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Update 03/01/20

Man, what a whirlwind!

Thanks to R2R we were able to get Micky on a Blue Shield PPO that allows him to receive some excellent care. Micky has a new primary doc, Dr. Chad Brylski. Specific to Micky’s injuries, Dr. Chad sent off referrals for neurology, orthopedic and counseling …we are just getting started with those appointments (see neurologist notes below).

We also have started with Dr. Deb at the Swain Center (a renowned brain therapy institute here that happens to be located here in SR). The next appt with Swain Center is March 10th (Dr. Chad was very happy to hear that we added the Swain Center into Mick’s therapy plan). Micky is also doing 90 minutes twice a week at the St Joseph Outpatient Neurology Speech and Occupational Therapy programs. He is on week three with these two therapists. (45 minutes with each therapist each session). After his evaluation, they requested that Micky keep his biking outdoors to a minimum and they requested that he didn’t drive yet. We have been doing some indoor spin sessions to compensate.

Micky’s new neurologist suggested some natural herbs and also one nonaddictive prescription for mood balancing. Micky has been emotional so we are going to consider doing that.  We’re not sure when Micky will be able to resume work. Neuro Doc said it could take 6-12 more months for him to feel back to normal.

Micky has some severe shoulder damage that was not addressed at OC Global. He will meet with Ortho to see what the issue is and what steps can be taken.

As for 2020 outlook, it’s not easy to project that far out. We are still in a “take it one week at a time” pace right now. Micky still has reading, writing, math and language issues. He has some memory issues and the emotional issues have really settled in so I am personally quite happy that the Primary picked up on that and suggested counseling. We have also started meditation, which was highly suggested by Primary and Neuro and Swain Center.

On October 9, 2019 Micky Dymond sustained a traumatic brain injury when he crashed on his bicycle during a training ride in Orange County, California. Even though Dymond was wearing a helmet at the time of the crash, he still sustained extensive head trauma that caused subdural brain contusions and subarachnoid hemorrhaging that rendered Micky unconscious for nearly fifteen minutes at the seen of the accident. He came to briefly, only to go back to being unconscious upon arrival at the ICU. He woke up five days later. After spending the first week unconscious in ICU, and another week in a neuro trauma unit, Dymond is on the next steps of his road to recovery.

In addition to his head injury, Micky also sustained a broken collarbone, broken ribs, damage to his hip, a deep laceration to his head and large amounts of road rash. At this time, Dymond is under 24-hour care and is being treated for MRSA in the Neuro Trauma Unit at OC Global. The goal is to get him admitted into an acute rehabilitation facility in the Orange County, CA area to help him heal and combat the long-term effects of TBI (traumatic brain injury).

Unfortunately, Dymond does not have medical insurance and is expected to have insurmountable medical expenses. Therapy, coupled with a two week stay in the hospital, and the fact that Dymond won’t be able to work for months to come, all add up to a long and expensive recovery for Micky and his family. If you are able to support him, please make a tax-deductible donation to his cause here. Funds donated to Dymond’s cause will go directly to cover the mounting medical expenses he incurs.

Please leave a positive message for Micky Dymond and his family to read here. Any and all prayers and positive vibes are appreciated and needed.


Photo Credit Mitchell Bailey.


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  1. Back in the day, you were one of my favorite riders!
    Am thinking about you and praying that you are staying strong and improving with each and every day.

  2. God bless and he answers your prayers🙏🏻😇 as a fan with a gal friend in the 80’s and in Supermoto! We talked briefly in pits after Supermoto race in Las Vegas ballys 2006 with Chuck Sun😉👍🏻… you were welcoming, nice and more😉 prayers and Godspeed…for a speedy recovery for you and family…

  3. Hi Mickey, I was a big fan in the 80’s and just enjoyed watching and “catching up” via your Whiskey Throttle show appearance. Sending prayers for a continued recovery.

  4. It’s been to long my friend, Tammy and I will be praying for a complete recovery on your health . Love from Scott &Tammy

  5. May God bless you and your family and lend his divine hand and loving heart to your swift and full recovery.
    Downtime only focuses the fury.
    My best.

