Erik Roner – Fallen Hero

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LAKE TAHOE, California – September 28, 2015

It is with very heavy hearts that we confirm that action sports icon Erik Roner, legendary skier, BASE jumper and a founding member of the Nitro Circus Crew has passed away this morning doing what he loved; sky diving. Erik was much more than just a world class athlete though, he was a world class father and husband as he leaves behind a beautiful wife Annika and two small children Oskar (5) and Kasper (17 months). To say that his family was his world would be an understatement.

Erik was a dedicated father, missing his children even before he left on his many travels and always rushing home as soon as he could to be with them. They were the center of his universe and his proudest accomplishment in a life full of amazing achievements. It is through those accomplishments and the tremendous amount of love Erik showed his family that his spirit will live on for them.

Erik was one of the world’s best free skiers and BASE jumpers, combining both as one of the pioneers of Ski BASE jumping. He was also a founding member of Nitro Circus, a group of action sports athletes who toured the world performing world-class stunts before hundreds of thousands of fans. Along his journey as a world-class athlete he met his soul mate, future wife and mother of his children, Annika.

“Erik was a beautiful man, great father, wonderful friend and the love of my life,” reflected Annika. Her sentiments are being echoed throughout the action sports community as tributes are pouring in for a man who touched so many of his contemporaries’ lives and hearts, and brought smiles and laughter to his many fans across the globe.

This page has been created as a memorial to make a tax deductible donation:

Please support his daughter, Kasper, son, Oskar, and his wife Annika by clicking the link in the upper right corner of this page to “Make a Donation”.

There is no life insurance for an athlete like Roner. We as an action sports community can help his wife and children in a big way. Thank you for your support. We are all they have got. If you are using a mobile device please be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page for the specific Roner link.



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  1. You were the first man who I looked up to even without knowing you. You were my favourite base jumper. There are two things that makes me calm, first is that you passed away doing what you really loved to do and second that I was able to meet you in person and we had a talk.?
    I’m going to miss you a lot and I’ll look up to you hereafter, forever.
    See you in heaven.
    That was a big breaking-point in my life, but I’ll always smile whenever I see you smile!
    Rest in peace my legend!! #LIVELIKERONER

  2. R.I.P Eric. You were the soul love and support for Nitro Circus. You were one i my favourite freestyler skier and a great idol. RIP you great legend.

  3. R.I.P Eric, you were one of my favorite action sport athletes ever and still are. I was so heartbroken to hear that you had sadly passed away. God bless you Roner. You will be missed

  4. There is no tragedy in doing what you loved. Your spirit will live on. The tragedy is greatest for your family, your friends left behind, and your fans, but not you, Erik. I did not know you, but thanks for reminding me that it’s now how we die that is important, but how we live. I would say RIP, but doubt that is your plan:-)

  5. I’ve been following the nitro crew for what seems like forever now and Erik was always my favorite. His Roner Vision series was awesome and hilarious and I always looked forward to any content that had him in it. RIP bro, I’ve never even met you but I tear up a bit thinking about all the awesome stuff you did.

  6. Dear Annika, All the McFarlands and Blumenthals mourn your terrible loss. We hope and pray that you will get through this most difficult time although I can imagine how devastated and overwhelmed you must be! Although we have not be in touch in recent years, I promise to stay in touch to see how you’re doing. All the best to you, stay strong! Our love to you! Romy, Bill, Michele, Darren, Devon, Will, Adam, Nikki, Shane and Elliot.

  7. You took our breath away with the incredible things you did.

    You inspire others to think of the possibilities.

    And when we look up in the sky, your smiling face will be in the sunshine. RIP and peace be with Erik’s family and friends!

  8. Annika, I know I have reached out to you elsewhere, but I wanted to send my deepest condolences to all of you. I know what he meant to you, and will always mean.

