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Details are still coming in but we have heard the unfortunate news that BMX rider Glenn Salyers suffered a motorcycle accident last night. “He was the brains behind every ramp at the Kitchen”, Brett Banasiewicz

We have set up this donation page so that 100% of proceeds will go towards helping his family. Any amount is appreciated and we thank you for your support. Click on the “Make a Donation” button to the right and choose a pre determined amount or enter your own amount in the box to the far right.

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Glenn Salyers

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    1. Glenn Salyers memorial will be thur. July 23rd at the first church of Nazarene 2734 s. Washington st kokomo Indiana at 6pm to 8pm it will be in tomorrow’s paper in kokomo ty

  1. Shits not over bro. You’re still alive, and alive in our hearts. You just made it up there before us. Keep on riding in our hearts man. We miss you

  2. I’m Glenns cousin and the love and support from his BMX family is much appreciated. His death is extra hard for out family. He was named for his Uncle Glenn who died of a motorcycle accident around the same age. So it feels like a double punch in the gut. Peace to all. Ride high Glenn until we meet again.

  3. Haven’t seen Glenn in years, went to school with him, Great Friend, Glad he pursued his Dreams but sad he left us, he may be gone but never forgotten. Rest In Heaven Glenn

  4. Ride high on that mountain Glenn! He wasn’t scared of anything,he loved his family, friends, and especially Brooke.
    Love forever
    Your mom.

  5. You will be missed but never forgotten I already miss u so much I love you so much it still seems so unreal

  6. I’ve never met him was one of my favorite riders then I forgot but from this day on I am never going to forget him my tho its and prayers go out to his family RIP GLENN

  7. Ride in Peace cousin. You are the one that got me into this crazy thing called BMX. You have inspired so many others to ride as well. I’ll see you again one day to ride with you one more. Gone but NEVER forgotten. Love us.

  8. Dear family I am So sorry for your loss. May God comfort you and give you peace. Prayers going out to you.

  9. R.I.P Glenn such a sick rider love his style and everything about his riding he will never be forgotten and we will always remember him no matter what he was a true BMX rider and always will be. Thoughts to all of his family and friends.

  10. Shred in peace brother, condolences and love to all his friends and family. Bmx is a great community and he will never be forgotten and always loved.

  11. Glenn Salyers memorial will be thur. July 23rd at the first church of Nazarene 2734 s. Washington st kokomo Indiana at 6pm to 8pm it will be in tomorrow’s paper in kokomo ty

  12. R.I.P Glenn Salyers we will miss u and u will always be in our hearts i love u cuz ride with the angels tell grandma and my dad hi and i love them for me miss u so already cuz

  13. Glenn, Thank you for being such a kind, gentle, giving, wonderful friend. You will forever live in my heart. I loved you like one of my own. Please watch over your friends from Heaven. Until we meet again! I Love You!

  14. Thanks. This means a lot to my family. I didn’t know him very well and I already wish i knew him better. He was my uncle and my role model. I wanted to be just like him. He wasn’t afraid of anything. That’s the kind of people this world needs. People like you guys and Glenn. Thank you so much for this. Grandma, mom, and grandpa really, really, really need this. I appreciate it so much. Nobody’s going to forget you. Not ever. I miss you, Glenn.
    Kendra, your niece. Love you.

  15. I didn’t know Glenn Personally i just knew of him through family. He seemed like a very devoted rider with an amazing heart… Prayers to his family

  16. Glenn any time you were around you always either would have me laughing or just smiling cause you did some funny things.. Took a few road trips with you an it is some of my favorite memories. Ride in paradise dude. Will never forget about you

  17. Ride in peace bub
    I remember the time when we was younger an I was scared to drop in and everything at pipeline and u was teaching me and telling me how to not be scared you also use to let me ride your bike around a lot in the skate park goodness I miss you a lot brother I still can’t believe your gone bub you was a really good guy you always new how to make some one happy and to smile and you really loved your family . friends . and your girl frend. One day we will be able to ride again bub rest easy up there fly high with the angels and sore with the eagles man I miss you bro its crazy that your gone but God wanted you to be at home with him but we all love and miss you brother ride in peace bub ride high up there brotha man I wish I could have rode bikes with u one last time bro I really do but rip Glenn salyers love and miss you bub rode in peace . ride high up on that mountain bub and do all those amazing tricks and stunts like u use to here bub we live and miss you please watch over us your family your friends and your girl we all need it bub ride in peace Glenn salyers … My biker brother rest easy bub.. I remember when you showed me u could do a back flip when I was like 9 man I thought that was the best thing ever I was like damn I wish I could be good like him every time I watched him bike I would say that he was the best biker around and he still is and he will always be the best .. Rip brother love you bub ride in peace Glenn salyers..

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