Chad Osburn

26-year-old Kink pro BMX athlete, Chad Osburn was recently injured while practicing a trick at his local skate park. He suffered serious injuries to brain that caused two hemorrhages that were localized to the front of his brain. He is also suffering from systems of head trauma; leg spasms, lack of taste and severe pain. Chad is currently recuperating between Dallas Baylor Hospital and his home in Texas.

On Sunday, April 30th Chad and his friend Alex went to a local skate park to practice some tricks and film for Chad’s social media when the accident happen. According to Chad, “It was at the end of the session when I hit the back of my head off a foot tall ledge pedal grind”. He got stuck going backwards from the trick and hit his head full force, knocking him out. He doesn’t remember anything after the fall. Currently surgery is not an option yet. His doctors at Dallas Baylor, want to see if the brain will be able to heal itself. They are closely monitoring him with multiple trips between the hospital and home. Each time his has to go into the hospital to be checked on, he has to be medically transported.

Due to the amount of blood in his brain from the hemorrhages, Chad is not allowed to drive among other things like work and lift anything. Medical transportation is extremely expensive; combined with the fact that he’s not released to work, the expenses are accumulating exponentially.

Chad’s doctors are still accessing the damage but they are expecting him to heal completely. With that being said, Chad still has a long road ahead of him and a lot of expenses. If you are able please donate to his cause here. If you can’t, please share his story and leave a positive message for him to read. Thank you for your support!


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