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Brandon Hartranft Update: 12/07/22
Update from Madiosn Hartranft: On to the next chapter of this recovery.

After 8 days of stress, tears, fear, and no sleep, we are finally headed to rehab, where he will spend the next 2-3 weeks. We are so thankful that @road2recovery @angel_medflight was able to fly us private via medical air transport to make this painless and easy as possible. This was by far the hardest 8 days of my life, seeing the man I love so defenseless & in so much pain. If there is anyone that will come out on top from this, it’s “B,” and I will continue to be his biggest cheerleader every step of the way! With that being said, I want to say thank you to everyone who has reached out to us & his family during this difficult time. It does not go unnoticed, and it means the world to us! Please continue to pray for Brandon.

Brandon Hartranft Hospitalized with Severe Injuries Following a Practice Crash in Fresno, CA.

On Tuesday, November 29, professional Motocross/Supercross rider Brandon Hartranft suffered a substantial crash at a test track in Fresno, CA, while preparing for the upcoming AMA Monster Energy Supercross Championship season. Brandon was immediately transported to a nearby hospital, where he successfully underwent surgery on Wednesday morning to repair the severe damage to his spine.

The H.E.P. Motorsports Suzuki Factory team rider is now in stable condition with movement and feeling throughout his body. With the extensive list of fractures and damage sustained to his spine, Brandon will have an extended stay in the hospital and a lengthy rehabilitation recovery ahead. His medical bills are anticipated to be substantial, even after his insurance is applied; therefore, the Road 2 Recovery Foundation has opened a fundraising campaign to assist with Brandon’s medical bills. If you are able, please donate to Brandon’s R2R Fund here.

Brandon would like to thank everyone for all the texts, calls, and support. “We appreciate all of you, and I am so very thankful for R2R for stepping up to help me with my recovery. Anything helps! BH37“.

As more information on Brandon’s recovery becomes available, we will update you here. We encourage folks to leave positive messages of support on Brandon’s R2R page for him to read.

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  1. had an operation on the lower spine L-5 second time ,once in 1978 and recently 2019. It was not easy. I remember making across the living room 4 times back and forth. Then to the front sidewalk . Then the mailbox ( not easy getting back up driveway). Kept pushing . The couch will make you go insane. I am back on the bike and to work. DO NOT SLOW DOWN your physical recovery . GET your will from family and GOD to get better. No one knows the future but we all know the now . Do NOW because Now will soon be yesterday. Put enough Nows together and you will get better.

  2. Hello Brandon and Madison,

    I’m so very sorry that you have been injured, Brandon, but I am praying that you will be able to have a complete healing and recovery. May the Lord fill you both with His great comfort as you move forward through this difficult journey.

    Continuing to pray,

  3. Praying for a total, speedy recovery. Sending love & positive energy from south jersey super fans, Mitch & Barb Brown ❣️🙏

  4. I was rooting for as one of the few Suzuki riders from Japan, and I’m grateful that I was riding at Suzuki. I’m looking forward to riding at Suzuki again.

    1. Keep your head up. I’ve been through the surgery you just Had The pain gets a little easier every day. Push through it. Jersey Strong Be back on your feet in no time. Hope your home soon.

  5. Bro hang in there been watching you for a while i always pull for the underdog against those big factory teams ! Get better soon !!

  6. Brandon, we wish the best for you. You don’t know us but my wife and I are big supercross fans and fans of yours. I hope to see you again putting it down bro. if you need anything I am in Fresno ca as well and I can get whatever you might need just hollar.

  7. You’ve Got This Brandon!!!! Watching your amazing progress as you navigate down this path is the heart of a true CHAMPION!!!! 🙏🫶🙏🫶🙏🫶🙏🫶🙏🫶🙏💗💗

  8. Brandon, we are all behind you cheering you on! We know you will come back stronger than ever!! Looking forward to see you back in Jersey!! <3 Love, Lauren, Ryan, Conrad and Lena

  9. Hello Brandon I have watched u progress thru the years . Heal up and stay positive, I know u are a strong individual Best Wishes for your recovery. Bill Barry

  10. Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery!! You are you young and strong, so stay positive and know there are thousands of us fans who are rooting for you!!

  11. Heal up quick Brandon. Praying for you & your wife too, plus a speedy recovery. Look forward to seeing back on the track.

  12. Hope you get well soon buddy. Been rooting for the underdog on that yellow bike for a while now. Work hard and we expect to see you back in the saddle again.

    1. Have enjoyed watching you ride with very cool and unique style over the years👌🏻 Thank for ripping Brandon people like you make this sport so much more entertaining!
      Get well fast and safe😀
      Next season you go get ‘‘em kid!

  13. I just read about your injuries and wanted to send you some positive thoughts. I had a similar get-off with similar injuries 6 months ago, and I’m doing really well now! Once the body starts to heal – jump into PT as soon as you can. 🙏

  14. I’ve been down this road, God has blessed you with feeling throughout your body. Stay strong give thanks, I will pray for your full recovery.

    1. Be strong Brandon you can do this buddy we all gutted in UK for you ace positive vibes x

  15. Hey sorry to hear about your injuries I’ll be praying for you daily to have a miraculous healing and get your health back as quick as possible sending love and prayers from riverside ca, the Tomer family

  16. BH37,
    Sorry to hear about your crash and surgeries. Glad to hear you have movement and feeling and are stable. Praying for you and your wife through the journey you are on. 🙏⛰️ Hang tough! ✊ Tip… learn something new to keep your mind occupied. 💪👊

  17. Brandon, I was really looking forward to watching you for my first time ever going to Supercross in April , I hope you get better by than and have a full speedy recovery . Im hoping to become another awesome rider from Brick, Nj like you! Stay strong you got this!
    Cayden Laczynski #8

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