspirational guy to you tube and you’ve inspired me to ride I just wish that your recovery is fast so you can ride with your frieinds and making videos hope you get well.

    Much love


  116. I cant believe when i read this, i been seen your videos on youtube since you have only like 10 or less videos on your channel, i hope you have a fast recovery, send best of luck and vibes from Chile to you and your family.

    Sorry for my bad english.

  117. I really hope you get better soon Scotty, me and my boys were gutted to hear about the accident. 🙁

    I am an old[-school] BMXer from the 80s/90s and I have started riding again with my kids. You are an inspiration to all of us not just with your riding/youtube channel but also your amazing attitude.

    Love from the UK

  118. We are praying for you Scotty and hoping that God keeps you all and your medical team in the palm of his hands. ?

  119. Scotty your videos are what I look forward when I get home each day. Thank you so much for providing amazing content for all of your subscribers. I wish you a quick and full recovery! Thank you for inspiring me to never give up.

  120. Scotty you’ve been an inspiration to my boys for awhile and we know you’ll continue to do the same throughout your recovery and return to sport and everything else you set your mind to. We’ll be supporting you with prayers and good thoughts all the way.

  121. Hey Scotty get better man your a huge inspiration and good person man your strong can’t wait to see you riding with the crew again get well and have a speedy recovery

  122. Scotty get well soon bro can’t wait to see you back on your feet. I’m a hudge fan and the best part of my day is watching the new Scotty Cranmer video at 4:00. We are all here for you in prayer. 7

  123. You’re a strong person, you’ve made it through before, you can do it again! I hope you have a safe quick recovery so you can get back to doing what you love! You will be in my prayers every night until the day you can get back on your bike.

  124. Healing vibes to you Scotty. I watch all your videos and you inspired me to start riding a BMX. I was gutted when I heard you were in hospital. You are a truly inspirational person and deserve all the best. Looking forward to seeing you back on your feet and wheels. Peace brother!

  125. Im praying for you and your whole family Scotty! First Brett now you, it seems like god doesnt want the best talent to keep riding, but knowing you, you’ll be back to normal in the blink of an eye. I hope For a speedy recovery!

  126. Scotty I hope u get well soon u inspired me to ride and not a lot of girls do ride but u inspired me to and I hope u recover well

  127. Hey man I know you’re pain I suffered from a c4 c5 injury just may 11th. 5 months ago I was in your same esact spot its a long way to recovery but the best place to go to get better is definitely the shepherd center in Atlanta, Georgia if you need to know any thing just email me

  128. Scotty bro you are a tough guy I don’t even need to tell you this you have so many people that watch you everyday me included and we all hope you get better soon and get back on them whips and tail taps but until then good luck bro through all your surgery and everything all the best bro get better soon please you are in all our prayers bro good luck ??????

  129. Dude, you have no idea how important is the moment of the day I get home to watch your videos, it’s so sad to hear you had an accident, I hope you get better soon and can’t wait to hear back from you. Stay strong and although you already know it, I’ll say it anyway, you’ve got a lot of people thinking of you right now. See ya!

  130. Scotty u better pull thru!! For everyone! I bought vans today because of u and ur love for them!!!! Prayin for a fast recovery!!!

  131. Just want to add a comment to hopefully cheer you up. First of all, I”m wishing you a speedy recovery scotty. You’re truly an inspiration to many of your fans. You never fail to entertain us every single night and I for one have huge respect for the dedication. But right now all you have to concentrate on is your self and getting well. All the best!

  132. Scotty desejo que você melhore o mais rapido possivel mano !! Forte você ja é , e que esteja de volta logo , você é uma das grandes inspirações para eu ter comprado minha bmx e para muitos outros também além do ótimo conteudo que produz e do bmx que é !! Força bro
    — Brasil

  133. Hey scotty I hope you have a really good recovery I was your 28th subscriber and have watched all your videos ever since I hope everything goes smoothly

  134. Hey Scotty hope you can read this. I want you too get better and be able to ride again soon. Listen to what I am about to say ok. You will fight though this and you will be able to ride again. I want you to fight and fight and do what ever it takes to keep riding with all of your cool bro’s (the crew). I love you and your whole crew and family but not in a gay way. Love you Scotty and I will pray for you until you get better.

