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Update 10/18/19

Jordie’s family has received some good news regarding his medical bill’s. The charges from the hospital in Cabo San Lucas are expecting to be lower than previously quoted by the case worker. This news in conjunction with very generous family members, friends, and sponsors, who have paid some of the bills directly; the financial burden Jordie’s family was expecting is now significantly lower. They have been advised that the total bills from the hospital, Jordie’s preparation and transport back to Canada, funeral arrangements, and miscellaneous bills are approximately $40,000.

This discovery come with great relief as it alleviates some of the financial pressure. It is very important to Jordie’s family to be forthcoming with this update as his friends and fans have been extremely generous and supportive throughout this difficult process. They want to thank everyone who has donated to his fund and express their gratitude for this overwhelming support.

Photo credit- Ale Di Lullo

On October 9, 2019 Jordie Lunn was riding cross-country trails in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with friends and suffered a fatal head injury following a simple crash. He climbed up following the crash and was found shortly after by his riding friends. Jordie was transported to a local hospital and passed away in the arms of his childhood friend, Darren Berrecloth.

Although his time in hospital care was brief, the family is expecting significant medical bills including fees associated with transporting Jordie back home to Canada and funeral costs. Jordie had insurance coverage, however it is not expected to cover the total his family is going to have to cover.

Jordie and his brothers, Craig and Jarrett were raised in Rivers Inlet, a remote fishing post on the northern B.C. coast.  At school age the Lunn family moved to Parksville, B.C.  Jordie was a talented all rounded athlete from an early age, participating in Hockey, Golf, Triathlons and Snowboarding. Musically talented, Jordie was mentored to become an amazing technical Jazz drummer.

Jordie began Mountain Biking in cross-country racing, and his career blossomed in earnest as a Downhill racer.  Jordie was the fastest Canadian racer at the Canada Cup Series at Mount-Saint-Anne in 2003. He became the highest ranked North American DH racer in the World Cup standings that year.

Shifting his focus to free riding in films like Ride to the Hills, The Collective, ROAM, and more, he was also the first mountain biker to land a Cork 720 trick in 2007. Jordie competed in The Fest Series, Red Bull Rampage, Crankworx (winning the best trick in 2012), and on nearly every stage in the free ride mountain bike circuit.

Photo credit- Ale Di LulloPhoto credit- Ale Di Lullo

Since his big budget film days, Jordie had resurgence in recent years, self-producing wildly popular videos like his famous Rough AF Series. Jordie also hosted numerous events in his home region on Vancouver Island like Peanut Butter Knife Fight, Jordtron Jumpathon, Fresh Air, Jump Ship, and Bear Trax at Bear Mountain.   These events gave many young riders their first introduction to competitions and provided them with a jump-off point to successful careers.

Jordie had a positive and infectious enthusiasm for life that was admired worldwide.  The kids that Jordie coached over the years absolutely loved him. There are few young men so loved and respected by their peers, friends and fans.

Jordie had Personal Injury and Life Insurance through Combined Insurance, but because the accident happened out of country, there are greater expenses.

Future plans of any excess donations will be used in Jordie’s name to provide help in avenues that Jordie was passionate about. These will include, but may not be limited to: helping children with cycling and coaching opportunities, biking facilities to ride, helping to establish a baseline concussion testing for athletes worldwide, supporting brain health and injury research in mountain biking, funding research to better understand the health of athlete’s brains post concussion, and how we can help avoid further losses.

We are grateful for any donation in Jordie’s memory.

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Photo credit- Ale Di Lullo


Jordie Lunn is survived by his parents Bonnie and Brian Lunn, his brothers Craig and Jarrett Lunn,  their families and his girlfriend Caitlin Larson.

Please leave positive messages and memories with Jordie on this page for his family to read. Thank you for your support.

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  1. I remember meeting you for the first time at Red Bull Rampage 2018, such a memorable moment to be able to meet the leader of mountain of biking himself. This year at Rampage, I had the chance to meet Darren and his dear brother. The vibe changed around me seeing them. You made a inspiration to all of us man.

