15th Annual Monster Energy Golf Classic – Las Vegas

The event was a great way to start off the final round of Monster Energy Supercross in 2014. Riders like Chad Reed, Kevin Windham, Josh Grant, Kyle Chisolm, Justin Brayton, Michael Byrne, and more all came out and were joined by characters from Menzies Off Road Racing, the Deft Family Crew, and many more!

While everyone had a great time with the best weather of the weekend it was all for a good cause. Players got hooked up with gift bags from our wonderful sponsors and some of the better players took home some awesome prizes.

Thanks to Monster Energy, Deft Family, Feld Motorsports, RCH, J Star, Action Sports Canopies, Rockwell, WMG, Toyota, Alpinestars, Morgan Stanley, Islands, Surface, D Cor, HPI Racing, Taylor Made, FMF, DeWalt, Odyssey, Kicker, Sycuan, Smith, Dunlop, Giant, Loctite, AP Designs, Discount Tire, America’s Tire, Dirt Bike Kidz, Connections, Mickey Thompson, Blue Man Group, Two Two Motorsports, Lucky, GoPro, Wilson, Specialized, Boyd & Blair Vodka, KMC Wheels, Pabst Blue Ribbon and Old Smokey Moonshine!

Top finishers:
Team name
1st Place – TwoTwo / Menzies Motorsports
2nd Place – RCH/JGR
3rd Place – Discount Tires

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