  9. Erik embodied everything that is amazing about the Tahoe Community. He was always smiling and having an amazing time, with whatever he was doing – whether it was filming another hysterical episode of Roner Vision, or spending time around town with his beautiful family. Erik truly lived life to the fullest, and the whole team at High Fives (Roy, Steve, Luka, Becca and Gina) admired him greatly. He was a family man, a goofball, a humble superstar, and his legacy will carry on within this amazing community. All of our hearts go out to Annika, Oskar and Kasper in this trying time. Keep smiling Erik, we’ll miss you my friend!

  10. My younger sister and I have always enjoyed watching Nitro Circus. I remember during the last NA tour she thought she wasn’t going to be able to see it live and I remember how devastated she was. I also remember how amazingly excited she was when she found out we had found a way for her to go. I have never seen a smile that big on her face- we have gone to so many concerts I could not even begin to count, but none of the reactions to those were even in the same realm of how excited she was when she found out she was finally going to see Nitro live. Dusty and Erik have always been her favorites so she talked endlessly about getting to see those two especially, but the whole crew doing amazing things. We haven’t had the best live but being able to put a smile on her face and giving her a time that she will never forget is something I will always cherish. Erik has always been one of my favorite members for the of the reason Travis mentioned- his charisma, his excitement for both his successes and for the excitement of others. You didn’t have to know him personally to be able to see how upstanding of a guy he truly was. The world has lost an amazing innovator, inspiration, and friend, but his memory will last forever. My thoughts go out to his families and I truly hope they will get the help and love that they need in this trying time.

  11. I grew up watching ever episode of nitro circus and all there YouTube video I was obsessed Eric was my favorite because he had a way about him he would seem to always be the most calculated. The world lost a hero and I know he was one of my Heros he inspired me to learn to ski i could tell he was a incredible father and husband my heart goes out to them my deepest condolences rest easy Eric

  12. I grew up with Annika in Marin and unfortunately never got the chance to meet Erik. However he was a person you knew had a big heart, love for life and his family. Watching him I was inspired by his athletic abilities, insane BASE stunts the amazing Nitro Circus team. You will be in my prayers and to Annika and the kids, I will pray for your hearts to heal. You are clearly overwhelmed with love and support and I hope you embrace every ounce of it. I posted a tribute to Erik on my website for Erik along with the R2R link if people can help, My deepest condolences

    1. Thank you Thank You… I’m slow at facing all this stuff.. It’s tough.. I am amazed with all the love..thank you!! Hope you and the family are well…big hugs..

  13. Grew up inspired by Erik and the rest of the Nitro team. You were always looked up to, Erik, and you will be missed dearly. My heart goes out to the Roner family.

  14. I didn’t know Erik personally but just living in Tahoe and skiing Squaw I would see him around periodically. I remember the one time that I had direct interaction with Erik. It was a week-day powder day at Squaw and in typical Squaw fashion, the energy level was high and everyone was ripping around full throttle slaying the last remaining powder stashes. I was solo and on my way down. I skied the Slot and was headed below the Horse Trails, wrapping around skier’s right to hit the last short powder shot above the Mtn Run. As I skied up to the small rollover, there was 1 skier standing on top, who heard me coming and turned around. It took me a minute to recognize him but it was Erik. In that very instant, I got a little nervous, not really knowing what’s below yet and simultaneously realizing that I’m probably going to have to follow one of the better pro skiers on the planet down a line that may include a tricky entrance with a drop over some rocks to get to the fresh turns below. I said “How’s it look?” and Erik responded back with a bright smile “It goes… but it’s pretty boney… I think I’m gonna pass. Have fun!” Not your usual Squaw powder day courtesy and definitely not the measured, conservative approach I expected from a guy who has cleaned some of the gnarliest lines ever skied or ski BASE’d. Instead of the attitude you frequently get on top of a fresh line at Squaw, Erik was friendly and super cool. It just put me at ease. That is how I remember Erik.

