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Update 03/01/20

I hit a bit of a plateau in my recovery for a few months as things slowed down.  I’ve been staying active and trying to get things headed back in the right direction. I’ve been doing lots of snow shoveling for therapy and I think it’s helping.  Other than a few slips on the ice things have been good. I’m back on the boards and my legs are feeling the most solid they have since the crash.

Thankful for everything Road 2 Recovery has done for me and is continuing to do for me and my family.



Smagical Updates via @smagical Instagram posts and YouTube. You can follow along in Phil’s progress by following his two accounts @Smagical.

Phil’s Injury Update as of 06/20/18


Updated 06/13/18


Updated 6/12/18

Update 05/31/18

Over the last year of filming for #ActionFiguresTheMovie #2 Phil has pushed himself to what he thought was his limits, but all of that pales in comparison to his first day of physical therapy when they sat him up in bed. As you can tell by his face this takes the cake for the hardest things he’s ever had to do, and it’s just going to get harder from here but you know he isn’t going to give up.

Update 05/30/18

Phil traveled the world as Captain America for years but now he’s looking more like Iron Man. Thought we should share Phil’s life saving hardware 📸 @brandonschmidt92

@Smagical update day 4, another roller coaster day, started off with my best nights sleep and positive feed back from the doctors. To prevent bed sores I’m constantly having to be repositioned, but with all of my other fractures throughout my body we’re finding it hard to move me without causing pain somewhere. I did make the most important movement today, a bowel movement!

We really appreciate all of your support, it really lifts our spirits. Every little bit helps. #smagicalstrong #smagicalupdate #road2recovery

On Friday May 25th, Nitro Circus athlete Phil “Smagical” Smage was injured during a world-record UTV distance jump at the Brimstone White Knuckle Event in Huntsville, Tennessee. Thanks to the fast acting response from the Brimestone Recreations Medical Team and the Nitro Circus crew, Phil was safely aboard a life flight helicopter and on his way to University of Tennessee Knoxville Medical Center for further evaluation and treatment.

Phil sustained multiple broken ribs, broken wrist, collarbone and fracture vertebrae from C3-C7.  That evening Phil underwent spinal surgery to fuse his C3 to C7 vertebrae. His surgeons decided that fusion is the best course of action for his injuries and will give the best possible outcome.  As of now, Phil is in high sprits and is recovering from surgery. He has already gained movement in his toes and partial mobility of his arms. With injuries such as his, it will take sometime to find out the longterm effect on his body. At this time it is too soon to tell if he will require anymore surgeries.

Even with the insurance coverage that Phil has, the financial burden is going to be extensive. There is going to be a long road to recovery with the possibility of in-patient hospital care and most definitely out-patient rehabilitation to address his multiple fractures in his vertebrae. Additionally, transportation to a facility closer to home in Wisconsin or Chicago will be costly. A majority of the insurance companies do not cover the cost of medical transport and limited coverage of out-patient rehabilitation.

If you are able to help support Phil, please donate here. Any and all contributions are welcome and greatly appreciated. If not, please help by leaving a positive message below for him to read and share this post.



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