#69MilesForNicky Ride Details


Just as Nicky Hayden fans have been doing annually for the last five years, June 9, 2023, will mark the day we once again gather to celebrate the legacy of "The Kentucky Kid" with a memorial bicycle ride that fans across the globe can join. This is truly an international event, so besides the 69-mile ride in Southern California, we're encouraging everyone to map out a route wherever you call home. If you don't have a bike to ride, how about walking 6.9 miles! No matter where you are, with every pedal stroke, you'll join a community spinning on two wheels in honor of the 2006 MotoGP World Champion. 

New this year to the SoCal ride at Oakley Headquarters is the option to ride the MTB course. Signup and register FREE online for one of the TWO course options; a 16.9-mile MTB course led by Jeff Emig or the classic 69-mile Road Cycle course led by Colt Nichols! Online registration is open and will close on 6/08/23. Onsite event signup is from 6 am to 7:30 am on 6/09/23. The first 50 to register will get a free limited edition swag bag, so sign up soon. As always, the 69 Miles For Nicky Ride is free to participate in! 

Join the #69MilesForNicky 2023 STRAVA Club to get both course routes and to log your miles with or without the group.

LINK to the 16.9-mile MTB Route on STRAVA

LINK to the 69-mile Road Route on STRAVA

STEP 1: Register for the Free Ride

Complete Your Order

Select the number of riders to register and the type of ride. Add all riders' contact information. 

NEW THIS YEAR: There will be two rides to choose from, Road Cycle and MTB.

The first 50 Registered people will get a gift bag with an "I Rode 69 Miles" Tee. Please choose each rider's size. 


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STEP 2: Add a Match Your Miles Donation


Join us in the "Match My Miles" challenge!

For every mile you ride, walk, or run, on Nicky Hayden Day (6/09/23) you can pledge a specific dollar amount per mile to Road 2 Recovery. Your donation will help support R2R's mission of providing financial assistance to injured athletes in need.

So grab your sneakers, hop on your bike, or hit the pavement on 6/09/23 and log those 69 miles! Together, we can make a positive impact and help professional athletes when they need it the most.  


Are you up for the challenge? Join us for #69MilesForNicky on 6/09/23 and let's match those miles!

STEP 3: Select Your Event Gear

Before you empty your cart, grab some limited edition 2023 #69MilesForNicky merch. 

Choose from 2 limited edition #69MilesForNicky Cadence Collection gear to purchase while supplies last. And you can choose to pick up your order at the ride on 6/09/23 or have it shipped to you.