  15. This guy was total quality in every way. A great friend, super talented athlete, amazing husband and father. He was successful, humble, funny, and an electric guy with positive energy who will be forever missed and never forgotten! Beyond his accomplishments in the ski/base jumping world, this was a guy who cared for other people first and foremost and was so down to earth even as his celebrity status grew over the years. He loved Tahoe and it was infectious. He always asked how you were doing and you would have to pry him to talk about himself and his recent accomplishments….he was way more fired up to talk about his kids, and what was going in our lives instead. True gem of a man in every way.

    Love you man! Thanks for being you and soo sad you left us way too early. Alyssa and I will do all that we can to support Annika, Oskar and Kasper…you have my word amigo!

  16. To Erik Roner’s beloved wife and children –
    We are so sorry for your tremendously tragic loss. :’-( Your husband / father touched so many lives with his incredible achievements and brought smiles to so many fans over the years. He will never be forgotten. Thank you for sharing him with the world. What a true HERO! His light will continue to shine on forever.
    The news of Erik passing away was grievous to all of us action sports fans and Nitro Circus fans around the globe, not to mention to every incredible athlete in the action sports community.
    To the Nitro Circus athletes left behind – may your warm memories of Erik Roner be of some small comfort during this grievous time.
    Heaven has just received a beautiful and amazing new angel in Erik Roner.
    All of our deepest condolences and blessings for comfort to his wife, children, and family.
    From your fans in Orlando, Florida, USA

  17. RIP, Erik.
    You made millions of people smile just by being your happy, talented self. Thank you for sharing your talent on TV and the internet with us. I always enjoyed watching you doing what you loved the most. You’ll be deeply missed, but never forgotten.
    I am still heart broken about what happened even though I never had the chance to meet Erik in person. My heart goes out to the Roner and the Nitro family. I’m deeply sorry for your loss ♥

  18. Although I haven’t had a chance to meet Erik, I know he was a star and his passing will hurt the family and friends. Condolences to the family and all Erik’s friends.
    RIP from Czech Republic

  19. Nitro circus por mucho es mi inspiration gracias a ustedes hago lo que hago y mi hijo suigue. Mis mas sentido pesame a la familia. Que descanse en pas.

  20. Erik will always be part of the lives of all the extreme sports athletes. He will be missed dearly. I am sorry for his family and know that he will be with them for days to come. RIP Rub

  21. Erik Roner, gone but never forgotten! A young man who was a husband, father, son, uncle, brother, friend and apart of the nitro circus crew you’ve been taken from us way to early! My thoughts and prayers are with your family, Annika, Oskar and little Kasper! As a fan it has been had to see you go I would not be able to know how hard it is for your family! You’ve left but you’ve left us with loads of memories, from the time you jumped off the building in the nitro circus movie and was like 1 metre away from the building to the times you picked me to win prizes in the nitro circus comps! Nitro circus will never be the same with you not there as you were one of the original members but the show will go on remembering you when we watch! Watching you on tv, live at a show or on YouTube for years it doesn’t feel right that you’ve gone! We will cherish those times where you’ve been complete badass and pretending to push Oskar down the giganta or when your ‘sling shoted’ Kasper across the living room!
    We will all miss you unconditionally but we will never ever forgot someone so loving, caring and cheerful as you!

  22. I remember watching Nitro Cuircus everyday with my sister’s. I always told them one day I wanna grow up and be as talented as Erik Roner. And in full honesty I never made but no matter what if you keep trying you will get there. R.I.P Erik