  135. Scotty im sending you and your family prayers all the way from spokane, washington. I look up to you in life and bmx. Your a huge inspiration in my life as a person and as a bmx rider. Stay strong scotty! Get well soon

  136. Scotty is an inspiration and all around great guy.
    I have never met him but his Youtube videos Inspire me to get out there and enjoy life!

    Heal up and Stay Strong!

  137. Hey Scotty I really hope you have a quick recovery.
    Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your videos. Me and my 6 year old son are always watching them. Watching your videos gave my boy the push and confidance to learn how to ride his bike, within a week he was at the ramps, was a proud moment seeing him step out his comfort zone.

    All the way from the UK,
    Lewis and Kyrone

  138. You have always been my one of my biggest inspirations for everything that I do. It’s very sad to see you get hurt as badly as this. Huge props to you man for being such a badass by putting yourself in danger to entertain your viewers and followers. Much love

  139. Hope u get better soon Scotty, u have a great legion of fans that are here, waiting for your return and awesome tricks
    #ThisIsFromBrazil 😀

  140. I watch your channel every day and it is the highlight of my day. You’re an inspiration and always bring a smile to my face! Sending lots of love and positivity your way and hoping for a speedy and full recovery.

  141. Hey Scotty,

    Sending you and your family my prayers, I wish you a speedy recovery, I mean, you’re Scotty Cranmer, you’ll be back on your bike in no time. You’re such an inspiration to me and your videos have supported me through some hard times.

    Much love from New Zealand,

  142. Love your channel Scotty. Since seeing it as a suggested video on youtube I’ve seen every episode and subbed at about 240k. I also have an english bulldog, R32 skyline GTR, & rode BMX for 15 years which makes watching your vids one of the highlights of my day now. Thinking of you and hoping for a great outcome with your recovery, fan of yours from Australia.

  143. love and support my brother….this is just a moment of pause in your crazy action filled life man. you can and will become stronger than ever! been a fan since 2010.

  144. Hey Scotty if you ever read this, U R MY IDOL!! I tried bmx ever since I first saw u, I was around your 50,000 sub and every day after school I would go out ride until almost 4, get inside and try to be your first crow every time. I REALLY HOPE YOUR RECOVERY US FAST. I couldn’t donate because our family is having a hard time with money but if I had any extra Scotty, I would give u all of it. Thx for being my idol and get well soon. And until next time ? Peace

  145. Hey Scotty

    I’ve been in the same boat as you before and I know it sucks but you’ll be back on your bike soon and I look forward to seeing your videos when you come back.


  146. Scotty, words can’t express what your channel has done for me. I hope these words can make you feel as good and positive as I feel when I watch you and your friends ride. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  147. Wishing you well and hoping for a speedy recovery. I’m a 43 year old dad and seeing your videos often and getting to know you, your family and friends and the love you have for life make us all feel like friends and family. Thank you

  148. Wishing the best for Scotty. My son got me watching your channel with him snd I look forward to watching you and your friends. You guys are fun to watch and the bike tricks yous do amazes me. I’m sending prayers for a speedy recovery.

  149. There’s so much positive energy coming your way Scotty…. You’ll get better soon… And get back home with your family, friends and animals… We love you bro

  150. Get well soon Mate, no need to feel like you have to jump on your bike again straight away, make a full recovery and we’ll like you all the same.

  151. Best wishes from England for Scotty, family and friends. Watch the channel everyday and love your work and positive messages that have even inspired me to start BMX at 34 ;o).

    Hope you get well soon buddy !!

