Killian Auberson


Update 11/30/20

After 5 months of being paralyzed from the chest down, I started to feel a lot of muscles in my back, I can’t really feel the ones in my pelvis, but I can control them to help me stand and walk with assistance.

I have started to gain back my abdominals muscle on the top and a little on the side. I have some tension in the quadriceps, which allows me to pull my knees back. This is a positive sign for the moment, even if it’s only a little progress. My feeling/touching also has progressed, I regained feeling about 10cm on the chest and the bottom of my ribs on my back, but it’s not a consistent sensation. I can feel a lot of tingling in the left leg and a few things in the right leg. Unfortunately, it’s challenging to explain what it is exactly.

I have had a lot of pain in my back since my injury; I may have to undergo a new operation to fix the problem; time will tell.



Update 07/21/20

Killian and his wife Morgane got outfitted for a little adventure today. The University of Utah rehab department decided today was an outdoor adventure type rehab day. They set up Killian in a Handcycle and Morgane was able to with him in a recumbent bike. They took a little stroll around the grounds of the hospital and surrounding areas. You can imagine the joy they both had getting outside and being active.

Earlier this week Killian stood up in a standing frame for his second time. His first time he could stand for a few minutes but his blood pressure is still really low so they had to slowly get him back to the sitting position. The second time, he stood for 10 minutes. He continues to push the limits of his injury, always focusing on the forward progress. Every day he is getting better and will stand for longer and longer as his body recalibrated itself. The goal is to stand him one more time and then end of next week if the blood pressure can stay up.



Update 07/11/20

I’d like to take a minute to update all of my friends and family on my progress. It’s been a little bit since I was able to update you all there has been a lot going on for me as you can imagine. My world has been turned upside down. One minute I was a supercross lites rider and the next I’m learning how to cope without the use of my legs. It’s been very hard emotionally and mentally. Because of the COVID restrictions at the hospital I have been by myself. Luckily my wife will be able to be with me and join me next week until I leave here in hopefully 3 more weeks to start outpatient therapy in California. We need to know what’s new? 

So here we go. A week ago I was transferred from the hospital side into the rehabilitation side this is where they will prepare me to learn how to do daily living all over again this new way. I have been learning basic things like how to transfer myself from a bed into a wheelchair. It’s very hard.  We have also been working a lot on my balance. It seems so easy but it’s so so hard. But I’m learning and getting better daily with the practice. 

People ask, How I have been feeling? It’s tough.. really tough I hate the feeling I have with my body and to be in this situation alone without my wife, family or friends is really difficult.

People have also asked me, How is your body healing, and are you getting any feeling back? My body is healing up. Lots of pain in my shoulder and neck from the crash I have also been sick really back for 3 days. I have had high fevers and unfortunately, I still don’t have any feeling or movement below my injury. 

I want to thank all the people who have helped me and supported me,  please remember to enjoy every single moment of your life.  Thank you! I’ll update you again soon! 



On Tuesday, June 16, Swiss supercross rider Killian Auberson suffered a major crash at a local track in Utah while preparing for the final round of the 2020 AMA 250SX West Championship in Salt Lake City. The 28-year-old was immediately transported to a nearby hospital where he successfully underwent surgery on Tuesday evening to repair a T3 burst fracture, where surgeons performed a postural spinal fusion to release pressure from the spine.

The Gas Monkey Energy/AJE Motorsports rider is now in stable condition with no feeling or movement from the chest down due to the excessive swelling and damage to his spinal cord. It is expected that Killian will have an extended stay in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), with plans for air transport back to his hometown in Switzerland for additional medical treatment once he is stable enough to travel. His medical bills are anticipated to be substantial, even after his insurance is applied; therefore, the Road 2 Recovery Foundation has opened a fundraising campaign to assist with Killian’s medical bills.

If you are able, please donate to Killian’s R2R Fund here.


We encourage folks to leave positive messages of support on Killian’s R2R page for him to read.


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  1. Hallo Killian, wieso kommst du nicht in die Schweiz ins Schweizer Paraplegiker Zentrum Nottwil zur medizinischen Behandlung und REHA?! Wir empfehlen dir das dringend. Liebe Grüsse!


  2. Killian, je suis très touché par ce qu’il t’arrive. Je te souhaite beaucoup de courage pour surmonter cette épreuve. On pense fort à toi ainsi qu’à Morgane.