  23. Having you for a friend for the past 27 years has been a hoot. I’ve always been your biggest fan, like seriously your biggest fan. I never told you how INSANE I thought you were because deep down I wanted to be just like you…I just didn’t have the guts. After my first skydive I felt it….and damn it felt goooooood, but my life took me on a different path. I took the world traveling route and you took the “I’m going to jump off anything and everything I can illegally until I get busted or a movie contract” route. Maybe the kamikaze lifestyle started in High School because Middle School didn’t offer us large buildings to repel off of or large trucks to (you know what) in the pool. (Your secret is still safe with me buddy!!) I have watched with AWE as you have kept millions of other fans on the edge of their seats, “oohhing” and “aahhing” with thrill and anticipation. You never lived life for the money as the life you lived was rich enough. When you spoke of Annika, Oskar and Kasper you eyes shone with that sparkle that so frequently lit up a room. When you spoke of Logann, Chris and Brooke you always sounded so proud, your family meant everything to you and you were protective. I can honestly say in 27 years I can’t think of a time your beautiful face wasn’t smiling. You were and still are the real deal my friend. Yes, you leave behind so many that loved you, this is true. But I have to believe that your legacy will live on, I have to believe that you were put in ALL our lives for a reason. When I think of you my heart hurts real bad…..but I smile. You were one in a million jackass and I love you.

  24. Erik roner an American badass he might have been in the nitro team as a base jumper but yet
    He still followed his dreams and most people at 39 years are still not skien and doing backflips and jumping off buildings so I have much respect to u and your family

  25. To the family and friends of Erik, I am so sorry for your loss. My grandson and I watch Nitro Circus Dvd’s and you tube videos all the time. He will be deeply missed, God bless you all.

  26. I have been watching nitro since day one. since thrillbillies. Erik has always been one of my favorites. My heart dropped when I read the news. I have dreams of flying through the sky with those nitro guys all the time. Its tragic to see him go, just remember that he will always be with you flying high in the sky.

  27. My prayers are with you guys! What an amazing MAN! I can’t believe I’m reading this right now, to his wife most importantly I hope you will always know besides being an amazing father and husband, Erik was an inspiration! ! You will be missed R.I.P Erik Roner!

  28. Our family is so sad to hear about Erik’s accident and passing. He is one of our favorite Nitro Circus guys! We made a donation to his family as we want them to know how much we enjoyed him. While we never met him personally, we feel as though we did. We loved watching him on Nitro Circus- He always appeared to be happy, love life, and care for others. Our deepest condolences to his wife and children.

  29. My son grew up watching Nitro Circus and loved it.He went on to racing motocross for 10 years which was the love of his life.We are sorry for the terrible loss to your family and all your friends at Nitro Circus.
    RIP from your fans in Canada

  30. Erik was my favourite member of Nitro Circus. When they traveled to perform in Devonport & Hobart in Tasmania, I hoped so much he would be with them, but he wasn’t. I’m devastated I will never get to see him live or meet him. Erik was an absolute legend & my thoughts are with his friends, family, fans, & the Nitro team.

  31. Roner,a Legend,a Hero of our time. I enjoyed every video you made cuz you did it full of pleasure & always with a smile. I don’t know you personally but I had I tears inmy eyes as I heard about this tragedy.
    God bless you & your family. May all the wishes of your wife & kids come true.
    Greetings from Switzerland.

  32. Deus abençoe e proteja a sua esposa,filhos e família. É com grande tristeza que fiquei ao saber do acidente do Erik Roner. Um grande abraço para todos vós e que tenham muita força para ultrapassar esta dor. Nitro Circus para sempre,vocês são uma eterna família.

  33. Gutted by the loss of Roner yesterday. Our friendship was originated in the mountains. He was always so grateful to have the opportunity to travel the world and live the life he was living. He was such a good riding partner because of his positive attitude and support. It often felt like he was more concerned with helping me nail my line then him getting his. His true personality shined when conditions were poor and his attitude stayed positive.
    The last five years our relationship has evolved more around kids and families. His absence will be most felt here. And as much as I will miss him the real loss is to the kids not being able to be around someone with that much excitement for life.

  34. I have no words. Erik spent time with my then 7 year old daughter after remember meeting us prior. He was one of the nicest and funniest guys I had the priviledge to spend some time with. My daughter had a huge crush on him, and still does. My heart breaks for his wife and kids. We are deeply saddened by this.