  152. Get well soon bro, you’re an icon in the sport we all love. We appreciate everything you’ve done for bmx so far n everything that has yet to come. Best wishes ?

  153. I’ve done the same thing you have and it will be long and tiring but you can do this man I have faith in you. You are my idol, you are the reason I ride, the reason I try new things everyday. Losing you for the short amount of time is hard. Ik I’m just some random 16 year old kid but I hope you got better here soon. We need.

  154. Scotty,
    I really enjoy watching your videos. You seems like such an amazing, kindhearted guy and I wish you the quickest recovery possible. You help inspire so many people in this world and are a hero to us all. I look forward to seeing you back on your bike again someday.

    Get well soon Scotty!! <3

  155. Well I was sad to hear that you had an accident, because I’m a big fan, you inspire me with his great level in bmx and humor in their videos, desire improvements and God bless you and may you return with all what it does best !

  156. I hope you make a full and speedy recovery man, watching your channel and all of the edits you’ve been in has been a huge inspiration for me and my riding. Hang in there Scotty, and to the Cranmer family, stay strong, I know it’s tough to see a loved one in that condition, but with the support of you and all of his fans around the world, I know Scotty will pull through this, because he such a strong willed guy.

  157. Scotty your videos make me happy that I am into bmx you and your friends are all inspirationset to try tricks that I am scared of.
    Hope your back and we’ll soon

  158. Scotty – you are such an amazing inspiration. Get well soon! I look forward to watching you and the crew on YouTube every day. The world needs more people like you. Stay Strong!

  159. I’ve been a huge fan since the first time I watched the X Games over 10 years ago. Just donated… You’ll be in all of our thoughts.

  160. Praying for you Scotty! You helped me through a broken ankle and 3 months of not. Ring able to walk, and I will do my best to help you! Thanks for spreading the joy!

    Brandon C.

  161. Sending our love and prayers to you Scotty! We know you can feel the love and support of your family, friends and thousands of followers, pulling for you to heal from this accident. Stay strong!!

  162. I hope you have a speedy recovery and leave all this very well .. You are a great inspiration to many of us who assemble Bmx. Fan yours from Venezuela.

  163. I know your going to kick these upcoming surgeries in the ass, you’ll be sending whips and hastling big boy in no time! Recovery may be a struggle, and I know it’s going to kill you not being able to be as active as yo want to be but know you have an amazing amount of support at your side! Best of luck brotha! God bless??

  164. I broke my c3c4c5 last April! watching scott and the gangs channel kept me positive through the recovery. thanks for being a great bunch of guys. Ps just bought a new Bike thanks to you Scott! I love it see ya soon

  165. Hang in there Scotty you are an inspiration to all of us. I hope you have a speedy recovery and get well soon. You make awesome videos and I watch them every day. Hang in there, I will be praying for you.

  166. Scotty get better soon. I love coming home after school everyday and watching you and your friends. It makes my day 10x better. We can’t lose you yet dude. Get better soon so you can shred some more and show big boy what’s up!!

  167. Hey man. Met you a few times with the Howell car crowd. You let me ride along in your first/second evo. Hope all is well. Donated what i could. Get well soon homie.

  168. First and foremost, I pray and wish you and yours a smooth and speedy recovery. I don’t ride BMX (only MTB) but I watch your channel religiously since it came up as a suggestion. You and your crew have a special dynamic that makes me feel like I’m in the mix, which is something that I have never experienced through YouTube. Based off of the other comments, your positive energy has rubbed off on most of us.

    It looks like you have some true friends out there that have really looked out for you and your family. Those are the people you’ll never forget and always remember to keep them close.

    I know you’ll be back up in no time just like you did after you broke your back at the comp. Take it easy and rest up my man!

    P.S. Big Ron really owes you some soup and breadsticks now lol

  169. Much love and prayers go out to scotty and his family. My boyfriend my son and i all watch your videos all the time much inspiration from the videos makes us want to get up and ride. Wishing for a speedy healthy recovery.