  2. i remember the first time i watched a jordie clip i think i was about 11 at the time and my my older brother had it on video i remember being blown away by what he was doing.
    immediately after i went to the back yard and built a sketch jump made out of old cut up bits of wood.

    jordie inspired me to get out and ride my bike he still inspires me to this day

  3. Only recently did I discover you Jordie, by way of a wonderful short documentary called Beyond the Bike. Just that little glimpse it gives of you touched me in a very positive way. Your skill, bravery, dedication and also your wisdom, honesty and humility really comes through. Your words have really helped and each time I ride I try at least once to step out of my comfort zone then smile thanks to you!!

    May you rest in peace. My sincere condolences to all of your family and loved one’s.

  4. Jordie you will always be a true legend to the mountain bike community worldwide. It was amazing to watch you influencing generations. I will always remember you as such a kind gentle soul. Your legacy will continue forever motivating people to push their body, mind and skills further. Bonnie, Brian, Craig, Jarrett sending much love to you. I hope you can take solace knowing Jordie touched so many peoples lives in a truely inspirational way.

  5. Working with Jordie on The Steve Smith Bike Park was a memorable time. His building skills brought this park to reality. R.I.P.

  6. A deepest condolences to Jordies Family. Jordie, Mcgaza and Stevie Smith havin’ fun riding bikes in Heaven now. Prayers for the family!

    -From Philippines
    Vince Burgos

  7. 👍👍 We are a great team and will be together to get through this, forever and always. ❤️💙 Thank you. 🙏🏻❤️

  8. Years we spent together hanging out, laughing and racing on Santa Cruz MTB team will always be cherished.
    Jordie you lived life your way and I love you for that.

  9. It’s been a long time since I’ve travelled to BC Cups with the Lunn Fam, but it was a trip I’ll never forget.

    I’m so sorry for your loss. I’ll keep shredding like I’m trying to catch him forever.

  10. Biggest Hugs and all our love that’s possible Bonnie, Jarrett, Craig and family #longlivejordie ❤️ from Knoydart XXX Ian, Jackie, Anna, Struan, Fiona and Steven.

  11. Jarrett and family, my deepest condolences. I remember you talking about your brother when we first met at Talon. I could tell how proud you were of him and his accomplishments. My heart breaks for you and all of his people. Take care. Haida Fortier DNV Fire

  12. I never met Jordie but I followed him on Instagram and fell in love with him from afar ❤️ He was a great man that was clear ✨ My condolences to all his friends and family 🤗❤️

  13. Our deepest condolences Bonnie, Brian and family. I hope the love and support of many sustain you during this difficult time. We hadn’t seen Jordie since he was a tyke, but I remember how important family was to you, and how much you loved your boys. Michelle & Scott Dunn

  14. Jordie,

    The first time I had met you was at Summer Gravity Camps back in 2011. I will never forget the day you coached me and another camper privately for the afternoon. Cam and I mentioned that we wanted some exposure to gnarlier tech trails but needed some extra time and coaching and you stepped up to take us out exclusively. You took us under your wing and told us to “pucker up” as we rode the rowdiest double blacks all afternoon meanwhile keeping the stoke alive and high fives coming throughout. You left a lasting impact on me that has resonated all these years later and will live on forever. Rest in peace and my sympathies to your family during this difficult time. You made us BC riders proud.


  15. Jordie. You will be so missed. Such a beautiful human and friend. I’ll cherish all the laughs, conversations and memories over the years. There will always be an empty spot for you in Darren’s kitchen. I’ll miss seeing you there ❤️ All my love and strength to the Lunn’s, Caitlin and all his family and friends that are hurting right now. Happy to help in the small way we can. See you on the other side Jordie ✌🏼#longlivejordie #legendsneverdie

  16. Words just can’t say enough..
    My Sincere Condolences to Jordies Family,Caitlin &Loved Ones. May you have Peace and Comfort, Love and Support through this painful time.Hugs and Much Love Sent Your Way.🌹💝
    Myrna’s Aunt ,Caitlin ‘s Great -Aunt Lorraine.

  17. My Jordie rest in peace. And to the Family you are in Our prayers. I to have lost several people I love this year. 2 of which were take by accidents like this. You are not alone 🙏

  18. My heart breaks for the Lunn family, I have two boys of my own and can’t imagine what they must be going through. Let’s get your boy home, all the best.