  35. I remember when I first saw Roner at Niro Curcus Live…Erik has inspired me to do somany gray things, I’m 14 and I’ve grown up modeling after him. I can’t believe he’s gone

  36. Rest in peace. It takes more than just talent to do what you and the nitro krew do. You and your krew are still my role models even if your watching from up in heaven.

  37. Met Erik’s brother Chris, and then Roner family growing up going to school together. There are few families I admire as much as the Roners. Watching Erik’s career from afar only increased that admiration. My heart just hurts thinking of what they must be feeling. The world lost an incredibly bright light, who inspired countless people to thinking bigger and be braver. But his family has lost more than can be described. Sending so much love to them.

  38. Our hearts are broken but we feel so lucky for the smiles we shared with you Erik. So many memories you gave us and we smile with each one. All our love and support to Annika, Oskar and Kasper ❤️

  39. Man I wake up to hear this such a terrible thing to hear let along be going through we all pray for the family and friends I’m deeply sorry to even have to wright this because of how young he was we should be saying goodbye but life doesn’t work that way wish it did, but roner was the funniest and best stars on nitro circus and even though I didn’t meet him he still was a awesome guy

  40. Rest in peace bro ! The world lost a great man but the man up stairs made in a guardian angle to watch and protect his family, never forget, my prayers go out the the his wife and kids and to nitro!!

  41. What can you say that’s not already been said? The one happy thought I get from this tragedy is that Ryan Dunn will no doubt have been waiting at the gate for him and the pair of them can re-live “sweaty fat fucks” forever. Such a huge loss to the world, he really was a people person and he’s sure gonna be missed

  42. What can you say that’s not already been said? The one happy thought I get from this tragedy is that Ryan Dunn will no doubt have been waiting at the gate for him and the pair of them can relive “sweaty fat fucks” forever. Such a huge loss to the world, he really was a people person and he’s sure gonna be missed

  43. To be scrolling through social media and hear what happened to Erik, I was heart broken. To see one of the biggest influenceial people to me get killed doing something he loved, it really is unreal. I know that Erik Roner is now in a better place now. He was an inspiration to all and much love and support goes to his family, friends and the Nitro Circus crew. RIP Erik, you will always be remembered.

  44. Heartbroken to have woken up today to the saddest of news. Still hard to believe it’s true. This world has lost one of it’s brightest stars. My thoughts are with Erik’s family and friends, and the whole Nitro Circus Family. I feel privileged to have seen Erik in Helsinki earlier this year. Rest in peace Erik.

  45. He was one of the people I looked up to and I still do. I admired him for living life on the edge like he did, and was devastated to hear that he passed. God bless your family and friends, stay strong through this awful time.

    -Roner friend from MN

  46. Growing up watching all the guys on nitro circus, Erik roner was the one who always made me laugh. RIP Erik Roner and I am praying for his family and friends.

  47. when I hear about what happened I was speechless, Ive been a fan of nitro circus since it first came out and Erik was always one of my favorite people on the show because he was fearless and wasn’t afraid of anything and that’s who I looked up to because that’s the kind of person I wanna be. may Erik rest in peace and God bless him family.

  48. I can’t beleave it. You were a legend who made me respect free skiing and skydiving to the utmost ! Such sad sad news. RIP Erik, you will be missed, and thanks for the messeges throughout the years that always gave me a smile. I can’t even think what you’r family are going through, but I hope the money donated will help them in some way. We’re all going to miss you Erik.

  49. RIP Erik, I was coming to see you in February in London, the show won’t be the same without you! You are an absolute legend and an inspiration! Thoughts go out to your beautiful family. I hope you are able to Ski and BASE jump up there. RIP

  50. Legend , hero n inspiration u will be missed by so many loved by so many more God bless u pal
    God speed to loved ones left behind my deepest condolences

  51. Rest in peace big man! you will truely be missed you made so many people happy even if you hadnt met them, my heart goes out to the Roners and Nitro family and this emitional time.

