Brad “The Bullet” Baker

The newest and most exciting news is that Kelcey and I got engaged on the 19th of December! We’re really excited and we’ve already picked out a venue and date which is 07/17/21. Kelcey is an angel and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with her!

This year I’m going to be playing basically the same role as I did last year with color commentating for American Flat Track and being a rider coach for the factory Indian Motorcycle team. That means Kelcey and I will be doing a lot of traveling again with there being 18 rounds all over the nation. I also plan to put on a handful of riding schools again helping riders from age 7 all the way to age 70. I put on my first school of the year in Texas on February 1st and it was a big success!

I had planned to start racing a micro sprint car this year starting in April but with the recent pandemic things may be postponed. I met a gentlemen from Hoosier Racing Tire last year who has a son, Eric, who is my age and was paralyzed racing motocross when he was 19. For the past 5 years he has been racing micros and has been having a blast doing it. I bought a car last year and they have me set up to start getting some seat time in this year. It’s going to be awesome to get that throttle therapy and competition back in my life.

Far as my recovery goes, I still go to therapy three days a week and also do things at home. Unfortunately, I have not seen much progress below my level of injury in quite a while. It seems like the most of what I’ve got came in the first 3-6 months and after that I pretty much plateaued. However, I have gained a lot of upper body strength. My arms and shoulders are really strong and my cardio is decent. I also run my legs on a FES bike several times week to keep away muscle atrophy and help with bone density. I feel pretty healthy and strong besides having paralysis.

Furthermore, I found out at the end of October after getting an MRI of my thoracic spine that I may possibly have a cyst that is putting pressure against my spinal cord. I had a Mylogram CT scan done and I’m waiting to hear from my neurologist on what she thinks we need to do right now. Part of me wants to hear the cyst is putting pressure on my spinal cord and inhibiting function so hopefully when I get it removed I gain back more function and part of me hopes it isn’t cause I don’t want to go through another invasive surgery. So I guess that’s in God’s hands.

I’ve been talking to the national stem cell institute from Clearwater FL about doing their procedure. They have a new FDA approved infusion device that affectively gets about 60 million of your own stem cells infused into your spinal fluid. This is about twice the amount of injecting them without all the risk that could potentially happen while getting an injection. I’m going to wait to hear back about my cyst to make my decision on what I’m going to do there and when or if I will get stem cells.

I’m also still considering epidural stimulation. My neurosurgeon in MN has done about 15 clinical trials now and all have shown increased function. Some have made huge gains and some not so much, but all have said it helps with neuropathic pain and muscle spasms. This would be huge even if it just helps me with that and I can get off some medications. All in all I’d say things are going okay with my recovery. Obviously I want much more than what I have right now and deep down I’m still struggling with accepting this but I’m just happy that there are some options that could really improve my quality of life and bring back more independence.

Thank you all so much for your kindness and generosity not only to me, but to all athletes in need. You guys are awesome and I hope you know how appreciated you are.


Brad “The Bullet” Baker, X Games Flat Track athlete was critically injury this past Sunday, July 22nd at X Games. During Flat Track race practice at X Games, Brad high-sided over the handlebars and suffered a spinal cord injury. He was immediately transported by EMS to a local hospital in Minneapolis where he underwent surgery to repair the multiple fractures to his T6, T7, and T8 vertebra. These fractures released bone fragments that were putting pressure on his spinal cord causing paralysis from the middle of his back down. His surgeons fused his T3 through T10 together, placed a drain in his back to remove a hematoma, and addressed his bilateral broken 7th ribs. The good news is that his spinal cord was not severed and the surgery to repair his vertebra and release the pressure on his cord went well. On Tuesday the 25th, his doctors were able to remove the drain.

As of now Brad has not regained movement of his lower body. He states that he has some tingling and burning sensation in his feet and can feel some vibrations in his knees. Brad is already starting in-patient therapy at the hospital and is looking into in-patient therapy hospitals closer to his home in Washington State.

It is still too early to know the outcome from his injuries, however Brad and his family remain hopeful and positive. His injuries are extensive and it is going to be a very long and hard road ahead for Brad and his family. Being the 2013 Grand National Champion and third youngest to become a champion in the history of the sport; Brad is no stranger to hard work and the dedication that will be needed in the upcoming months.

He does have insurance that will cover some of his hospital expenses but not all and he will have years of physical therapy ahead of him. If you are able to donate to Brad’s R2R cause, please do so by donating here. If not, please share and keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers. #6Strong



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  1. I know this is a really tough time in your life, but I believe if you continue to work hard in your physical therapy somehow someway you are going to do great.Look at Ryan Shazier they said he would never walk again.Now he’s up dancing. Keep up the hard work and you will be rewarded.Keep the faith my friend

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