Jimmy Wilson’s Cancer Fight

In early May of 2017, professional Motocross rider Jimmy Wilson was diagnosed with testicular cancer. He like so many before him postponed getting his symptoms checked until the pain became too much to handle. After seeing his doctor they diagnosed him and realized that the cancer was spreading fast. Soon after Jimmy diagnoses he under went a procedure that was as aggress as his cancer; the doctors were able to successful removing his testicles and he immediately started four months of Chemotherapy. His chemo program is intense, eight hours a day, five days a week. Both Jimmy and his doctors are optimistic with the prognosis.
Jimmy needs our support, not only with thoughts and prayers but financially. Jimmy works for arbor beverage and has some insurance but it doesn’t cover everything. Each treatment has a $500.00 deductible, that’s $2500 a week for the next four months. He also takes care of his young son and still has day to day living expense.

Please help Jimmy on his road to recovery; any donation will be greatly appreciated.


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