BULLSEYE Virtual Combat Promo to help Scotty Cranmer 10/30/16 to 11/30/16



Attention all New Jersey residents. If you’re looking for some fun and want to help out Scotty Cranmer’s R2R fund at the same time, go check out our friends at BULLSEYE Virtual Combat. From October 30th to November 30th, BULLSEYE Virtual Combat will donate 30% of all purchases for tactical Laser tag using the code 30FOR30. You can buy tickets with this code now and use them anytime because they won’t expire. They are located in Flemington NJ, you can check out all the details on their website http://www.bullseyevirtualcombat.com/home.html or Facebook https://www.facebook.com/BullseyeVirtualCombat/. Make sure you use the code 30FOR30 to help out Scotty.

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  1. Scotty just wanna say i hope your doing well cant wait to see you come back! Bigboy and Matty have been doing a great job on the video! I’m praying for you get well soon man!

  2. scotty I hope u read this. I’ve been watching your vids since ur first vid because I went to the dew tour in 2014 and saw you and you’ve been my fav rider since. I hope you get well soon and tell big boy and definitely cory I said hi when you can.

  3. My kids watch Scotty’s videos everyday. He is a role model. So tragic what happened to such an amazing rider and entertainer. We are rooting for Scotty! Get better!!

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