Deven Raper

On Tuesday, November 20th Privateer Deven Raper was critically injured while practicing for the upcoming 2019 Supercross season at Milestone MX in Riverside, CA.

Raper was executing sprint laps when he dropped the front end of his bike sending him into an endo off the backside. This caused his bike to nose drive the front end into the landing propelling him face first into the lip of the next jump where he sustained bi-lateral nose fractures. Perpetual motion cause the bike to flip with the rear tire landing on Riper’s lower back fracturing his pelvis, L2, & L3 vertebrae’s along with a left wing fracture.

Raper was quickly transported to the trauma center at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center. A team of surgeons performed oral surgery to repair the 4 breaks in the nose and repair the nasal cavity. They also addressed the fractures in his spine.

Doctors consulting on Raper injuries expect him to be in the trauma center for a few more days before he’s transferred to acute rehab. They project he will be at the rehab facility up to two week or until he’s stable enough to function at home. He will then continue physical therapy at home.

This will be a long road to recovery for Raper especially when his insurance is limited. Any help that you might be able to help with is greatly appreciated. Please keep him in you thoughts and prayers are requested for a speedy recovery.

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  1. Don’t be hesitant to rely and lean on your friends and family while your going thru your recovery…. don’t forget .,, you will recover and be back on the bike before you know it …. I know from personal experience,, physical rehab is huge …. in 08 I had both hips replaced and was back on the bike in about 5 months. Take it one day at a time .. and do your rehab. The whole MX community will be watching….Jason

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