  52. Rest in peace my good man. You achieved so much and made so many people happy even if you never met them, a true talented hero has been lost, heart goes out to the Roner family, you were a great person

  53. I can’t believe it R.I.P. Eric Ronner. Nu thoughts go put to huis wife, kids en al the family en friends.
    We wont see you in the Netherlands on 20 February 2016! But it won’t mean we don’t think of you. Hopefully we gonna make 1 minute of silence by pay your respect!
    We wil miss you. Again R.I.P. My man. God bless you.

  54. i cant believe he is gone, such an amazing man, he was loved by everyone and a icon for many kids that watched nitro. it is a sad day for the nitro crew and eriks family :'( the big man up there will take care of you now

  55. Rest in Peace Erik. Heaven has gained another angel. God bless the Roner family and the Nitro Circus family during this very hard and emotional time.

  56. I’m praying for you’re whole family Erik. As I’ve grown up I’ve look up to you and all that you stand for. You have helped me gain strengths, and concord fears by showing me what true bravery is and how to truly live life to its fullest. I never knew you, but you and the others crew members have truly help me grow up, and for that I am eternally grateful. To Erik’s wife, and two children, I am truly sorry. We are all praying for them tonight. Im sure if they have skis and big heights in heaven, we’ll know were to find him. RIP

  57. If I could donate I would but sadly I can I would do anything in the world to help out Erik’s family but I’m only 15 and can’t really do anything, but I can say this Erik has been a huge rolemodel in my life even though I never got tom meet him he has been a huge inspiration to me and I will never forget who he is and what he has done,R.I.P Erik you died doing what you loved

  58. Words dont even begin to amount to the loss we feel here in Tahoe. Extreme athletes like Erik and Shane are part of what make this town so great. When we lose people like this, it really brings a shock to our community and the extreme sport community as well. These people are such an inspiration to so many others that it is hard to imagine things like this happen to larger than life people. To the Roner family, Tahoe sends you our prayers and we want you to know you always have a family here in Tahoe. Much love and stay strong as best you can.

  59. Its just as much of a tragedy if someone lives their whole life not doing what they love. He inspired me to live life to its fullest and to enjoy what you have.Even though I never meet Erik I honestly greatly feel impacted by him. He got me into action sports and made my love for adventure even greater. Lastly I want you to know that Roner had a huge impact on everyone that watched his videos. My deepest condolences is for the family and I will pray for you.

  60. Can’t believe you are actually gone. I first heard of you from the Nitro Circus TV show and I instantly fell in love with both the show and the amount of happiness and positivity you brought to the show. You will never be forgotten by myself, your fans, and both your family and the Nitro Circus family.

    You will be truly missed and not an hour goes by without me thinking about you and the impact you made in both my life and everyone else’s that you came into contact with.

  61. I never met this great man, but his passing really has hit me hard. It makes me wonder why God chose him today over so many worse human beings that roam this earth. Even at that, I know that from way up there, he’ll be watching over us, and shredding away. I’ll always keep the Roner family in my prayers, and I hope maybe someday I’ll run into him when it’s my time. Rest in peace, Erik Roner.

  62. Sad to see a crazy bunch who have shown us what family is lose a member today… Thank you for all of the laughs and emotions for so many years
    Mr. Roner! Although I didn’t know you personally I still feel like I grew up pretending to only be able to do half the cool stuff you’ve done. I hope that for those who were close to you embrace the ones you left behind. Sad day amigos…

  63. I didnt know Erik Roner but he was someone that I looked up to. His passing is tragic, unfair to everyone, but mainly his wife and two younew children. I cannot imagine the heartache this event has caused. He will be missed, but not forgotten. I know it may feel like grief demands an answer, but sometimes there isn’t one. He died doing something that he was passionate for, something that fulfilled him.