  3. Stay strong Killian! We are thinking of you buddy & we wish you the absolute best with your recovery! Lot’s of love from myself & Paul. x

  4. Lord, in the hehe and nature of our savior Christ Jesus, please have mercy of this young warrior. We lift him up to Your feet and pray for grace during this his toughest race, may he be given the strength he needs to overcome this new challenge, may he KNOW You are with him every step of the way, may the doctors be high sight being what they can see and Your Divine hand guide theirs on his road to recovery.
    With sing praises to your holy name, and give thanks for listening to us. Lord, hear our prayers, in Jesus name, amen and and amen.,,

  5. Bonne retablissement🍀🍀🍀
    Stay Strong💪
    Je pense a toi et ta Famille🙏
    Aussi de mon Fils Nils #88
    Il sait que tu et .. Strong🍀
    Meilleur salutation de la Suisse🇨🇭

  6. Hey Killian,
    unfortunately you got pretty bad. We here in Germany hope for you that the feeling in your legs will return after the swelling has subsided and that your accident will end well.
    Best regards from Herbert Krause (Mr. Frosty) on behalf of all German fans

  7. Hey bud I’m very sorry about what happened. I just suffered a broken c-6 and clavicle at my local track club moto 2weeks ago.My heart feels for you and your family and I understand what your going through. Just remember to be strong and time will heal. My prayers go out to you and your family. STAY STRONG!!!!

  8. Stay strong dude. You’re just going through the hardest part of our loved sport but I pray there will be better times for you to come. Keep on fighting, in our thoughts we’re all with you!

  9. I have been 90% from the waste down….90% recovery … lol. 26 years ago. and today I am looking for a nice 125. cant wait to ride. The attitude is huge.

  10. Having parked behind your uk number plate in wohlen, then coming face to face with this genuinely nice Swiss dood. Then seeing you race. I have followed you, with Bruggi, since. Family Onions wish you a full recovery. Be kind to yourself. You will be amazing again, no rush.

  11. Tu nous a fait rêver toute la saison.
    Le mx suisse est de tout cœur avec toi. Positif, patience, courage et force. 💪😘

  12. Thoughts and prayers for a recovery buddy! It sux when something we love so much takes from us but there’s always brighter days ahead!

  13. You’re inspiring. One of the most important things to remember is that life’s not over after this, this is a chapter to be turned and if you believe in yourself the human body will do incredible things. Look at Mitch Payton, sensational and inspirational to the sport. No matter what happens you’re a champ!

  14. Killian,

    Jacob Hayes & myself are here for you and Morgan, we are praying for you and wishing the absolute best! It was such a pleasure being apart of your race family for the past 6 months! Can’t wait to see you again and we’re wishing you the best recovery possible!


  15. Prayers are with you man. Always try to see the positives in your situation no matter how hard it is at times. You will get through this 🙌🏻

  16. Hey Buddy
    I had the exact same injury that you are dealing with now, and I just want to tell you that no matter how horrific thing’s may seem to you right now! Don’t let it get you down or cause you to lose hope! Because after being paralyzed for 6 months! I’m back to doing all the things I love to do including riding my bike, and I do live with pain! But that is a small price to pay to be able to walk and live life again! So my prayers to you and a full recovery 👍🏻

  17. Killian,
    je te souhaite beaucoup de force, beaucoup de courage, beaucoup de chance et le meilleur rétablissement.

    Fight, don’t give up and keep the faith

    René – 🇨🇭

  18. Hey! J espère qu’on te reverra a la tete! Prend soin de toi🎈bonne chance a toi et ta famille et que se message puisse t aider!

  19. Killian, we love you buddy! I am here for you and your family with whatever you all need. I look forward to spending more time with all of you in the future and I wish you a successful recovery !!!

  20. Dam kiddo i Dont lnw were to start but im praying for you and i know you will be ok American doctors will take care of you

  21. We are donating today and sending our thoughts & prayers for a full recovery to Killian, Morgan and his family! We’re always here for you Killian & Morgan whatever we can do 🙏❤️


  22. I have supported you all this season from my home, what happened to you my upset but I give all my strength for your rehabilitation I wish you good luck for the future and that you come back stronger good luck to you and your family 🙌🇨🇭

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    Never give up...
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    Hang in there Kilian. Wishing you positive thoughts and vibes
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    I hope your progress continues and you have a great 2021!
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    Cher Killian, mes parent et moi nous sommes très touchés par ce qu’il t’arrive. Nous te souhaitons beaucoup de courage et de succes pour surmonter cette épreuve. Nous éspèrons que nous povons t'aider un peu avec ça et nous te souhaitons que du bonheur. Famille Cornelia, Walter et Loris Hausammann de Frauenkappelen
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    Hope you recover soon. Tony from Gas Monkey sold my son one of the Husqvarna's you rode #90. It still has your name on it. Good luck with your future and we will say a prayer for your speedy recovery.
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    We wish you the BEST from FXR Racing -
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    Perd pas espoir mon gars mais soit patient ! En souvenir de ce dernier Thunder Valley pas facile pour toi non plus
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    Best wishes, Killian!
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