  6. Mickey.
    My entire family’s thoughts and prayers are for your recovery. As sappy as it may sound , I only needed to see you race once ( of many) to get me started in motocross. Although I no longer race , the sport and all the joy yourself and a handful of others brought will always be close to my heart. Never give up , never. You’ll come through this with flying colors. I know theres probably nothing I can physically do to help you , if I can I certainly will.
    Jesus said he would never leave you ,nor forsake you. I gotta believe he knows what he’s talking about. Get well brother, God bless
    Todd and Rhonda musick
    310 musick place
    Bluefield wva. 24701

  7. Micky….. You were the kindest and my biggest influence helping me as a rookie at the PPIHC in 2006. I was privileged to become your friend after idolizing you as a Motocrosser.
    THANK YOU…..!!!
    I’m wishing and praying that you have a full recovery ASAP…..Hang in there baby!

  8. Dear Micky,
    You got this! Your brain holds “”Micky “ & “God”…and you will overcome this challenge.

  9. Here’s wishing you continued recovery, my man. Your spirit will always be strong, it’s our bodies that wear out and let us down. That’s okay – there are tons of other things you will be doing with the rest of your life.

  10. Ive never met you, but i know how riding teaches you to push through and tough it out. Hang in there man, positive thoughts are with you… Wishing you a speedy recovery, all the way from Australia.

  11. I hope that you are beter. I meet you on Pikes Peak 2016 and you are a great man.
    I send you positive wibes from France.
    Martine Hoogstoel

  12. Mickey, so sorry to hear this …You were one of my all-time favorite motocrossers ever ! So sticking fast and the smoothest riding style …. I tried to copy it and still ride like you today, get well my friend ..

  13. Hey Micky, hang in there Brother. I’m currently recovering from the same injury I had in June. I’ll be praying for you and your Family. I know you’ll pull through this.

  14. You have the support of all of us Oklahoman’s, hoping you get back to being Micky soon! Stay Strong!

  15. Micky, sorry to hear of your injury, but I know you’ll persevere and overcome this! I’m sure we’ll see you participating in the RAAM again in future! Stay strong man! I got into moto in the early 80’s and you are one of my all-time favorite riders. You have unbelievable style on a bike. However, what I remember most about you from all the articles I read back in the day, was the article interviewing you after you signed with Yamaha, that mentioned you were sponsoring 2 children from Guatemala or Nicaragua (can’t remember exactly where). But anyway, I thought that was coolest thing at the time and still do. I hope my donation to you helps some. Take care,

  16. I too suffered from a TBI event. I lost functions because of it, but regained most within the first year. Much like recovering from any injury, exercise is important. Not just physical exercises but mental. Use the mental toughness you’ve used to conquer the tough hill climbs, that’ll help immensely. Stay strong and reach out if you simply need someone who’s experienced this to chat with. Praying for you.

  17. Micky,
    Cross the midline as often as possible. ALL DAY LONG. It will heal you. You must Hug Brenda… always for more than one minute at a time. You need all of the OXYTOCIN you can get. Natural healing agents that your body produces. You are here. You are doing this. You are walking this path.
    Brenda, love you bud. Let’s keep you in shape too. Get good care. So, you can be YOU.

  18. Micky, unbelievable and shocking news. So sad to hear this has happened. I will add you to my prayer list along with your doctors, caregivers and family. You all need the love, guidance, and protection from the Lord. God bless you my friend.

  19. Hey Micky, Effort over time, as you know, is the way to successfully accomplish your goals.Let the pros take care of you.Do not worry about things that are out of your control .Our thoughts ,prayers and positive energy are being sent to you daily. You are loved the Moto family.

  20. Micky,

    Stay strong, it will take time. You have so many people wishing you all the best. MTB trails here in San Clemente will be ready when you are.

  21. It gets better! It happened to me even worse a little over one year ago on a street motorcycle accident. I probably went from 40 miles an hour to 0 mph in a 1/2 a second, using my head (helmeted)which bashed into the car’s fender. You need to have support at home with a lot of rest and your medications, and peace and quiet. Inside of 3 months you’ll be good to go unless you have a broken neck like I did…

  22. Anyone and everyone, fans and industry people of Moto, let’s step it up and help Micky get through this!! He and his family needs us now. ✊🏻

  23. Micky, I will continue praying for you to have a complete recovery as well as the strength you will need for the battle that you face. Sending love to you.

  24. Enthusiasm is common. Endurance is rare. Often by hardships we learn to endure. You’ve been taught yet another hard lesson, as we are only as strong as the adversity we over come. I know, like so many times before, you will choose to use this opportunity to grow and adapt. It’s not freedom from adversity, but it is the freedom, the power, the choice to take a stand and lean into it. You got this, Micky. <3

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