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Update 11/30/20

Battles are being won more than lost lately!

As bad as 2020 has been, I’ve been fantastic! Spent all summer out on the lake, started streaming on twitch, and got picked up by the Detroit Gamers stream team. In July, I picked up a fully adaptive bike to start riding again once I get a left-hand rear brake sourced. I might have a job opportunity beginning in 2021 for CAD programming as I’ve been working hard on learning that myself.


Update 02/28/19

This weeks marks a pretty big milestone for Jarred and his recovery process. He has official completed two weeks of training with his KFO carbon fiber leg braces. He said this has been a game changer for him. His ability to stand up and increase circulation has been extremely helpful. The use of his standing frame and dedication for therapy has helped his posture and core stay strong. This is abnormal for paralyzed athletes as posture is one of the first things that suffers.  He is still focused on his goal of maintaining a healthy and athletic body by doing therapy once a week for two hours.

Update 02/10/17

In the past few weeks Jarred had been suffering from nasty bacteria infection in his system due to a large amount of stones. On 2/14/17 Jarred had a successful surgery where his doctors were able to remove 23 very large stones in bladder.  A coupe of the stones were measured over 1 inch long and 1 inch wide, even with the large size of the stones, he was released from the hospital the same day. The next Saturday following Jarred’s surgery he had some complications and went into autonomic dysreflexia (which can cause a massive stroke or heart attack!). His doctor had them remove the foley and go back to business as usual. This was successful and he’s feeling a little better each day and the bacteria is finally just about out of his system!

Now feeling better, Jarred was able to get back on his feet the other day in the EasyStand (thanks to R2R). He was able to stand for about an hour and half, the plan is to try again tonight with dad. The next goal is to try to get him to “tall kneel” on the Hi-Low table mat (thanks to R2R). Jarred’s follow up was this morning and went so well he got his release to get back to therapy. He is scheduled to go back in 6 months for another scope to make sure things stay clear in there. We are going to work very hard the next few weeks to get back up to par so when he goes back into intense therapy he is ready!

Thank you all for your continued support & prayers so he can continue healing & get back on his feet.

Jarred Williams & family



Jarred Williams suffered a crash on 1/16/16 in Baltimore at an Arenacross event while going for points for the Supercross season. He had no feeling from mid chest down, before surgery he was able to move his arm and hands as normal but after surgery he was unable to move anything from the neck down. The doctors removed his C4, C5 and a disk in his spine to allow for swelling. They also fused his spine with a cage from the C4 to T1, and put in a Tracheal tube. Luckily Jarred’s spinal cord did not suffer any damage. Within a week of his crash, he underwent 5 long surgeries to help repair the extensive damage. By early February 2016, he was able to start moving his arms and hands again. On 2/16/16  Jarred was flown to Detroit, MI to a rehabilitation facility to start the long recovery process.

Jarred had in the tracheal tube for almost the entire 3 months time at the inpatient rehabilitation facility. After that he was admitted into an extensive outpatient therapy program for another 3 months. Now he is attending advanced therapy at a Spinal Cord injury Recovery Center, in Detroit.

Jarred has regained almost full recovery of arms and hands and continues to work on his strength. For his legs he has full feeling and can feel hot and cold temperatures all the way down to his toes. Jarred has movement in both legs, feet and toes, and he has started walking with the Exoskeleton. As of now Jarred only relays on 20% assistance form the Exoskeleton. He is getting better everyday and continues to push towards his goal! All his family wants to express thanks for everyone’s support, especially R2R.

Wth the continued support from Jarred’s family, friends, and fans R2R has been able to assist the Williams family in Jarred’s recovery. Unfortunately a lot of his medical and therapy needs are not covered by insurance. With your contribution to Jarred’s cause Road 2 Recovery will be able to continue to help pay for his bi-weekly advanced Spinal Cord therapy and other medical needs that he may have.

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