  19. I was so sorry to hear of this tragedy. I remember Jordie well from his days at Ballenas. Still so impressed by his jump demonstration in the gym. Rest in peace Jordie, I wish it wasn’t so.

  20. A soul who touched so many. Thank you for sharing his story and the love so many had for him. Sincere condolences for Catlyn and Vin and to the Lunn family. Jordie inspires us all to live each moment full on.

  21. I’ve known Jodie since he was little and babysat him sometimes and his Mom babysat my kids. I always knew Jordie as a softhearted boy and have great love for his whole family. I know what it’s like to loose a son and my heart breaks for Jordie’s mom , dad and brothers along with friends .

  22. Beyond sad about this, happy to have met you, road with you, and more than welcomed by your generosity. Thanks for the memories Jordie.

  23. I didn’t know him but after reading this story my heart can’t just stop wishing more for mountain biking , that’s one of my greatest dream’s i have , but as an orphan kid without parents and living in a poor country its hard for me to think about having a bike 🙁 , but Jordi is now an inspiration for me !!! So i hope one day i will ride and his name will be on my back !#longlivejordi

  24. Jordie,
    Hope those up in heaven with you are able to keep up with those levels of SEND you produce!!!🤘🏼

  25. I have had few occasions to spend time with Jordie but wow what an amazing guy he was. You didn’t need to spend a lot of time with him to know this. His life was a reminder to do what you love in life and get the most of it. In the short time he was alive he has lived more than most of us. I hope your ripping huge jumps in heaven right now Jordie. You’ll be missed but never forgotten.

  26. Anyone that was lucky enough to have the opportunity to know and spend time with Jordie was truly blessed. He was an amazing human being.

  27. A gifted man, black magic on bikes. Gone too early. Hope you‘re in a better place now. If there are bikes, save me a spot. My sincerest condolences to his family and girlfriend. Stay strong.

  28. Much love to Jordie’s family, his friends, and to anyone who has a experienced traumatic brain injury. As a person in the latter category, I know first hand how difficult it can be, both personally and for those closest to us.

  29. Condolences to jordie’s family. I didn’t have the opportunity tu meet him but it seems he was an extraordinary person who inspired a lot a beginners Downhill riders like me. Your videos an legacy will live on in our heart. Ride in peace. 🙏

  30. Jordie was a wonderful human being. Though it’s been years since I rode a bike with him, it makes it no less difficult to say goodbye.

    Jordie was the type of person you aspire to be like: the life of the party, the best rider on the mountain, and the most generous with his time. The world is less without him.

    Brian and Bonnie: Thank you for sharing Jordie with the world.

    Craig, Jarrett and Ryder: I am so sorry for your loss, I wish I could say something to make it easier for you guys.

    Rest in peace, old friend. We all miss you.

  31. I stopped riding bikes because I got into drugs and drinking. I used too watch Jordie in torque he was always my favourite rider. When I seen Jordie start too do his Rough AF segments I changed my life and bought a bike again. It was always my dream too ride with him one day. Hopefully we can one day soon. Thank you Jordie. Miss u

  32. Rest Well Jordie… I didn’t know you, but I’ve heard through a great friend how extraordinary you were. Your legacy will live on, and many will know your story… keep flying high!

  33. Condolences to the family I’m sitting here on an oilfield site In my welding truck on coffee reading this it just touched me hopefully the little bit of money I gave and the support from the off road community can pull together and help you people out !!!

  34. Loved seeing him shred the gnarliest stuff! Will be one of the raddest dudes out there! Hopefully friends and family are helping you.

    Nathan Wasden

  35. From Chile, I hope you can find peace in your hearts. All of us, riders around the World that consider Jordie an idol will always remember him and never let him dissapear as the legend he is.

    Peace and Love to all of Jordie’s family.

    Jordie, ride in peace.

  36. Jordie was a true inspiration to me. He helped me realise no matter what hurdles come my way I can get over them no matter what. It broke my heart when I found out he had past. His legend will live on. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  37. Jordi was a good man at all no buddy say something not good about him i really respect this guy cos he is funny guy i can’t forget him ride in peace we love you man ❤️

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