  64. Our community sends our deepest condolences to Roner’s family – his wife, his children, and those who were close to him. Roner was, and still is an inspiration – his mentality, and his legacy lives on. The entire community will miss you, but we will never forget you. Thank you for everything – you made our lives so great. You reminded us that life is something to live, not just marinate in.


  65. I am 14 as of now but I remember as a kid I would always watch nitro circus on tv I have every episode recorded and I remember seeing Erik on the show and I would tell my mom one day I want to grow up and be like him not scared of anything ha being fun all the time and on top of that have so much love for my family. I love u so much Erik u will forever be missed.❤️

  66. Still remember the day my dad took me out of school so I could come to nitro circus. Ran into you there. I know you were a amazing father because in the short time I met you. You were so nice. Roner family of your reading this. I know roner is looking down at us all. He is able to shred in peace now❤️

  67. Thank you for all the memories. My brother and I shared so many laughs together because of you and the whole Nitro Cirus family. Thank you for bringing us closer as a family. I will never forget you.

  68. Although I never met Erik, it’s really hard for me to believe that he’s actually gone. Its sad enough that this world lost such a great athlete and true icon. But for two young children to lose a father and a wife be widowed is just a true tragedy. My thoughts and prayers are with the Roner family.

  69. Erik will be missed. I am 15 and have always loved watching nitro circus. Whenever I was in a bad mood I would log on to YouTube and watch these amazing athletes and their hilarious antics. Peope like Erik have always inspired me. Nitro circus is what made me want a dirt bike for years. I finally ended up getting one in 5th grade. I was shocked when I heard the news about Erik. My prayers will be with him and his wonderful family. R.I.P Erik, thanks for being such an inspiration.

  70. GOD BLESS!! Rip, condolences to close friends and family and everyone he surrounded himself with!!! Thoughts and prayers are with you!!

  71. I grew up watching Erik in the original Nitro Circus, he was a part of my childhood.
    And here I sit as an adult with a tear in my eye. He helped me see that if you don’t try something, you’ll never know if it was do-able or not! He helped me see that fear is just a thought, and that it’s something I can delete from my mind! Rest easy Erik, I thank you for your inspiration and your confidence I got from just waching you when I was young! I’m sorry for your loss, I truly am, I never got the chance to meet him in person but if I did, I know he would’ve been an extraordinary guy who always makes people smile and laugh!

  72. This is sad sad news he was such and amazing and entertaining person, I’m so sorry for your guys loss and everyone surrounded by him, he will never be forgotten!!

  73. So sorry for your loss me and my friends were huge fans on roner. Prayers are with you and your fam and the nitro fam as well

  74. To all of his friends and loved ones

    I am a huge fan, and now a United States Marine. I have watched nitro circus since I was young. That being said I’ve always wanted to be military. This show inspired me to follow my dreams and serve our country. That being said I would like to say I’m sorry for the loss to his family, as well as the nitro circus family. The truth is, that’s more then a group of friends, it’s a brotherhood.

  75. I’ve never met the man but I know what it means to love; a husband, children, dinner together as a family at the table, a hug… I’m deeply sorry for their loss and the loss of his 2nd family in Nitro Circus.

    God speed and God bless,
    From fans in Oregon.

  76. RIP Erik. You were one of my favorite athletes to watch anytime of the day from doing crazy skydiving gig’s to doing crazy stupid things haha. You will be missed man. My prayers go out to all the Nitro Crew and sponsors and family an friends. I really wish I could help the family out. Financial times ain’t easy. We will all miss you!!

  77. You were one of the most naturally talented, most athletically adaptable athletes I’ve ever seen. You are a fucking legend. God bless you and your family.

    1. Erik I watched nitro circus for years growing up I was truly speechless when I saw you died I’ll miss you rest easy roner

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